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older pilgrims

  1. James2019

    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    I had my 77th birthday on the Camino Francés in 2019. I'm now contemplating another for my 80th year in 2022, but I'm not sure I could manage the Francés again. Any suggestions? James
  2. B

    walking the Camino aged 79 (the French way)

    I'm intending to walk the Camino September 2021 from France (C-19 permitting). I know from past biking and hiking experience when I was 20 years younger the first 2/3 days are the toughest as you adjust to conditions and find your pace. My enemy is the heat as I am 100kgs (1.88) and lose energy...
  3. Ponygirl1961

    Camino Frances or primitivo as a solo older woman

    I was originally planning to walk the Frances route in July 2019 and have booked airfare and taken time off. Now I am reading about the Primitvo route and trying to decide between the two. I have a fear that one may be too crowded but the alternate fear is that the other may not be as safe for...
  4. Camino Chrissy

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    I am now mid 60's in age and started walking caminos in 2015 as soon as I retired (having seen "The Way" the year prior to that). I've planned a 5-6 week walk each year since then, but wonder in the back of my mind how many more times I will be able to go. After all, each new year at this age...
  5. tillyjones

    Getting Old.

    I am of a certain age. That certain age where 'getting old' starts to rear its head when it simply was never a conceivable concept before. It has come on aggressively in the last year or so, since my last Camino. My hair suddenly has a lot of natural highlights. I've been thinking about...
  6. G

    Curious about achievability of Camino at 50, slow walker

    Hello, I've been contemplating a short (100km) camino for a little while, and I've read some forum posts, watched videos, and read some guide books. I've been thinking that I probably won't be able to pull it off at my age -- 50 -- but I've been amazed at the number of folks that are decades...
  7. Jack Quinn

    Cycling & Blogging the Camino Portugués

    I am a 75-year-old male who is currently cycling the Camino portugués and posting daily blog entries of my experience. I'm cycling during August 2017, but I will leave the blog up when I finish, because it may be of use to others who are considering doing the same. If you check the blog out well...
  8. C

    Seniors on the Camino

    I will be walking from Sarria starting September 1, 2017. I am a woman 71 years old. Are there any other seniors who will be on the Camino during that time?
  9. Coleen Clark

    Save the Bottom Bunks for the Elderly

    Well, I'm coming back. Yep. After a two year hiatus I am returning to the Camino. Two years older and missing that Camino feeling of deep reflection, complete connection to the Earth, divine blessing and blister bursting pace, I have pledged to re-lose the pounds I gained post-Camino. Sure, it...
  10. Ian41

    I have a problem

    I am planning to leave St Jean on 28th April. I made my first post here on Nov 8th last year announcing that I was flying into Paris on 26th April and arriving in St Jean on 27th April. At that stage I was fully fit for a 74 year old. Since Christmas I have been having knee problems with my...
  11. psychoticparrot

    Need basic fitness advice for the unfit and (relatively) old newbie

    Hello, all. My husband and I are both 64, in relative good health, are complete tenderfoots, have never done any serious walking or hiking in our lives ... and yet we both greatly desire to walk the Camino next year in April and May. We've been in Managua, Nicaragua, for the past 3 months and...
  12. Labtails

    How do people 60-and-over plan their Camino?

    I would love to hear from some senior trekkers about how they planned their Camino adventure. I am planning to walk next year in my 60th year with my 63 yr. old brother. We have concerns about being too ambitous about the distance we can reasonably walk in any given day. We are in good health...