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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

personal safety

  1. M

    What to do with aggressive dogs

    I’ve seen threads on this topic buried in miscellaneous threads, but I think it’s worth having a stand alone thread in Personal Safety. Lots of people run into dogs on the Camino who are fiercely protecting territory or livestock and some even bitten. The best way to deal with them can be a...
  2. Gerhard58

    Guarda civil on all the Camino routes in Spain

    I refer to the recent terrible terrorist attacks in Barcelona and for that reason I would like to bring the following experience that I had with Guarda civil to your attention. I know that there have been many references to the Guards Civil in previous posts but I thought that I would just...
  3. NaimaA

    Via de la plata walking alone? Is it safe?

    I have walked three caminos, now I am thinking walking Via de la Plata starting mid march. For all of you that have walked it....will it be a good time of the year to start?? Also is it a very solitary Camino?? Will I meet other Piligrims along the way?? I have always walked alone and I am a...
  4. Donna Sch

    Personal safety device

    http://www.sun-gazing.com/see-woman-wearing-small-black-circle-means/ Looks interesting...

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