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  1. JillGat

    portable keyboard for phone?

    I like to write, but I have arthritis, so my fingers cramp if I handwrite for too long. Pecking on a phone is okay for short messages but not for anything more. I've been wondering about a portable, foldable keyboard I could attach to my phone for travel. Has anyone here used one? I saw this...
  2. roamingpaddy

    Please help me to figure out how to phone ahead for accommodation

    When phoning ahead while on the Camino for accommodation with my Irish cell phone what do I need to do with this example number to get through? +34982548067
  3. Peregrinopaul

    WIFI passwords on the Camino

    Something off-beat. June last year in France - I was often plagued by Wifi pastwords like this. In this instance think I admitted defeat! A sharp contrast to Spain where I found most passwords user-friendly. This was a place I stayed on the Camino Littoral on the SW coast.
  4. G

    Best Sellers in Portable Cell Phone Power Banks

    Before my last pilgrimage, and with a seemingly ever-increasing demand for device power during the day.... I'm talking here about me wandering along looking at GPS tracks on my phone, I decided I needed to invest in a powerbank. But they are so heavy! My phone has a 4000mAh battery which with...
  5. dnaleonard

    Cellular carrier

    Do you have a go to carrier for SIM card in Spain? I have installed quite a few apps after reading through these forums!
  6. G

    Did Pilgrims use iPhones?

    ***maybe I should preface my question as it is intended to be funny; not serious*** (I'm mostly wanting opinions of the experience of others.) As I was making my decision to walk the Camino de Santiago, I was most inspired by the community, peace, history, stories, self-reflection, etc. I'm...
  7. GuyA

    Madrid Airport - Cell plan

    Hi...will be walking the Camino Primitivo next May. Flying in to Madrid and then likely to Oviedo same day. I was hoping to setup a cell phone plan between flights in the airport...Vodafone, Orange or other however can’t find any information on how to do this. Appreciate any suggestions...
  8. I

    Cellular Signal on the Via de la Plata

    Can I expect to obtain a cellular signal on the Via de la Plata between Seville and Caceres? Not just in towns and villages, but along the trail? I'm planning to walk from Seville to Caceres in March 2020. I'm 72 and will be walking solo. Emergency communications are part of my planning.
  9. CWBuff

    What (if anything) I did wrong?

    So.. this was my first venture into SIM swapping and I thought that it would be a nice test-run for when I need to do the same for Camino. We just came home from a Mediterranean Cruise with pre-time in Barcelona and post in Genoa Thus when we landed at El Pratt I found a Vodafone store in the...
  10. Margaret Butterworth

    Photo Collage App

    I'm looking for recommendations for a photo collage app for my iPhone. The one I used previously doesn't seem to be working now. I don't want to pay an ongoing subscription.
  11. D

    Last Minute Phone Plan Switch

    It was kind of a weird cell phone week. Jill and I decided that we wanted to switch to T-Mobile for the Military Magenta Plus plan (Veteran). $35.00 per line (fees and taxes included) for unlimited talk and text in the US. And unlimited data in Spain, with talk at 5 cents/minute. And outside...
  12. Dani7

    Reading while on the Camino...Decision made

    Hello Everyone :) 👋 🙂 Thanks to all who took the time to respond to my original post: "Reading while on the Camino" and expressed their preferences and experiences. After careful contemplation and taking all this information into consideration...(insert drum roll here!!!)...I am going to...
  13. DirtAmy

    Lightweight long USB-C cable recommendations?

    I work away. A lot. So I've always had a long (3m - 10ft in 'old money') charging cable for my phone and it's perfect for any sleeping arrangements I find myself in. I automatically took it in 2017 and it was the best accidental non-decision I made with my kit. But I've just replaced my phone...
  14. Dani7

    Reading while on the Camino

    🙂 Hello :) Camino peregrinos! I am considering purchasing an e-reader with downloaded books to read along the way but it got me thinking. I do like to read fiction for pleasure and have so little time to read now due to busy days...I miss it. Thought hey...I could get a whole lot of reading...
  15. hdduff

    WiFi/4G access?

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering about WiFi / 4G access along the French Way. Anyone have any insights to share? I've just been accepted into a fellowship program and introductory calls are going to be happening when I'm walking in October. I don't need non-stop access, but it would be great to know...
  16. lt56ny

    Finding Orange at the Madrid Airport

    Hi all. Not sure if I am posting in the right spot. I have a simple question. I will be arriving in Terminal 4 at the Madrid Airport at about 3PM on a Saturday. I will be sleeping near the airport. I always use a monthly plan with Orange on every Camino. There is one plan that works great for...
  17. Portia1

    SIM purchase in Sarria?

    Hopefully I will have time in Santiago to purchase a SIM before leaving for O’Cebrerio. Wondering if there is a place to purchase a SIM installed and activated in Sarria if I get pressed for time. I’ve looked on-line but not clear if there is an actual store where such services are available...
  18. B

    No SIM Card

    Hello! I just left Burgos where I went to Vodafone, Orange, and Moviestar looking for a SIM card do I could call to the US, but none of them had one. Last year, in Pamplona, I had no problem. Does anyone know where I can find a SIM card with International calling? I am 5 days from León...
  19. D

    Apple iWatch 4 and GPS app?

    I'm considering using my Apple iWatch with a stand alone GPS app, WorkoutDoors. It seems to have everything you could find in a GPS app for a phone and can download free Openstreetmap maps for anywhere around the world, and can import GPX tracks if so needed. Has anyone else tried this...
  20. Zordmot

    Best Mobile Phone SIM card and plan in Europe?

    I just found out that my AT&T calling plan in the US can’t be extended to Europe. So I’ll need to get a SIM card when I’m there for a plan that is pre-paid and not a regular recurring billing account. Any recommendations of what you’ve experienced along these lines? Thanks!