1. minaleigh

    Carry-on Size

    I couldn't decide to put this question in Equipment or Traveling to/from the camino. I figured here is a good place as any! Sorry if this has been discussed before. I tried searching carry-on and got over 200 results. After looking up the guidelines for carry-on sizes for the different airlines...
  2. Marian Courtenay

    Two Ladies Back Packs for Sale - Never Used

    In 2014 my husband walked the Camino De Santiago across Spain; I had planned to meet him but due to illness could not make it. I have two backpacks for sale, never used and so as new condition. Osprey Kyte: 36 liter teal blue (does have Camino badges), looking for $110 This retails at $160...
  3. angelafinnigan

    Backpack Osprey 48

    I Just received the following email, four days after I mailed my well used (2 1/2 year old) Osprey pack to Outdoor Agencies to repair the shoulder strap. I'm shocked at their graciousness, and even if they didn't repair it, I was going to buy a new one as I love the design and that it's hand...
  4. Bouwmeester

    Which Osprey backpack?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking into backpacks and would like to hear your advice. I think I'll buy an Osprey backpack, since that seems to be a good and reliable brand and because I've read that people on this forum have had good experiences with Osprey backpacks. However, I'm still...


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