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  1. SuperPilgrim

    Origin of the Camino Passport

    I've heard many conflicting stories about the first camino passport (or credential). Does anyone have links to books or other articles about the history of this document? When? Why? Different versions over time?
  2. J

    Pilgrim Passport from Castro-Urdiales?

    Hi I am starting my first Camino from Castro-Urdiales 10th August 2019, not sure I have time to order a pilgrim passport online. Will I be able to pick one up from the tourist office in Castro-Urdiales or perhaps there is somewhere near the bus station in Bilbao? Thanks!
  3. J

    Found! Passport lost Melide or Palas De Rei

    Today on October 9th I discovered my passport and journal was not in my bag. I stopped in a Cafe in Melide and got a stamp, so I think I may have left it there. If anyone has seen it or handed it in it would be amazing if you can help me get it back! Thank you
  4. Lindam1

    Passport stamps

    I started my camino in August this year and walked from St Jean pied de Port to Logrono, I am wondering if the stamps collected on the passport have an expiry date? How long do I have before I need to resume my walk?
  5. J

    Obtaining credentials/passport Lisbon

    Hi! I'll be starting my Camino in a week and wondering if anyone knows if you can pick up credentials at the Lisbon Cathedral ahead of time/anytime? Or does it have to be the day you start your walk? Thank you!
  6. Undermeoxter

    Can I get a pilgrim passport in Sauveterre de Bearn

    Hi all, Ill be starting my first Camino in Sauveterre on Friday (4thAugust) and have just realised that I'll need the pilgrim passport to stay at the Auberges. Can I get this in Sauveterre? And if so how/where? Thanks in advance for your advice & assistance! D
  7. S

    Doing the Arles Route but starting in Montpellier.. any idea where I can pick up a passport?

    hi there all fellow pilgrims, I will walk the Camino Arles later this month and was hoping someone could help me in regards to picking up a passport in Montpellier. Should I pick this up in a church or? Tourism office? I can't find anything on the subject with regards to the Arles route. Hope...
  8. J

    Camino passport in Bordeaux?

    Where can I get one in Bordeaux? Also, is there a list of Auberges between Bordeaux and SJPDP? I start two days from now but worst case I'll have backpacking equipment. I'm not sure of my route, I'm cycling and was going to find a route by the cost with the ride with GPS app.
  9. R

    Cycling Camino del Norte on my own bike

    Hola amigos, I really want to do the Camino de Santiago. I feel like its pulling me towards it. But I do not have enough knowledge about the routes, the camino passport and other things required. I will give myself 15 days to cycle the Northern route starting in San Sebastian or Zumaia on the...
  10. Wokabaut_Meri

    What Would You Do If You Lost It?*

    In recent days there have been a few posts on this Forum about death and dying. My heartfelt thoughts go out to all who are walking this final Camino or are accompanying another upon it. I have traveled the latter path so many times over the last few years... One of my Buddhist teachers taught...
  11. John MLT

    Credencial & certificate - section hiking!

    Hi all, I'll be walking the Camino Frances from St Jean to Santiago over two parts. This September Ill be walking to Burgos, and then from there to Santiago in April of next year. Can anyone tell me if I'll have any issues when presenting the stamped credencial at the certificate office in...
  12. jirit

    You may need more than a credencial to walk the camino

    If you are American or Canadian please take note. The European Union executive is considering whether to make U.S. and Canadian citizens apply for visas before traveling to the bloc, a move that could raise tensions as Brussels negotiates a trade pact with Washington. To learn more...
  13. Jennifer from Colorado

    Warnings about your (national) passport

    I had a near catastrophe just weeks before launching for my 2016 Camino, so I hope someone else can learn from my near-error. WATCH THE EXPIRATION DATE ON YOUR PASSPORT. My passport was set to expire on 26 July 2016, but since I was launching my Camino on the 16th of May 2016, I expected to be...
  14. camster

    More than one credencial or passport?

    Hi! I was wondering how the credencial works: if it is two-sided or one-sided. In the event that it becomes full and you need a second one, is it easy to find a place along the camino to get a new one? Can you ask for 2 passports right from the start, or is it not allowed? Thanks!
  15. H

    Stamping credencial in north France

    I am starting at Cherbourg in April, and walking via Mt St Michel and Angers to join the Paris route at St Jean d'Angely (and then continuing on to Santiago). Does anyone know where I can get my pilgrim's passport stamped in France when I am not on a main pilgrimage route?
  16. DLJ


    In light of the latest announcement regarding the various credentials, we are planning to do the Camino El Norte to Santiago in April, do you or who do you recommend contacting for a credential? I could get one from the American Pilgrims on the Camino, but from past experience theirs has been...
  17. ratyoke

    Order a passport or get it in Spain?

    I read that some people get their pilgrim's passport when they arrive in Spain, and I also see that it can be ordered and sent to your home before you leave. Are they both the exact same passport? Is there any reason to do it one way rather than the other? I'll be starting my camino in...
  18. suzannejmartin

    Best Place to Obtain Passport

    I am hoping to begin walking shortly after arriving in St. Jean and was considering obtaining my passport before traveling. Is there any advantage to waiting to obtain the passport in the office in St. Jean, or does it matter?
  19. L Squared

    Two Passports?

    I am a US citizen with a US passport. I just recently have received Irish citizenship through foreign birth registration, my grandmother was born in Ireland, and now I have applied for and received my Irish passport. I was planning on bringing both passports for my camino. But I really don't...
  20. W

    Do you keep your passport on your person at all times?

    How do you suggest carrying your passport?

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