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  1. D

    Apple iWatch 4 and GPS app?

    I'm considering using my Apple iWatch with a stand alone GPS app, WorkoutDoors. It seems to have everything you could find in a GPS app for a phone and can download free Openstreetmap maps for anywhere around the world, and can import GPX tracks if so needed. Has anyone else tried this...
  2. Zordmot

    Best Mobile Phone SIM card and plan in Europe?

    I just found out that my AT&T calling plan in the US can’t be extended to Europe. So I’ll need to get a SIM card when I’m there for a plan that is pre-paid and not a regular recurring billing account. Any recommendations of what you’ve experienced along these lines? Thanks!
  3. M

    Internet for Maps

    I'm walking the Camino in October and would like to get a small pocket wifi router with a Spanish simcard for data to use maps and the internet. Does anyone know where in Pamplona I get can a router and what the costs are?
  4. C

    Polar m430 and Instagram questions.

    Hi there, doing the Camino Francés in April 2020 and the plan is to use a polar watch combined with Instagram to show my progress to the homefront. I want to record my daily walks using the polar and share the results on Instagram. I'm still trying to figure out what's the best way to do that...
  5. aname4me

    VISA Card and Calling Canada collect

    I was reading my VISA Credit Card Statement. If you lose your Credit Card, or have it Stolen, or someone has your “numbers” and is using it..... Just call the number on the back, Collect. Back in the “Old Days”, when telephone companies had Operators, and we had Land Lines..... it was...
  6. LesR

    Advice on SIM card for CP please

    Would appreciate advice on purchase of a (primarily) data SIM card - arriving in Lisboa 11 Sept and start walking for Santiago 14 Sept... Primary purpose is internet use (mapping,, facebook, emails, etc.) but local calls/texts will also be useful... International calls not...
  7. B

    Alcatel USA

    I have an Alcatel flip phone. Does anyone know whether I can get the SIM replaced with a Spanish SIM at a Vodafone store? Thanks for any info. Warmly, Barry
  8. peregrina2000

    Eating up data in Spain

    Hi, VN, So happy to finally have found someone else who has the same issue. I am going to start a new thread, so maybe we’ll get better ideas. I did get some suggestions the last time I walked and had the same problem. People suggested turning off apps that eat through a lot of data, stuff...
  9. R

    European sim cards

    Hi, we are planning on purchasing a European sim card in SJPdP. Will we lose our contact list!?,particularly Facebook?
  10. ivar

    Orange sim at Madrid airport

    I am in Madrid today and saw this. Might be of interest for some. See website adress towards the bottom
  11. B

    Vodafone or Orange

    Hello everyone! Me again. Sorry for all the questions. Is there a Vodafone or Orange vendor at the Madrid airport. If so, can you give directions? I will, of course, download a map of MAD. I know there is a Vodafone in Pamplona, but how about SJPDP? And if I activate my new SIM card or...
  12. B

    Cell Phones

    Hi all! I have three cell phone questions: Which is the best provider for the CF, Vodafone or Orange? I have an old Vodafone SIM card from when I did the CF in June 2018, can I still recharge that? If so, will I have to wait until I get to Spain or can I charge it up from here in the US? My...
  13. Westlake

    portable charger fuse chicken

    This is my first post, so not sure if I am posting this correctly - I am heading out for my first Camino (CF) the first of September and am trying to sort out electronics. I am bringing an android phone and possibly an iPad (for writing). I am looking for a lightweight charger with two or three...
  14. frbobs

    Sim card or international phone card?

    I'm walking the Camino de Madrid, and want to use the cheap pay-as-you-go phone I bought in Portugal (thought it was international, but was never able to reach the u.s. with it). It looks like the easiest solution, would be to buy a spanish phone card (I could get one online and set it up before...
  15. Geodoc

    Sim Card in SJPdP?

    Anyone know if one can get a Sim Card in SJPdP, and if so, where? The alternative is to get one at the Stansted Airport while awaiting my flight to Biarretz (I should have about 4 hours at the airport), but not sure that's the best option.
  16. C

    Sim Card or Phone Plan?

    Hi Camino or Cell phone experts, I am traveling to France from Canada in a couple of weeks and am conflicted as to whether I: a) should purchase a SIM Card for my cell phone when in France, b) purchase a phone plan with a little data before leaving Canada, or c) just use wifi and keep my...
  17. B

    WhatsApp Question

    I have tried looking online, but I am still confused. I am used to using WhatApp with people already in my contacts list, but what if I want to contact say, an albergue using WhatsApp and do not want to create a new contact for them? Also, when I have been in other countries I was surprised...
  18. D

    Communication with Home

    I am planning my first Camino for 2020 - My husband will be tending to things here at home. I know that Skype is an option; however, I am wondering if anyone has tried to use Alexa to Alexa calling (Kindle Fire to Echo Dot) from Spain to the US and if it works satisfactorily. The company...
  19. Delia90

    Do I need a VPN?

    Hey everyone! I am starting Camino Frances on May 22. Unfortunately, every Monday I will need to work remotely. So I have two questions. 1) Is that true that almost all albergues have Wi-Fi? 2) Do I need a VPN? I don't want to get a free app, and those popular providers are too expensive for me...
  20. trecile

    Cell phone theft deterrent

    I bought this leash for my cell phone that I will attach inside my sleep sack at night. I was originally looking at it thinking of pickpockets when I'm in Paris before the Camino. The tether can also be looped around the wrist for a wrist strap. Also handy for people who tend to drop their...