1. G

    Packing cells

    Do you use them? Are they a waste of space/grams or really handy? If you use them, what sizes do you find most useful? thanks
  2. P

    What i carried into Santiago

    I used this forum to help me make a lot of my decisions before my camino and wanted to help others who are packing. I walked for two weeks in June from Caudillero to Santiago along the norte. I walked into Santiago carrying (not including what i was wearing): -shirt, long pants, sweater, socks...
  3. joecamino

    Best ways to organize one's pack

    I fly out in less than a week....excited, nervous, and trying to finish up pack list. Can anyone share some good tips on how they organize their gear for the Camino? I'll be carrying an Osprey Stratos 36L pack, and want to get the most from it (Note: not "stuff the most into it" ;-) One...
  4. copado

    What is the one luxury or non-essential item you would bring with you?

    For me a beard trimmer, rechargeable. About 250 gm (small). With the sweating all day shaving would result in raw or rashly skin. With a trimmer, I won't walk out the far end looking like Santa Claus either nor will I have to go through the itchy beard growing phase while hiking. P.S. This...
  5. R

    cutting down the packing list

    Hi, Pelegrinos! I leave tomorrow, and I need to shave 2lbs off my pack. All these things aren't even in there! I don't need them, right? - swim suit - nail clippers -2nd tupe of sunscreen ( I have one.) -bug repellent (do I need it?) -head lamp -pads (Ladies, I'll have my period once on the...
  6. K

    Request for packing list review

    Hello Camino forum, I'm so grateful for this website - what a blessing for new pilgrims! I'm starting the Camino Frances on May 25th from SJPP and am hoping that some veterans (or newbies!) could review my packing list. I'm 13o pounds, in good-not-great shape and interested in cutting this...
  7. Gibbru

    Walking poles - how to take them on a flight??

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can take my walking poles on a flight, please? I'm flying Ryanair who specifically ban them in hand luggage. Regardless, even taken apart they are too long for my pack (small 30l Mountain Designs pack, I travel light) so if I check them in they would...
  8. minaleigh

    Yet Another Packing List!

    These things are probably tiresome to veterans, but if any of you could take a look at my packing list, that would be great! We're starting from Roncesvalles either May 31st or June 1st. It depends on when my friend is done teaching. * Things that I still need to get. Also, I know it might...
  9. JasoFett

    Sleeping Bag Advice

    Hello everyone! I am planning on going on the Camino the last week of April through May. What temperature sleeping bag do you suggest I take? I want to pack as lightweight as possible of course, and was wonder if a 55F would be heavy enough? Any suggestions? Thank you!
  10. C

    Packing gear in waterproof bags?

    Hi, I've been wondering what kinds of bags you have used in previous caminos to separate your different gears inside your backpack. I was thinking about using a few roll-top dry bags, in case my pack would catch water, but now I'm not so sure it's a good idea, since the humidity of certain...
  11. M

    Advice on yet another packing list please?

    Hello all! My boyfriend and I will be backpacking through Europe for 3 months before doing the Camino Francés in May-June. Packing will be interesting because we want to have certain items for the rest of the time in Europe before starting the camino, but we plan to ship as much as possible to...
  12. Obilix

    What worked and what didn't -- SJPDP to Finisterre, Sep 15

    You know that time when you start writing about something, and when you look up you've written 6500 words? Yeah, that. I started in SJPDP late August, and finished in Finisterre at the start of October. Apparently I had a bit to say about my gear! I ended up covering every item I took and how...
  13. My Camino Packing List and Gear Review - YouTube

    My Camino Packing List and Gear Review - YouTube

    Okay, here's what I brought and talked about in the video. The stuff in brackets is the brand/type that I brought if you're interested, not what you need to ...
  14. Sore Neculai

    My packing list ideas after finishing the Camino

    Hi guys, :) I did the camino frances this spring and decided to share my personal ideas when it comes to the things you need on the Camino (packing list). I wrote an article about my packing list in order to help new pilgrims decide what to take with them on their journey . I know that we all...
  15. Connor

    Your First Aid Kit, what is in it?

    Hey everyone, I am a new pilgrim and I am wondering what to put in my first aid kit. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  16. Connor

    New Pilgrim, quick questions about packing

    Hey everyone, Thanks in advance for the help. I would like input on packing or not packing certain items. To Pack or not to Pack: Mosquito Repellant? Rubbing Alcohol? Compeed? more than 3 pairs of undergarments? long pants for church? collared shirt? flip flops for albergue showers? sleeping bag...
  17. Sara Jean

    Packing Help

    Hi Everyone! I'm working on packing for the Camino Frances in mid-June... I've read (from multiple places) that I should aim for 10% of my body weight (before food and water). I feel that I've narrowed it down to the essentials, but I'm 59kg and can't get my pack below 8.5kg... does anyone have...
  18. Maduggan

    Lightening My Load Before I Go

    My brother and I will be leaving Leon for the Camino on June 5th, and we are both first-timers. I weighed my pack today, and it was almost 20 lbs (9kg). I would like to get it down to 16lbs (7kg) and so I am now eyeing its contents for things to leave at home. (I am not bringing a sleeping bag...
  19. Sara Jean

    Do I need pants in July? - Packing for the Camino Frances

    Hello All! I've just booked my flight to Bilbao, so I'm feeling all kinds of excited about walking the Camino Frances, since I have this "it's really happening" feeling! :-) I have a question related to packing for everyone... I'm planning what to bring with me and I'm unsure of whether I...
  20. CA_Pilgrim

    El Camino Real de California: A Hiker's Guide to the California Mission Trail 2015-04-24

    Why this book is for you You’ve completed the Camino de Santiago and you're looking for another pilgrimage. You need an even bigger challenge. You're an American looking for a pilgrimage you can do in stages closer to home. You're a Californian and just want to experience the beauty that lies...