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packing list

  1. Jo Jo

    Post-Camino Gear Review. 5 kilo (11 pound) pack base weight.

    I always see pre-Camino gear requests, but rarely post-Camino gear reviews. I did one years ago after my first Camino (Frances), but now, after my fourth Camino (San Salvador and Primitivo), I thought it was a good time to update the list. This list is for a recent pilgrimage, Sept. 4-14...
  2. J

    Is a sleeping bag necessary in March/April?

    Hey everyone! My gf and I will be walking the Camino Portuguese in March and April 2019 and are wondering if we really need a sleeping bag or liner? Lots of people include one on their packing list because of the cold and bed bugs. So, what we're really asking is- do the auberges not provide...
  3. C clearly

    My all-season packing list

    There have been several questions from new pilgrims about what things to take. So, I'm starting a new thread to address them, and have decided to post my packing list (even though it feels a bit like putting my laundry out on display). I am not seeking feedback on the list - rather it is for...
  4. N

    My packing list - Seeking for Advices

    Hello, I finally finished gathering all the stuff I think I need for the Camino. Below you can find my packing list and it would be really helpful if you have any advices or think I am missing something. I'm starting next wednesday on 21st of August in Biarritz. Packing List: Transport and...
  5. SandyH

    Our Camino Frances Experience

    We walked the Camino Frances in April/May of 2018. We are already planning our next Camino (probably a del Norte) We have created daily videos of our experience and some information videos, as well. Here's a link to our Camino playlist on our YouTube channel, Wanderful Revolution. Head over and...
  6. E

    Over-packer in denial: another packing list - leaving this week

    Hello everybody, and thank you for all your help on here - I have been a silent lurker for some time! Despite reading through many forums and trying to not get too hung up on the 10% rule I have now panicked since weighing my packed 33L Lower Alpine backpack at 7.5kg without water/ food and few...
  7. Elle Bieling

    Essential Packing List from the Pilgrimage Traveler 2018-04-19

    Go the link Suggested Camino Packing List to see our complete list of what to take on your next Camino de Santiago.
  8. Iain McKie

    My Camino Dream by Iain McKie 2018-01-07

    Following in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims, this is Iain’s very personal account of walking the Camino de Santiago. The journey of discovering himself, and answering many of life’s questions, takes him on a daily adventure - from his first thought of the Camino to walking the 500 mile...
  9. Hamish72

    Don't sweat the packing list

    Our latest post is aimed at those pilgrims looking for help with the packing list. We have including comments on how useful we found each item and what we took but shouldn't have. http://www.2checkingout.com/camino-de-santiago/2017/5/18/the-ultimate-camino-packing-list-2017 One of the...
  10. alaskadiver

    Packing list for Camino Primitivo in May 2017

    If any one has time or the inclination to checkout my blog, My latest post is my packing list for our mid-May Camino Primitivo walk. You can leave comments on the blog or here if you like. It's easier to just look at the post than having to cut and paste stuff here. Especially since the blog...
  11. Jules67

    What to wear to fly in?

    Hi all I've just been going through in detail my packed gear. Then thought... I need clothes to fly out in... So Do I wear one of the trousers, t-shirt, socks, underwear from my packed list? I'll have in total. Tshirts.. 1 long sleeve, 1 short sleeve, 1 vest type 2 Walking trousers 3...
  12. Kbierstube

    Swimsuit in September?

    Should I pack something to swim in for a Sept Camino? Does anyone ever pack swim clothes?
  13. JamieCam

    Please rate my packing list

    I'll be walking the Camino Frances starting in Pamplona on 22 May 2017 and ending in Santiago. I'm a 26 y/o female who weighs 61kg and I have a Deuter Futura SL 30L pack. I know this pack is a bit heavy but it fits me perfectly and it's so comfortable that I'm willing to sacrifice that weight...
  14. Ervux

    Packing List / Equipment List

    Hello. I would like to share my packing list to Camino Frances (summer), which I packed and what I should have had packed, and overall the bare essentials to pack to hike the Camino. You can find my article here - http://www.walk-the-camino.com/packing-list/ Would be glad to hear your...
  15. Angelrawr

    Last minute help for packing list please? :D

    Hi peregrinos! In less than 24 hours, I hop on the plane that will take me to Madrid and then the bus that will take me to Burgos. I am so excited, but worried that I haven't packed well enough! Will I bring too much stuff? Forget something crucial? Take the wrong thing? Please pitch in anything...
  16. Shawnasong

    Dissect My Packing List...Go!

    Here is my entire packing list. This is grim: Total weight, including a full Nalgene bottle is 21.1 pounds. This also includes the few ounces of the clothes that will actually be on my body, not in my pack (doesn't include the shoes, though, because those will always be out of my pack)...
  17. Simon Wijma

    Packing List Camino Spain April-October 2016-07-08

    Over the years I have noticed that carrying only what you need gives so much pleasure. This is different for everybody. Fully packed, my backpack is usually around 11 kilo, but the challenge is to keep it under 9. This is good for your feet and body, making days lighter and longer distances...
  18. Stellaluna

    My July packing list

    Hello all, I leave in exactly 4 weeks from today and I think that I have sorted out my packing list. If you have any feedback on it I would welcome that. Thanks in advance. (With water bottle full my backpack weighs around 15 lbs) Jennifer TO WEAR Osprey Kyte 36 L (and rain cover) Black...
  19. K

    Request for packing list review

    Hello Camino forum, I'm so grateful for this website - what a blessing for new pilgrims! I'm starting the Camino Frances on May 25th from SJPP and am hoping that some veterans (or newbies!) could review my packing list. I'm 13o pounds, in good-not-great shape and interested in cutting this...
  20. NeeT

    Another Packing List (Please forgive me!)

    My Camino (Frances) starts in a couple of months time so I am trying (rather excitedly) to get myself well prepared. I will be flying into Lourdes, where I will stay for a couple of days, and then get the train to St Jean. After I finish I am hoping to fly over to Italy where I will spend some...

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