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  1. Lost in Ourense

    Lost in Ourense

  2. Ingrid G

    Booking beds or taking it as it comes?

    Hello! I am going to walk from Ourense to Santiago with two friends next week (July). We only have four days to do it, so we kind of know already know the stages we need to take every day and they are quite long. I know this is not the "real" pilgrim spirit, but it's the time we have, and living...
  3. Roman bridge Ourense

    Roman bridge Ourense

  4. KinkyOne

    New Xunta albergue in Ourense

    It looks like new albergue will be opened soon in the center of Ourense, somewhere between Burgas and Plaza Mayor: http://www.xunta.es/notas-de-prensa/-/nova/4500/turismo-galicia-reforza-rede-publica-albergues-camino-santiago-cun-novo-establecemento Ultreia!
  5. T

    Ourense to Santiago

    My wife and I walked from Ourense to Santiago starting on 28 June and ending 2 July. The weather was not too hot and excellent for walking. The camino generally runs through beautiful countryside and small towns and was very quiet. We encountered only one fellow pilgrim on foot although...
  6. tyrrek

    A good first Camino? Ourense-SdC

    I just walked this route in the last week or so, and it struck me that it would be a great option for those looking for a short 'introduction' to the Camino. It's a pretty route, not too challenging after the initial climb out of Ourense, and with some options for distances to walk each day...
  7. m00nman

    Advice / Help / Tips / Experiences VDLP - Ourense to Santiago

    Hi everyone...Hope you are all well...only me again looking for some new advice. Hope you can help. Quick bit of background so far... I stumbled onto the whole Camino de Santiago experience a couple of years ago and in 2012 a friend and I walked the Camino Ingles. A fantastic experience for us...
  8. peregrina2000

    Ourense to Castro Dozon

    I tried to post this question yesterday but I can't find the post. So please excuse if this is a duplicate. I have a question about a stage on the VDLP. I am now in Tabara, walking with a couple of power walkers. They have mapped out stages to Santiago, and one of them is Ourense to Castro...
  9. jirit

    Termas in Ourense

    I understand that some of the termas in Ourense offer special rates Does anybody have information about this ?
  10. sulu

    credential in Ourense?

    Does anyone know if/where it is possible to get a credential in Ourense? I have looked at the websites for the tourist office and the cathedral but neither seem to recognise that there is a Camino de Santiago going through Ourense, starnge as it is well signed :?
  11. peregrina2000

    Going in and out of Ourense

    Since there is a fair number of people who are walking the Vdlp this year, I thought I would offer my two cents on Ourense -- these topics have been discussed before but I think bear repeating. First, going in to Ourense. There is a lengthy discussion here...
  12. A

    VdlP via Ourense or Astorga

    I leave the UK for Sevilla on 13th October but havn't decided whether to go to Santiago via Ourense or Astorga. I'm slightly inclined to go via Astorga so that I can meet more pilgrims as there probably wont be that many on the VdlP. I'll make my decision en route but has anyone here done both...
  13. G

    Going to Santiago through Ourense (VDP) or Sarria (Frances)?

    Hello fellow pilgrims, next week I'm going to start my Camino for the first time and I still have some doubts, so I hope you can help me. I have only 5 days to do the Camino so there isn't many possibilities for me. Due to this fact, I was going to start in Sarria and walk to Santiago. The...
  14. J

    de Ourense a Santiago de Compostela

    I am doing this in five days next month. I have used http://www.Godesalco.com site to define my stages: Oseira, A Laxe, Banderia, Ponte Ulla and Santiago. The first two days will be long (31 and 29 km). Arturo of Godesalco indicated there are hotels in each of these places, but I cannot find...
  15. Tom Vickers

    More pleasant route into Ourense

    The signed route into Ourense is almost as unpleasant as the Camino into Burgos. However, zooming in on Google Earth, there seems to be a footpath/cycle path to the left of the road on both sides of a stream leading into the centre of the city. This may be accessed soon after leaving Seixalbo...

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