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  1. L

    Travel from CDG to SJPP - overwhelmed & would like advice!

    Hi all, Embarking on my first Camino this fall, and my first real international trip. I'll be landing in Paris at CDG (terminal 2A) at 6:55am on August 28th, and was hoping to arrive in SJPP that same day with time to visit the pilgrim's office and stay the night before an early start to the...
  2. lissie45

    Flying to Europe from Down Under

    Flying from New Zealand generally the cheapest flights are into London, Paris, Rome. Madrid is a few hundred euros more. Planning on walking SJPP to Santiago maybe Finisterre I'm starting to think about flights for next year and I'm thinking that the easiest option would be into Paris and...
  3. TheLazyPilgrim

    Madrid vs Porto?

    Good morning from Brisbane! I just had a question about travelling from Santiago back to Paris. I have booked a return flight from Paris to Brisbane as this was the cheapest option for me, and of course I am starting in SJPdP. Once I finish the Camino, I plan on getting back to Paris, but I...
  4. M

    HELP! Amsterdam to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Hello, I am trying desperately to find GPS coordinates from Amsterdam to St. Jean Pied de Port. I am no orienteer and am not going to pretend to be a skilled map reader. What I am doing is trying to raise money to help people suffering from cancer by raising funds through long distance walking...
  5. Ray J

    Biking to Le Puy

    Has anyone biked from slightly south of Paris (probably Melun) to Le Puy-en-Velay? It looks like taking Véloroute des Pèlerins (EuroVelo 3) = La Scandibérique to Orleans, then taking the La Loire a velo to Le Puy might work. Wondering about being able to avoid Orleans by heading directly...
  6. J

    Paris to Santiago?

    Hello all, I will be traveling from Iceland to Paris late march. I am very curious to know if it is possible for me to walk along Turonensis that goes from Paris to St. Jean, and then continue into Spain and follow the Camino Francés to Santiago? Is there a way to do this? Has anyone done...
  7. hotelmedicis

    Paris - Bayonne in July 2017: 3 hours 47 minutes

    Hello all, The French Railways (SNCF) has purchased new high-speed (TGV) trains capable of 320 km/h (200 mph) as opposed to the current trains (300 km/h or 186 mph) thus reducing the time from Paris to Bordeaux from 3 hours 14 minutes to 2 hours 4 minutes. The current fastest time to Bayonne...
  8. K

    (New member!) How long would it take to walk from Paris to Santiago?

    Hi! I'm a new member, so sorry if this is a common question (though I couldn't find it through the search bar). About how long would it take to walk el Camino if I started in Paris? Thanks!
  9. Wokabaut_Meri

    ALERT New French ATC strike: 15% traffic reduction at Paris on Thursday 15/09

    Anyone flying into Paris in the next 2 days should check with their airline regarding scheduling as the Air Traffic Controllers strike has been called for Thursday 15 September. The strike will start on Wednesday 14th at 1700 UTC and will end at 0400 UTC on Friday 16th of September. Further...
  10. JoAnn Reyes

    Traveling from Paris to St Jean by train on Weds June 8.

    With all the flooding, I am wondering if the trains are running in Paris from the train station in CDG airport? I am traveling on a SNCF train from CDG airport to Bordeaux to Bayonne to SJPDP. Anyone traveled through Paris in the last couple of days?
  11. Zuki

    Where to start biking in france

    Hello everybady! I want to bike the Camino in France and to walk the Spain part. Wher is the recommended point to begin? I'm think about to buy the bicycle in France, and start biking... there is another better option?
  12. Stellaluna

    Santiago to Paris (CDG)... HELP!!!

    I have to be at CDG at 15:30 on August 9 to fly back to Canada and was hoping to NOT have to spend the night before in Paris. I had seen morning flights out of Santiago on Veuling on line but now see only afternoon flights. Hmmmmm??? So it seems that I might have to do an overnight in Paris...
  13. SafariGirl

    Paris & Tours Way (Via Turonesis)

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims, I am interested to know if anyone has ever walked the Paris & Tours Way to St Jean Pied de Port, or knows of resources that would be useful in following this Camino? Many thanks! Michele :-)
  14. Martha Jansen

    Begin or end your camino with a visit to Paris

    For pilgrims who have the time to visit Paris as part of their camino, it's good to know that if you have your credential with you you can receive a stamp at the audio desk in Notre Dame Cathedrale and also at the Information Kiosk within the small park surrounding the Tour Sainte Jacques. And...
  15. jacenj

    Paris to SJPDP Routing

    I'm planning to start in Paris and walk the full, approximate 1687km to Muxia. The route from SJPDP seems clear, however the route from Paris to SJPDP is not so well documented. Right now, I have a plan that includes routing, that I believe are French hiking trails such as D97 from Paris to...
  16. Robo

    Best 'Port of Entry' Paris or Madrid

    I'll be heading for my first Camino (CF) in late April 2015. I've read a lot about the various routes to get to SJPDP but was just curious for those who have travelled from afar.... I'll be flying in from Sydney. So given the choice, would you consider Paris or Madrid as being the best 'Port...
  17. M

    Booking Train Tickets from Paris CDG to Bayonne Online

    I have a question about booking the tickets online. I just checked the train tickets for Dec 12 from Paris Airport(CDG) to Bayonne (via Bordeaux) through 'raileurope' cost $164 plus $7.95 booking fee. It seems a lot to me. Will it be cheaper if I buy tickets when I am at the station? My flight...
  18. jirit

    Getting Around Paris 2014-05-02

    Paris is a number one gateway for many pilgrims from overseas. This is a great website to learn everything you know about getting around Paris, including getting from and to the airport, the RER trains and using the Paris metro. Includes a number of handy maps of the airport, terminals, metro...
  19. carolinasf

    Travel from Paris to Bayonne

    I've been reading as much as I can on the forum to learn and recently hit a snag planning how to get down to SJPDP in September, 2014. I'm elated we are coming! Our first night in Paris we are staying very close to the Place de Clichy metro. We plan on taking the TGV train to Bayonne in the...
  20. W

    A compendium of useful links for travel Paris to SJPdP

    This thread discusses travel from Paris to Saint Jean Pied de Port. Caveat. I do not have first hand knowledge of most of the information presented here. The material in this thread was researched using web resources that may be out of date. Information may be incomplete or incorrect. The...

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