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  1. Dani7

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    ...that is the question. Planning such a journey gives way to many questions. Excited to start the walk April 5th 2020 and wondering if stopping at Orisson for the first night is something I should consider. Not so much for the rest but the experience. If I do stay there I would potentially...
  2. Recovery


  3. K

    spending the night in SJPP or Orisson?

    I will be arriving in Paris (from Canada) on July 10th, taking an evening train to Bayonne, and then was planning to take the first train to SJPP the next morning on the 11th. I have a reservation at Orisson for the night of the 11th, but I'm just wondering if a few hours in the morning...
  4. Man in Black

    First Day in SJPP -- Time to Explore

    This is our first camino and we will be staying at SJPP on September 9, 2017 and commence our pilgrimage on Sunday September 10, 2017. We are booked to stay at the hostel in Orisson on the Sunday and given the distance (even accounting for the elevation gain) we will be hiking 3 hours or so...
  5. Passing Orisson 25 August

    Passing Orisson 25 August

  6. Charles Zammit

    Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles in two days

    Even though fit and used to walking long distances I am far too realistic to think that I can walk to Roncesvalles in one day without risking injury or strain . Jumping off an international flight and starting to walk the next day just screams eagerness induced injury to me . An overnight at...
  7. sarahwillwalk

    Help for the unfit! How many hours from Orisson to Roncesvalles?

    Hello, all, I'm looking to do my second mini-Camino around the 8th of September (SJPP to Puente dela Reina). Having done Sarria to Santiago a few years ago, I've always wanted to begin in SJPP, and do a little bit over the years to get my Camino "fix" every couple of years. I am about to...
  8. trecile

    If you stop at Orisson...

    Is there a good place to stop the next day just a bit farther than Roncesvalles?
  9. Missing Mike

    Madrid April 27th to SJPP to Orisson

    Calling all Angels--Need help--just not enough brain power at this point after loss of son!! Here is what I have/know-- Arrive April 27th at Madrid 2:10 pm on British Airways 1) My desire is to start from SJPP on April 28th if possible-- Then do what I need to do to book a night at Orisson to...
  10. kelleymac

    Orisson question--

    If we stay the night at Orisson, and then the next morning Napoleon's Route is closed, do we have to hike all the way back down to pick up the Valcarlos route?
  11. kelleymac

    Orisson Paypal link

    Hi everyone-- Ten days after I wrote Orisson, I received an e-mail response (refuge.orisson@wanadoo.fr) saying my son and I could stay there on April 23rd, and that we should pay via paypal, but there was no link to paypal, and I'm not sure how to put a deposit. I did write back, but have not...
  12. Gareth Griffith

    Reviews about Orisson

    I was reading the reviews about Orisson on TripAdvisor and although they are written in English, French and Spanish I could follow them all without the use of the Google translate ( I am smartarse aren't i?). They are great because some of them highlight how self absorbed some people are but...
  13. G

    Early April and Orisson Refuge

    Hi everyone, I'm schedule to start walking on my birthday, April 4. I emailed the Orisson refuge on January 2nd asking to reserve on April 4 and I got a response on Jan 12 that said: "At this period of the year we don't know if the weather is good so just call us the day before to know if the...
  14. momof34man

    Orisson - Gluten Free Choices?

    I'm hoping to get some information from other pilgrims that have food allergies who have stayed in Orisson. Are there any choices for food at Refuge Orisson that are gluten free? I've sent an email about a month ago about the same topic, but I'm thinking they are probably closed for the...
  15. S


    How do you get in touch with Orrison? I have been trying to make a reservation for some time for early May. No one has responded.
  16. Frank66

    Stay in Orrison Refugio or not . . . ?

    Hi everyone, I guess this question has never been asked before!!! ;). I start from St Jean on 4th May next year (181 days to go!), and still can't make my mind up whether to stay over in Orrison on that night or not. I have heard the argument about taking it really easy for the first few...
  17. Samantha Hussey

    NEW Pilgrim Travelling from Pau to SJPP?

    Hi All! Just two weeks until I start my camino. I am travelling from Paris to Pau and I am wondering if anyone else has done a similiar route? I see that most people go through Biarritz but the flight was too expensive so I am flying to Pau instead. There is a train that leave at 9.30 in the...

    Starting on April 9th from SJPP

    I'll start my Camino on April 9th from SJPP, hopefully via Napoleon way. Stop over at Orisson for the night Regards and buen camino PS I'll arrive at PNA airport at 10AM, if someone willing to share a cab, I'm in !
  19. Orisson


    Should I stay or should I go now...
  20. Orission


    I made it !!

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