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pack weight

  1. Lhollo

    Sleeping bag for early September Camino Frances?

    I’ll be doing the first section of the Camino Frances, from SJPP to Los Arcos, between 1st and 10th September (including exploration days). I’ve booked private rooms in advance for the whole route (medical reasons—wish I could stay in bunk beds but can’t). Some of the rooms are in hotels or...
  2. Bob Howard

    Pack Weight and Other Impediments

    Ok, I fully expect this to be controversial, and it arises from the current forum thread about pack weight. First, my premise. For those of us who have previously walked the Camino, and especially longtime backpackers/hikers, I think we have a duty to dispense straightforward, unvarnished...
  3. RumAndChupacabras

    Gregory Jade 28 Backpack - Women's 2019 Version

    Gregory Jade 28 Backpack - Women's 2019 Version Hi All! Yesterday I decided to stop at REI as it was on the way home...No Really! I checked to see if they had a 1 pound backpack. I ended up getting fitted (PROPERLY, for the first time ever) for a backpack by Cynthia and, gave her my whole list...
  4. N

    My packing list - Seeking for Advices

    Hello, I finally finished gathering all the stuff I think I need for the Camino. Below you can find my packing list and it would be really helpful if you have any advices or think I am missing something. I'm starting next wednesday on 21st of August in Biarritz. Packing List: Transport and...
  5. ShoughShough

    Packing List - What's missing?

    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I'll be walking my first Camino this June/July (Norte, Primitivo and Finisterre). I'm coming in around 7.5kgs skin-out weight before food/water, so about 5kg pack weight depending on what I'm wearing. The weight is okay for my size, but would love...
  6. Consigliere

    Picking the right Backpack

    After reading a few threads about differing equipment for the Camino, I thought I might drop a few tips about what I think to be the second most important item we all carry, the backpack (right behind a good pair of shoes). I'm by no means an expert, but after 30+ years of backpacking, I thought...
  7. AlwynWellington

    measuring weight carried - is FSO (full skin out) a useful concept?

    I see the FSO concept referred to quite regularly. As I understand it, this concept is to designed to measure the all up weight being born by ankles and feet. And that FSO weight is the total of both pack (and contents) and of the clothes worn. In my trade an important measure is the...
  8. Debbye Jean

    My Pack Is Too Heavy: Woe Is Me!

    Ok, I have taken the bare minimum that I think I can live with for 6 weeks and my pack is too heavy. I don't even want to admit to how heavy it is. I really, really don't want to travel across the world and not have everything I need. I have taken out things that I don't think are important but...
  9. RumAndChupacabras

    Near Complete Packing List Mid-May/Mid-June Caminho Portugues'

    Three and a half weeks away and I'm getting a bit...tense. Here's my packing list (attached), PLEASE feel free to give me any useful suggestions as they would relate to a woman who has always been way too warm all her life (I think my internal thermostat has never worked right). The fleece vest...
  10. C3 to Camino

    Pack weight - include clothes you're wearing?

    I've seen a few times that some people include the clothes that they're wearing in their "pack weight". That seems counter-intuitive to me, as I'm always wearing clothes, so always carrying that weight. In fact, it is likely that my Camino clothes will weigh less than my regular clothes. That...
  11. AlwynWellington

    10 things, or is it 11

    Kelvin Wright, Anglican Bishop of Dunedin, Aotearoa-New Zealand posted these 10 rules in August 2015, having completed a pilgrimage . Travel light. Travel lighter still. You think you need that? Really? Give it to another pilgrim. Post it home. Throw it away. You can get rid of another kg yet...
  12. Qwertyberty

    The irreducible minimum

    Just mulling over the ultra lightweight kit list - so far I've got the total weight carried down to about 2.5 kilos, including water and trail food. And walked 2 caminos with it. But, I reckon it could be a lot less, so am now putting together the new,ultra ultra lightweight packing list. I know...
  13. M

    Advice on yet another packing list please?

    Hello all! My boyfriend and I will be backpacking through Europe for 3 months before doing the Camino Francés in May-June. Packing will be interesting because we want to have certain items for the rest of the time in Europe before starting the camino, but we plan to ship as much as possible to...
  14. Obilix

    What worked and what didn't -- SJPDP to Finisterre, Sep 15

    You know that time when you start writing about something, and when you look up you've written 6500 words? Yeah, that. I started in SJPDP late August, and finished in Finisterre at the start of October. Apparently I had a bit to say about my gear! I ended up covering every item I took and how...
  15. My Camino Packing List and Gear Review - YouTube

    My Camino Packing List and Gear Review - YouTube

    Okay, here's what I brought and talked about in the video. The stuff in brackets is the brand/type that I brought if you're interested, not what you need to ...
  16. HighlandHind

    Rediscovering the realities of Camino life

    Like many on this site I'm hooked on the camino and look back with a "rosy glow" on my month on the Frances in 2012 and last year's continuation of the journey to Finisterre and Muxia. However I'm currently walking from Porto to Santiago on the Portuguese and rediscovering the aspects of...
  17. tomnorth

    Got My Pack to 22 lbs./10 kilos!

    I've been working hard to get my backpack down to 22 pounds/10 kilos. Right now, my backpack is at a net weight of exactly 22 pounds. This is just under 10% of my body weight. I'm leaving on the Camino Frances from SJPDP on 9/24/15. I'd be interested in feedback on my packing list. Have I missed...
  18. jesben1

    leaving for Camino del norte on Sunday June 28, few last minute questions...

    Hello, I'm starting the journey to Spain this Sunday and plan to start walking from Irun next Wednesday. I have a few last minute thoughts/questions First me and my travel partners are on a budget and plan on cooking meals, staying in hostels etc. What are some things you would suggest...
  19. Kev

    Question about sleeping bag weights.

    I have been trying to find the lightest sleeping bag that is not very expensive or confining. I do not need a very warm bag as I will be walking Sept-Oct this year and tend to be a warm sleeper anyways. I am pondering the The North Face Dolomite 2S Sleeping Bag...
  20. Ahhhs

    How much weight did you actually carry?

    I know we are all trying to keep our pack weight down to a reasonable level. And lots of people are shooting for that magic 10% number. The big weight vs. comfort question. I'm curious to know for those who have walked, what was your final pack weight? How much did you actually carry on...

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