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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago


  1. YoCo

    Primitivo facilities info

    ... from the Oviedo municipal albergue kitchen wall 😉😁😂. I wish I would have checked these against what was ready there in the villages but I didn't, sorry!
  2. irishgurrrl

    Forest fires along Camino Primitivo... Plan B Option on the Camino del Norte???

    Hey folks, I'm flying into Oviedo in a weeks time to start the Camino Primitivo. The plan is to walk to Lugo and get a bus to Santiago. Alaskadiver has just posted in the Primitivo forum threads that there are forest fires along the Primitivo at the moment with some sections closed.... News...
  3. Jeleze

    1week only: French route from Pamplona, or Primitivo from Oviedo

    Hi. I'm planning my 3rd camino at the end of April'17 (3 weeks to go, yes I know :)). Plan is to do Camino del Salvador from Leon to Oviedo the first 5 days. And then my sister is joining me for 7 days walking on her first Camino - she has a little one at home so is a bit pressed for time...
  4. Oviedo ...Escamplero

    Oviedo ...Escamplero

  5. L

    Bilbao - Oviedo options for 6 days nowish

    I'm flying into Bilbao this week, and out from Oviedo next week (because those are the best flight options)... what recommendations to you folk have for 6 days walking between those two points? Are the albergues still open this time of year? I'm not so fit... is there a less challenging section...
  6. Bill Ronan

    Easier to get to Oviedo vs Madrid from Leon?

    I have a flight to London booked from Oviedo on 1st October. I know that at best I will only make it to Leon in the time I have for walking (18 days, and I would like a day in Leon before travelling home). I am now minded to fly back to London from Madrid as it seems easier to get to from...
  7. San Xuan celebration in Oviedo

    San Xuan celebration in Oviedo

  8. Side trip to Oviedo after del Norte

    Side trip to Oviedo after del Norte

    Covered Roman water source in Oviedo over 1,000 years old in town center.

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