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phones & electronics

  1. El Cascayal

    E-Sim card

    Hi to all, Just ordered new iPhone 13. I have coverage in the US with Xfinity who goes with Verizon. New phone has dual SIM cards and was told I could get an eSim in Spain. I am looking for a pay as you go plan. Looking at Vodafone for El Camino de Invierno. Does anyone know how this works? Do...
  2. Lance Chambers

    Is is safe to download.

    Does anyone know if is safe to download.
  3. peregrina2000

    Google Photos question

    So as not to hijack the Camino Catalán planning thread, I’ve decided to start a thread with this particular issue. @Doughnut NZ showed me how to get some google photos copied and pasted onto forum threads, which I appreciated very much. His post gave me a different link to google photos that...
  4. Wanderingfriend

    Need Advice Re: Phone Plan in Spain

    Hola! I am leaving for Spain in less than a week. I would like to hear from someone who has the IPhone 12 Pro re: phone options in Spain. When I bought the phone the apple person told me this phone doesn’t need SIM cards when travelling, just to go into a phone store in Spain and buy a plan for...
  5. Mick O'Grady

    SIM cards for non EU citizens doing Camino Frances landing in Paris

    An EU friend said to open a prepaid account for the EU like any other EU resident and pay the monthly fee + the activation fee because this is cheaper than a tourist SIM package. We are landing in Paris. Some suggest waiting till we arrive in Pamplona. But some Albergues don’t use email. That...
  6. peregrina2000

    Question about power banks

    I have searched the forum and see that there are people with knowledge about power banks. If I make it to the camino in September, I plan to leave my trusty Garmin Dakota GPS behind and rely on wikiloc on my phone. I know that to prolong the battery life when I am walking, I should switch to...
  7. J

    Google FI plan (Cell Phone Service Plan)

    I'm planning on starting the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances) on August 20th from SJPP. Has anyone had any experience using the Google FI phone plan on the Camino de Santiago? Your input and feedback is much appreciated!
  8. V

    SIM Cards in Portugal

    I have another related question. We’re walking the Camino Portugues in September. Flying into Madrid with a long layover to Porto. I planned on getting our sim at the airport. Does that sim work in Spain and Portugal? Are there additional charges to call Portugal while in Spain and vice versa?
  9. Doogman

    SIM Cards Again

    Hello Everyone: There have been quite a number of threads about SIM cards (which networks to use, where to buy them, cost, etc.), but for those like me that are not technologically savvy, I have not seen anything that explains what actually happens when you purchase and install a local SIM...
  10. G

    Trying to find a thread with advice about cell phones

    I apologize in advance, because I know this topic has been discussed thoroughly in the past. I cannot find any threads on the various ways people keep in touch with home while on the Camino. If someone can point me to an established thread, that would be great. I am American. Verizon is my...
  11. JamesQuast

    eSIM card for iphone

    Hello, we have iPhone 12 Pro‘s with eSim. I have not used eSIM before. Can this be purchased before you go or is it still recommended to buy it in country? We plan to go first to Paris for three days, then to Spain to do the Camino, and then on to Lisbon for three days before returning to US...
  12. Margaret68

    SIM card advice

    Hi, I’m getting super excited about my coastal CP July 2021. Looking at SIM cards ( my XR is unlocked) the 3UK has unlimited talk/texts and 12 GB data for 39.90 plus 12.20 shipping to my home in Michigan USA. It’s good for 30 days once active. I plan to be in Europe at least 30 days though and...
  13. lisaflora

    Cell service/SIM for northern route

    Have searched the forum but cannot find any posts in last 3 yrs about which cell provider is best for Northern route. Advice?
  14. JillGat

    portable keyboard for phone?

    I like to write, but I have arthritis, so my fingers cramp if I handwrite for too long. Pecking on a phone is okay for short messages but not for anything more. I've been wondering about a portable, foldable keyboard I could attach to my phone for travel. Has anyone here used one? I saw this...
  15. roamingpaddy

    Please help me to figure out how to phone ahead for accommodation

    When phoning ahead while on the Camino for accommodation with my Irish cell phone what do I need to do with this example number to get through? +34982548067
  16. G

    which virtual walking app??

    Can you tell me which walking app you prefer and why? - - - other Thanks
  17. Peregrinopaul

    WIFI passwords on the Camino

    Something off-beat. June last year in France - I was often plagued by Wifi pastwords like this. In this instance think I admitted defeat! A sharp contrast to Spain where I found most passwords user-friendly. This was a place I stayed on the Camino Littoral on the SW coast.
  18. David Tallan

    A different kind of virtual Camino

    A lot of people are doing different "virtual Caminos". The ones I've seen generally fall into two types: - People are walking locally each day and mapping the distance of their local walks against a Camino route - People are sharing photos and reminiscences of previous Caminos, one stage each...
  19. G

    Best Sellers in Portable Cell Phone Power Banks

    Before my last pilgrimage, and with a seemingly ever-increasing demand for device power during the day.... I'm talking here about me wandering along looking at GPS tracks on my phone, I decided I needed to invest in a powerbank. But they are so heavy! My phone has a 4000mAh battery which with...
  20. dnaleonard

    Cellular carrier

    Do you have a go to carrier for SIM card in Spain? I have installed quite a few apps after reading through these forums!