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pack light

  1. alvaroe16

    Biking CF - Sept 2018: Gear List

    I am ready! I have read this forum up and down (including wonderful posts from Jenny and Mark). Planned my route. Pack my bags. Unpacked. Removed gear. Pack again. Repeat. etc. At this point I think I have it down to about 10Kg divided in 2 panniers of 20L each. Hence, I wanted to pick your...
  2. AlwynWellington

    measuring weight carried - is FSO (full skin out) a useful concept?

    I see the FSO concept referred to quite regularly. As I understand it, this concept is to designed to measure the all up weight being born by ankles and feet. And that FSO weight is the total of both pack (and contents) and of the clothes worn. In my trade an important measure is the...
  3. Aubrey Helmuth Miller

    The Best Shampoo + Body Soap for the Trail and Home

    A Simple Eco-Friendly Solution for Hair and Body Thoughtfully Clean Shower Bars by Redbudsuds We believe that hair- and body-care should be simple, effective, and ready for adventure. We believe that "living simply" doesn't mean sacrificing what matters, it means having the freedom to let...
  4. Simon Wijma

    Packing List Camino Spain April-October 2016-07-08

    Over the years I have noticed that carrying only what you need gives so much pleasure. This is different for everybody. Fully packed, my backpack is usually around 11 kilo, but the challenge is to keep it under 9. This is good for your feet and body, making days lighter and longer distances...
  5. M

    Advice on yet another packing list please?

    Hello all! My boyfriend and I will be backpacking through Europe for 3 months before doing the Camino Francés in May-June. Packing will be interesting because we want to have certain items for the rest of the time in Europe before starting the camino, but we plan to ship as much as possible to...
  6. Stephanie M

    Camino Frances Vlog

    In June me and two friends walked the Camino France's in 30 days. I filmed most of the experience and have been posting Vlogs on YouTube if anyone is interested in watching. I do warn I didn't edit out all the cursing and we do partake in vino tintos a bit! Because o don't have a massive...

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