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  1. Walkingboy

    Permethrin ????

    I am a bit concerned bed bugs and from reading some posts it is suggested treating your sleeping bag and bed sheet with permethrin. I have seen various sprays for sale that contain this but not a liquid form that you could add to a wash. Any suggestions?
  2. MikeyC


    I was browsing different threads and saw various mentions of permethrin being applied to clothing, bedding and equipment, some of which were different to my understanding. I thought it worthwhile to refer back to a data sheet from the US Environmental Protection Agency about permethrin which is...
  3. Robo

    Treating Sleeping Bag with Permethrin

    We are carrying sleeping bags on our next Camino to ‘try’ an Albergue now and again. Let’s see what all the fuss is about :D And what we have been missing out on! :rolleyes: Not having carried a sleeping bag before I’m Thinking of treating them with Permethrin. So how best to do that? For...
  4. P

    Is Dousing My Silk Bag with Pemetherin (for bed bugs) a Bad Idea?

    I am about to walk the Norte. Four years ago, I got into a bunch of bed bugs TWICE on the same route! I have heard a silk bag is one way of dealing with bed bugs. I have heard Pemetherin may be a deterrent....but maybe it isn't good for the environment and/or me. Suggestions?
  5. Zephyr

    Where to buy permethrin (for clothes) in Spain?

    Hello Camino folks! First off, thanks for all of the quality advice these forums provide - I haven't posted before, but have gotten a lot out of reading other people's discussions. I just finished the Camino Frances and had an amazing time. I'm in Barcelona currently and am leaving for...
  6. NeeT

    Barmy as a Bedbug

    Hi all! So I am starting my Camino this coming Wednesday, flying into Lourdes for a couple of days and then taking the train to SJPdP on Friday. I will then start walking to Orisson on Saturday. As the beginning gets closer, more and more questions are popping up in my head and I am becoming as...
  7. A

    Permethrin - where to buy in UK

    Hi All I am starting my Camino in May and as I previously had an unpleasant contact with bedbug I would like to make sure I am not bitten and none is brought back from my trip! Everyne is mentioning to use Permethrin but I am having some problems with finding it on UK websites. What products...
  8. Ross Sheeran


    I have been trying to purchase Permethrin spray to treat our sleeping bags and some clothing. I have tried pharmacies, supermarkets, hardware stores and camping stores but none of them in my stock it. Does anyone know if I can buy some on the Camino if I need it? We will be walking late October...
  9. Donna Mosello

    Permethrin Spraying Question

    Sorry.....but I couldn't find my answer in the "bed bug" thread. (I leave in less than two weeks for SJPDP and hope I"m doing the right thing) I sprayed Permethrin on: 1) Backpack--inside and out 2) Sleeping (flannel-like) sheet. --inside and out 3) Backpack cover--inside and out I know (on...
  10. B

    Bed Bugs - permethrin

    Hi all. I've heard that there are problems with bed bugs on the Camino this year. Research I have done suggests that spraying sleeping bag/ liner with permethrin can help. I am unable to get permethrin in Ireland. Would anybody know of similar products/alternatives that can be used. I'm...
  11. mauveglass

    permethrin spray as a preventative for bed bugs

    As I am starting to pack and weigh everything, is it really necessary to bring permethrin spray to actually spray on the beds for bed bug prevention? I am bringing a bed bug sheet. I have thoroughly read the posts concerning this and some say it could be necessary and others don't. Considering...
  12. camelle


    Hi All: My question today is: How/where can I get a can of Permethrin in Canada? I have checked with local stores and so far, no luck. Short of driving to Spokane (closest REI) any other suggestions? Thanks everyone! Buen Camino! Ellen
  13. F

    How to treat gear with Permethrin? / Do I need waterproof pa

    Hi All, I will be starting my Camino from SJPP in just over a week and finalizing my equipment and packing preparations. Just a couple last minute questions I am hoping for advice on: First, I don't think that April will be a bad month for bedbugs but don't want to take chances so have...
  14. johnnyman


    People talk about using treated sleeping bags and such. Does one simply buy a bottle of this stuff and spray down the sleeping bag or whatever, or is it advisable to buy some sort of pre-treated gear?

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