1. Robo

    Treating Sleeping Bag with Permethrin

    We are carrying sleeping bags on our next Camino to ‘try’ an Albergue now and again. Let’s see what all the fuss is about :D And what we have been missing out on! :rolleyes: Not having carried a sleeping bag before I’m Thinking of treating them with Permethrin. So how best to do that? For...
  2. P

    Is Dousing My Silk Bag with Pemetherin (for bed bugs) a Bad Idea?

    I am about to walk the Norte. Four years ago, I got into a bunch of bed bugs TWICE on the same route! I have heard a silk bag is one way of dealing with bed bugs. I have heard Pemetherin may be a deterrent....but maybe it isn't good for the environment and/or me. Suggestions?
  3. Zephyr

    Where to buy permethrin (for clothes) in Spain?

    Hello Camino folks! First off, thanks for all of the quality advice these forums provide - I haven't posted before, but have gotten a lot out of reading other people's discussions. I just finished the Camino Frances and had an amazing time. I'm in Barcelona currently and am leaving for...
  4. NeeT

    Barmy as a Bedbug

    Hi all! So I am starting my Camino this coming Wednesday, flying into Lourdes for a couple of days and then taking the train to SJPdP on Friday. I will then start walking to Orisson on Saturday. As the beginning gets closer, more and more questions are popping up in my head and I am becoming as...
  5. A

    Permethrin - where to buy in UK

    Hi All I am starting my Camino in May and as I previously had an unpleasant contact with bedbug I would like to make sure I am not bitten and none is brought back from my trip! Everyne is mentioning to use Permethrin but I am having some problems with finding it on UK websites. What products...
  6. Ross Sheeran


    I have been trying to purchase Permethrin spray to treat our sleeping bags and some clothing. I have tried pharmacies, supermarkets, hardware stores and camping stores but none of them in my stock it. Does anyone know if I can buy some on the Camino if I need it? We will be walking late October...
  7. Donna Mosello

    Permethrin Spraying Question

    Sorry.....but I couldn't find my answer in the "bed bug" thread. (I leave in less than two weeks for SJPDP and hope I"m doing the right thing) I sprayed Permethrin on: 1) Backpack--inside and out 2) Sleeping (flannel-like) sheet. --inside and out 3) Backpack cover--inside and out I know (on...
  8. B

    Bed Bugs - permethrin

    Hi all. I've heard that there are problems with bed bugs on the Camino this year. Research I have done suggests that spraying sleeping bag/ liner with permethrin can help. I am unable to get permethrin in Ireland. Would anybody know of similar products/alternatives that can be used. I'm...
  9. mauveglass

    permethrin spray as a preventative for bed bugs

    As I am starting to pack and weigh everything, is it really necessary to bring permethrin spray to actually spray on the beds for bed bug prevention? I am bringing a bed bug sheet. I have thoroughly read the posts concerning this and some say it could be necessary and others don't. Considering...
  10. camelle


    Hi All: My question today is: How/where can I get a can of Permethrin in Canada? I have checked with local stores and so far, no luck. Short of driving to Spokane (closest REI) any other suggestions? Thanks everyone! Buen Camino! Ellen
  11. F

    How to treat gear with Permethrin? / Do I need waterproof pa

    Hi All, I will be starting my Camino from SJPP in just over a week and finalizing my equipment and packing preparations. Just a couple last minute questions I am hoping for advice on: First, I don't think that April will be a bad month for bedbugs but don't want to take chances so have...
  12. johnnyman


    People talk about using treated sleeping bags and such. Does one simply buy a bottle of this stuff and spray down the sleeping bag or whatever, or is it advisable to buy some sort of pre-treated gear?


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