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  1. YuliAnna

    Please, help me to get information about Bayona's office

    Buen Camino! Dear pilgrims, My name is Yulianna. I am going Camino del Norte in April 2019. And now I have some questions and cannot find answer... I will be thankful for your help. I have the next plan: I found a good flight for April 3rd. So I can be in Bayona and start my way on April 4th...
  2. alexwalker

    Opening hours in Spain in Easter?

    I am preparing for Spanish Easter before setting out on language training and then the Camino. But I wonder: I would suppose that bars/restaurants are open every day in Easter, but what about shops/supermarkets, markets, other kind of shops (yes, girlfriend is accompanying me and worries... :D)...
  3. camster

    Albergue leaving time

    Hi! I heard that there were albergues where you couldn't leave until a certain hour in the morning. Anyone has had this experience? There is a website that lists albergues and sometimes, they mention a 'compulsory leaving time', and I wonder if it's a time you have to have left by, or if it's...

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