personal safety

  1. Gerhard58

    Guarda civil on all the Camino routes in Spain

    I refer to the recent terrible terrorist attacks in Barcelona and for that reason I would like to bring the following experience that I had with Guarda civil to your attention. I know that there have been many references to the Guards Civil in previous posts but I thought that I would just...
  2. NaimaA

    Via de la plata walking alone? Is it safe?

    I have walked three caminos, now I am thinking walking Via de la Plata starting mid march. For all of you that have walked it....will it be a good time of the year to start?? Also is it a very solitary Camino?? Will I meet other Piligrims along the way?? I have always walked alone and I am a...
  3. Donna Sch

    Personal safety device Looks interesting...


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