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  1. Kiwi Linda

    Phone apps Camino Frances

    Hi I'm walking my first Camino starting in SJPdP on the 25th May. I was thinking of downloading an app onto my phone rather than taking my guide with me to save on weight. I like the Gronze website but can only see the Gronze maps app so not sure if there is an app which includes all the info...
  2. J

    Mapping Apps for Video

    So for all the video making techies - What apps do you use to turn your days journey into a cool map for sharing in a video? You know - the ones that trace your route for others to see what you did. Not just a drawn image, or a line on the map - but a moving marker showing where you started and...
  3. I

    Price of Sim Card

    Hello! I will be walking El Camino Frances this summer and I was wondering how much $$ will a Sim Card that works both in France and Spain be? Where can I purchase one? And do they usually have both data and calls? Thanks!
  4. ELHS220

    SIM CARD that works in BOTH France AND Spain

    Please excuse my ignorance, but here goes….. Is there a “prepago” SIM card that will work in both France and Spain, or do I need to get one in each place? I arrive in Madrid on May 5. On May 8, I have to be in SJPP where I will be a volunteer at the Pilgrim Office from May 9 to May 23. On May...
  5. BobY333

    US pilgrims - just discovered Google Voice for international calls

    I was at a loss as to how to call ahead to make some reservations without paying a crazy amount of money to Verizon. My daughter showed me Google Voice, and it's amazing. I just called Spain for 1 cent/minute, not $2.99! One minor thing that it took me a little bit to realize is that before...
  6. GuyA

    SIM card Madrid Airport

    Flights booked for arrival at Madrid International airport. Limited research tells me that BetelPhone is just outside the arrivals area in T1. BetelPhone website has a form that can be completed in advance with flight arrival times…indicates SIM card will be waiting upon arrival. Vodafone and...
  7. tpatnode

    European Sim Card for iPhone

    In addition to walking the Camino Frances from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela, we will also be in Germany and Italy. Are there Sim Cards that can be purchased and used in all these places? If so, what company sells them and where can I purchase one? Thank you.
  8. efdoucette

    Power Adapter shape

    This 2 pin adapter is what I will need for Portugal but the shape of it has me a little mystified. I know having been to Switzerland that this fits nicely into their outlets but not sure it will fit into the outlets in Portugal and Spain. Any confirmation would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Austinhikes

    Two way satellite communicator

    Hey everyone, just wondering what everyones opinion is . I own a two way satellite communicator and I mainly use it for when I’m backpacking in remote areas here in Canada and the USA for family back home to track my journey and communicate with them through text and email and also to initiate...
  10. J

    Where can I change to the Spanish Sim Card on CF?

    Hello Pilgrims, and Forum Members, I will be flying for my first solo CF from Toronto Canada, on April 24th and will be in SJPP on April 25th and 26th, April 27th at Aubergue Borda , and in Roncesvalles on April 28th, Zubiri April 29th ,Pamplona in the evening of April 30th and May 1st( for rest...
  11. trecile

    Cracked phone screen - what would you do?

    Four weeks before I leave for the Camino and for the first time ever, I have a cracked phone screen. I'm not sure if I should go ahead and replace my phone now, or just go with it as is. I know that lots of people use their phones with cracked screens for a long time, but I guess that I'm just...
  12. A

    Is it crazy for me to walk the camino Frances / Norte without a smartphone?

    Hello pilgrims! I will soon be walking my first ever camino - I should be arriving in Biarritz on the 3rd of May. I would like to rely only on a "dumb phone" (think Nokia 3310) for the majority of the trip and only pack my smartphone for emergencies. To give you some context on how I plan on...
  13. Damien Reynolds

    Why doesn't my iPhone like the QR code on the sign in front of Pilgrims Office in SDC? (And a work around)

    This one may be a bit technical. I arrived at the Pilgrims Office twice last year in SDC. Now each time thankfully I had friends with me. So after enjoying the square in front of the Cathedral, we’d head down the ramp and to the right to the Pilgrims office… where the QR sign is posted. It’s...
  14. A

    Sprint cell plan

    My current cell phone plan with Sprint is locked, has anyone used the Sprint Plan (no EU SIM card)? If so, how did everything work, calling, texting, google maps, etc..
  15. Stellamaris

    Wi Fi on the Invierno

    Leaving in one week for the Frances/Invierno, I have booked until Pamplona and I will play the rest « by ears » IDo you think that I could manage booking one day ahead using only the wifi for WhatsApp on the Invierno. or should I get a local sim card for my old Iphone ? in others words is there...
  16. C

    SIM card or Monthly International Plan with Verizon

    I am traveling from US to Spain for 7 weeks for the Camino. I use Verizon cell service at home. They have an international plan I can add for $100/30 days that gives me 250 talk minutes & 5 gb of data. I am wondering whether to do that or to get a SIM card for Spain which I have no experience...
  17. Aloha From Kauai

    Tech Question/s

    1. It is my understanding I can get a digital sim card for my Samsung Note 20 Ultra, rather than a physical sim card, is this correct? Having not done this before, where would I access it? Online, or do I have to signup in a store? 2. With this second sim card in mind; am I able to access all...
  18. StumpyDave

    Using a Spanish SIM card

    Hello everyone… I have heard purchasing a Spanish Sim card is the best way to go, as long as you are bringing a phone that is unlocked… (Which mine is.) My question is, once you insert this Spanish SIM card, do you then have a new Spanish phone number? Must you then give all of your contacts...
  19. Aloha From Kauai

    Internet Cafes?

    Is there such a thing in Spain (or anywhere) as internet cafes with computers anymore? And...are any likely to have English keyboards do you think?
  20. C

    Phone question for a newby

    First time to Europe and I have a phone question. When arriving, can I simply get a phone at the airport to have service in Europe? We're going to Frankfort and Dublin before starting our camino in Porto.