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  1. G

    Found! FOUND IPHONE 5(?)

    found an iphone 5! more than a week ago, leaving roncesvalles. just found out about this forum— i’m last burgos now, in Terradillos de los templarios. please let me know if you’ve lost one or know someone who has! i also lost my chacos last night in Carrion—hoping i can find those as well!!
  2. M

    Lost Lost phone outside Sarria

    Found this photo on a stone wall about 8k West of Sarria. Tried to catch as many ahead as I could to ask but no one claimed. Left it at first cafe I saw. Pictured here. Hope it makes it back to the owner.
  3. Sunny Fitgirl

    El Camino del Norte Questions

    I did the Frances Route last year at this time and loved it. Next month I start the Norte. I have a couple of questions. 1) It sounds like I may average coming across around 15 pilgrims per day. Does that sound about right? Huge difference from the Frances. 2) I didn't have a Spanish Sim...
  4. S

    SIM Card in Pamplona

    Hey guys I am looking to purchase a SIM card in Pamplona but I have noticed a lot of stores closed as it is Winter. I believe there are stores that sell SIM cards in Pamplona but does anyone know if these SIM card stores will be open when I arrive ? And if so , what time will they be open ? I am...
  5. O

    Lost Phone HUAWEI P9 White

    Lost between Tui and Redondela a white Huawei P9 phone on the Portuguese Camino on the 11/09/2017. Walking back to look for it. If you find it please let me know !
  6. C

    Sim Card Questions

    Hello chatty Camino people who use some technology... I'm thinking about getting the Orange Tourist Sim plan. One site explained: it's 30 days; 35 Euros; 6GB data; at 4G speed; 30 mins voice. Assuming this includes unlimited text, right? Texting is how people make plans and keep in touch in...
  7. J

    Where to buy used cell phone in Santiago

    My cell phone died on camino a few weeks ago and I really need a new/old one. Does anyone know a place in Santiago that sells used/second hand phones? I have been looking around but no luck really. Found one place that had a couple but they were really expensive. I just need one to be able...
  8. Joel Balderas

    Cell Phone Reception

    How is the cell phone reception/coverage on the camino? Particularly from Sarria to Santiago? What about data is it generally available? If so is it fast or adequate? Thanks
  9. D

    Lost Phone - Carrion de los Condes July 3

    Longest of long shots?My wife- who is walking the Camino lost her phone- keep an eye out for it? She is in Carrion de LOS condes Hi everyone, My wife is walking the camino and she just FB messaged me to let me know she misplaced/lost/had her phone stolen. She is in Carrion de LOS condes... if...
  10. ChloeRose

    Booking and planning in advance for Le Puy

    Hello all, This will be my first Camino! I've decided, perhaps irrationally, to begin my first pilgrimage in Le Puy instead of at the more traditional Pyrenees. There's a lot less information out there for this route, and though I speak French fluently, I have never been to France or on an...
  11. minaleigh

    Several General Questions

    I put this post under equipment because there are some questions about it, but I have more outside that topic. Anyways, hello! I am a new pilgrim and have been lurking, reading various posts for hours. Many have answered the majority of my questions, but I need some clarification on others...
  12. D

    White iPhone 5 lost between Alto de Perdón and Puente La Reina

    Hi all A fellow walker has lost his phone on the Camino between Alto del Perdón and Puente La Reina. It's out of power so we can't phone it / trace it. If anyone comes across a phone there, we'd really appreciate it if you could leave a message for me here. There are many photos on it of much...
  13. TMcA

    Phone...yes, again :)

    I just added some credit to my Skype account for calls back to my family while on the Chemin du Puy. Skype just offered me a one month (no, actually 27 days) free "Unlimited World" subscription which will allow me to converse without limit to land lines and mobiles in the US and Canada and land...

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