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phones & electronics

  1. Tia Valeria

    SIM cards and PAYG phones

    There have been several comments about mobile phones which 'expire' between one year's Camino and the next. My UK based phone just did that in the UK. Used for volunteer work I had received but not made a call for some time. The SIM card had gone down together with my (small) remaining balance...
  2. ffp13

    Which pre-paid sim card

    Which pre-paid sim card has the best coverage and provides 3G and or cellular data at a reasonable rate? Is there a 3G wireless internet only sim card? Some countries have stringent rules on what is required to obtain a prepaid phone account, what are the rules for Spain? Any suggestions are...
  3. N

    Cheap SIM card to use in Spain - calling the Nordics

    I am looking for a cheap SIM card I could buy and use in Spain to call the Nordics - does anyone know which company is good or even "the best"? Perhaps this has been asked before (seems like a common thing people would ask), and if that's the case could you point me to a thread? Many thanks!
  4. L

    prepaid SIM card im Madrid (airport or city?)

    Hi again, I am planning not taking my Blackberry as I don't want to carry my work with me :lol: But instead I am going to bring my old small phone, to buy Spanish SIM card and to sms the number to those few people whom I would like to stay in touch. So the question is WHERE to buy the SIM and...
  5. A

    Telephone calls from Spain to Home?

    Can anyone tell me what is the best and cheapest way to phone home to California? Are there phone cards I can purchase? Should I take my cell? I heard US cell phones don't work very well? Thanks :D
  6. Portia1

    Where to buy a SIM card in Pamplona and other related questi

    I will be arriving in Pamplona at 10 am. on a Wednesday morning after leaving DC the previous day at 3 pm. I am debating about walking directly from the airport to Cizar Menor, leaving my pack there, and then taking a bus into Pamplona. The alternative is taking the bus from the airport and...
  7. JaneB

    Spanish sim cards

    I'm bringing an unlocked mobile to Spain so that I can simply insert a Spanish sim card and be up and running. I don't intend to use it often but, being a mum, I need to be contactable. Does anyone have any suggestions re a good card to go for? I seem to remember, in the dim and distant forum...
  8. H

    Mobile phone SIM card

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a good french phone company to buy a prepaid SIM card with? We'll be taking an unlocked mobile phone from Australia and want to use it purely for phoning ahead to reserve accomodation and receive phonecalls confirming our booking on the Le Puy route. For this reason a...
  9. dislp38

    wifi along the Camino?

    Where are the best places to find Wifi along the Camino. I'm bringing an ipod touch and a net book so I can Skype.