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phones & electronics

  1. S

    SIM Card in Pamplona

    Hey guys I am looking to purchase a SIM card in Pamplona but I have noticed a lot of stores closed as it is Winter. I believe there are stores that sell SIM cards in Pamplona but does anyone know if these SIM card stores will be open when I arrive ? And if so , what time will they be open ? I am...
  2. jirit

    Prepaid SIM card Wiki 2017-09-20

    Details on what SIM data and voice packages are available for Spain.
  3. Pxlwiz

    Orange or SimYo 4G for use on the Norte/Primativo

    I'm looking to take a tablet along on our Camino from Irun to Santiago via Oviedo this coming June. I need this device for Blogging but want to use it also for communications home and data along the way for background information and historical detail to enhance our experience and my posts. I'm...
  4. G

    Plugs for phone charging

    Hi all, I will be starting the Camino very soon from Sarria to Santiago and I am just wondering will there be plugs beside every bed in the Albergue to charge my phone? I would be concerned about traveling without a charged phone! Thanks in advance for the responses!
  5. notion900

    Cameras and smartphones for the frugal

    A nice tech question for those that enjoy such conundrums... I am a well informed but stingy consumer of technology. e.g. for ages I hung onto a non-smartphone, by also using an iPod Touch (that I was given free ;)) with WIFI. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone (bottom of the whole...
  6. irishgurrrl

    Topping up Vodafone Tourist SIM Plan???

    Hey folks, Does anyone know how to renew the above SIM plan? Mine expires a few days before I leave so I want to renew/ top up. It's so long since I've had to do this I've forgotten! Thanks in advance!
  7. C

    Sim Card Questions

    Hello chatty Camino people who use some technology... I'm thinking about getting the Orange Tourist Sim plan. One site explained: it's 30 days; 35 Euros; 6GB data; at 4G speed; 30 mins voice. Assuming this includes unlimited text, right? Texting is how people make plans and keep in touch in...
  8. Robo

    Spanish Vodafone SIM - User Types?

    I'm hoping someone can explain this....... I'm obviously missing something here :) I usually buy my SIM cards online before I leave home. (they mail them anywhere) This is a site I have used in the past. But........ I am struggling...
  9. B

    Sim Card - Best place to purchase please

    Greetings all! Could someone please advise the best place to purchase a sim card? I will be starting in St.Jean this weekend after arriving in Paris from Australia. I plan to take the lower route to Valcarlos and stay overnight before heading onto Roncesvalles the next day. I also wanted to...
  10. irishgurrrl

    Spanish SIM card for Primitivo???

    Hey folks, I'm planning to buy a Spanish SIM card for my iPhone 5 SE. My brother in law is over there at the moment so will get it for me (all going well). It'll be the usual "pay as you go" with a good data package. Does anyone have any recommendations on which company to buy it from i.e...
  11. AbbyDee

    Purchasing Sim cards Ahead

    The never ending subject of sim cards: I have been doing some research online and I came up with this: you can buy them before hand and they will ship them anywhere, even to your home address before you leave...
  12. LionHeart7

    New phone number - SIM Card for Camino

    Hi, I would like to ask you if you can help me with an opinion about SIM Card for my Camino. I intend to use a Spanish phone number to call the albergues, or make a reservation and maybe to call to my new Camino friend:) Can you tell me which Network is the best in Spain for...
  13. Gypsea Moon

    Spanish SIM Card

    Could anyone tell me where I can buy a Spanish SIM card as soon as possible after SJPP? which network are available? (Tuenti being my preference. ) Thanks a lot
  14. Kbierstube

    Solar charger: Game changer or wasted space?

    I hear that charging electronics can be challenging since there are not enough outlets and because you have to babysit your device to prevent theft. Has anyone used a solar charger hooked to their pack during the day? If so, how did it work? What solar charging device might you recommend? Tia!
  15. JenD

    cell phone on camino frances

    Hi. I am hoping to do the Camino Frances beginning on June 1, 2017. My question is in regards to using my cell phone. When I did a search on the topic there was mention of a SIM card. I just was not clear if you buy a card in France or Spain and just put it in your existing phone or do I need to...
  16. G

    Which would be your next phone?

    I used to be an Android guy but after moving to iPhone 7, I am now an Apple fan, lol. What would be your next phone and the reason?
  17. R

    Google Fi Project

    Anyone using this on Camino Frances? Would it be smart to take along a WiFi hot spot?
  18. Joel Balderas

    Cell Phone Reception

    How is the cell phone reception/coverage on the camino? Particularly from Sarria to Santiago? What about data is it generally available? If so is it fast or adequate? Thanks
  19. Nanc

    iphone verses camera

    what am i missing here? i have an iPhone 6 and have been looking at my pictures and seeing their limitations. I am hesitant to depend on it for my photojournalistic memories i am NOT a good photographer! but the lightest digital with some zoom that i can find is 10.4 oz (294 gm) All you lovers...
  20. manoll

    Apple Watch on the Camino

    My iPhone and iPad are coming with me and I will have them mostly on airplane mode until I am at place with a strong WiFi signal to use for free. Is an Apple Watch even a good idea to bring along? Won't it need to connect to my iPhone? Definitely I am not a techie, so this is a question that...