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phones & electronics

  1. B

    Texting issue

    Hello I have been in Lisbon for a couple of days. Having a great time. With three different sim cards in my Moto Android phone, I cannot text to the US. I get the message "service not active on the network". And sometimes "error 50." Interestingly, at the last store, we tested a text to a...
  2. K

    Where to buy SIM card

    Hi there, We are looking at buying a European SIM cards on our arrival in Lisbon. We need ones that will comfortably see us through 2 months in Europe, 1 of which is on the Camino. I'm not sure how much data we will need as not quite sure of availability of wifi during the day for booking...
  3. Drew1578

    iPhone 4S to use for calls in Spain

    OK - after scouring the forums and looking on line I can't figure out if I should/could take my old iPhone 4S to Spain to use only as a phone and maybe use a map app (I'd get a SIM card in Spain for the phone) or maybe get a cheap phone just for phone calls while there (2 weeks). I'm guessing...
  4. G

    What is the best SIM to use

    I am coming from Australia so am not familiar with the different mobile networks in Spain. It would be good if I can get a SIM which will work in Europe as well as in Spain as I plan to be in several countries in Europe. Do I wait until I get there to buy one or just get a global SIM?
  5. C

    I phone cord and plug

    Does anyone know if we can just buy Spanish phone cords and plugs to use with our IPhones ? Would sure be easier to recharge along The Way without a converter ! Thanks
  6. cmg

    WiFi Hackers/Snoopers

    Hola peregrinos! Has anybody been attacked by a hacker while using WiFi along the Camino? Just considering the extra expense of a VPN. Cheers
  7. B

    Mobile telephones & Spanish telephone numbers

    I plan to walk the Baztanés and Francés in late spring/early summer this year. I am aware of EU roaming rules but do not entirely understand what they mean in practice. Can I use my (simple, unsmart) mobile 'phone with Irish Postmobile SIM to phone home and to book albergues while in Spain at...
  8. Karihughes

    SIM card confusion

    I have checked the resource section and the consensus in previous posts seems to be that purchasing a SIM card through Orange is the best way to go. I am a bit tech delayed so am confused on several things. Your knowledge is much appreciated. 1. How do I know if my phone is “unlocked”? I have...
  9. Peggy and David

    SIM Card it possible to get a sim card that works for Spain in France, or at CDG airport? We will arrive in Paris on a Thursday and spend 2 nights, traveling to SJPDP on a Saturday and planning to begin walking Monday am. Wondering how to get the phone card. Thanks.
  10. Suzanne A

    SIM Card question (again)

    Dear Pilgrims and friends: A William Pink posted he purchased a T-mobile no contract unlimited voice, text and data SIM before leaving on the CF. I am trying to find this on line- but not successful. Does anyone have a link or experience with this purchase? I will be in France for one week...
  11. camino0515-lt

    Buying SIM card in Sevilla

    Hi, is there a place in Sevilla to buy a SIM card on a Sunday late afternoon. I arrive at the train station. thanks
  12. Ungawawa

    What would you want from a Camino finances app?

    I'm looking at making an app for tracking your finances as you go along the Camino. In the past I've done this with a mobile spreadsheet, but I realise that having a dedicated app for it would be a lot more practical. I wanted to ask the forum what sort of features they'd want from a...
  13. Tassie Kaz

    Mobile phone pouch for backpack straps

    Walking the VF from March & for the first time, I'll be leaving my camera behind & just taking my mobile phone. I'm used to my camera case being looped through the waist/hip straps of my backpack which has always worked well as its easily accessible. I'm hoping to adopt the same method with my...
  14. Sparrow in Texas

    Renewing prepaid phone plan

    Each of the past two years I have purchased a Vodafone prepaid SIM card for my IPhone. It has served me well, each year Vodafone seems to add more data or calling minutes to the plans which is attractive to the camino customer. The prepaid plan is for four weeks and then has to be renewed to...
  15. jsalt

    What to do if you Lose your Smartphone

    We had a bit of a scare in our little group last year when one of the guys suddenly realised he didn’t have his smartphone on him. He searched everything, not there. We tried phoning it, no sound. He went back to where he had recently gone into a shop. They didn’t have it. To cut a long story...
  16. V

    SIM card

    I would like to have a phone and the internet. What you would recommend me?
  17. Iriebabel

    SIM card...for camino

    Found this today on the USA amazon site . Thought someone might find it useful or interesting Orange sim 3 sim data only
  18. A

    Sleep phones

    Good afternoon Has anyone tried sleep phones or any similar product? They plug into an iPod or IPad, and can be used with soft music or a white noise app ( ocean waves, fan, rain, etc). Seems like an ideal solution for an extremely light sleeper like myself. Would appreciate any feedback as I...
  19. Marbe2

    Cell phone reception between St Jean Pied de Port and Roncevalles.

    Can you tell me if there is continual cell phone service available this whole section, or are there spots were there is no connection (We will be taking the Valcarlos route). If so, can you generally indicate where the reception ceases and when it picks up again. Is there a preferred cell phone...
  20. YoCo

    SIM card purchase

    I could use some help with this : ] I've read many posts on this but none are clear... I'm flying into CDG to start the CF. I want to buy an Orange SIM card for android. So: 1. Buying it at CDG or SJPdP- any difference/ easier? (I don't speak French and don't know if that will be a factor...