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  1. M

    Camino 2017-06-05

    Book of photographs, made from both the Camino Frances and Camino Primitivo during 2016. First published at: https://viewfind.com/story/1516/camino-de-santiago Available at: www.matthewthompson.cz
  2. L

    Camino blog

    Just started a little blog on Tumblr about my experience on the Camino if anyone wants to check it out! Nice pictures to! https://www.tumblr.com/blog/irishtravelbug
  3. Niels

    Camino del Norte pics

    Back when starting my Camino in April, I was planning to do the del Norte, and continue via Camino Lebaniego through the Picos back to the del Norte and the Primitivo to Santiago. From the first couple of weeks I could tell the Lebaniego would be too hard for me at the time, so I stayed on the...
  4. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 4

    Vistas: The morning hours prove delightful—once the senses have awoken. As the sun slowly rises a church steeple casts a shadow over its congregation and the vast countryside brightens before us. This time of day provides great lighting for those pictures we take back home, on camera or in our...
  5. D

    Leaving for my first Camino Francés this Monday, here's the stuff I bring

    I am pretty excited, this will be the first major trip completely on my own (24 male). So I wanted to share the things I bring: http://i.imgur.com/XXoOjRz.jpg Backpack (50l) - Water (1,5l) - Cap Poncho - Sleeping bag 2 TShirts, 1 long sleeve shirt (wear one) 3x Underwear (wear one), 3 pair of...
  6. Lucas005

    Pictures for graduation project

    Hi everybody. I am student landscape architecture from the Netherlands and I am doing my graduation project on the Camino de Santiago, which I have walked in november 2014. This includes making a number of designs along the route. I have taken many pictures of possible designsites but there are...
  7. JoeLav

    Humans of the Camino..

    Hello Everybody, This is just a thread to let people know about a project that I have been working on.. I walked the Camino with my wife last year (our Honeymoon!) and as we walked, I took portraits of some of the pilgrims we met along the way. This was an amazing thing to do, as I heard some...
  8. Koidream

    What can you expect?

    On the link below you will find some places and pictures which you can expect on your Camino Francés or/and the Camino Finisterre. We did both in 2012. Click here for our Camino
  9. gracie

    Posting photos

    Is there a way to post photos without changing the configuration of my browser? Nothing happens when i click on the camera icon.
  10. nidarosa

    Pics of packs

    With all the advice and opinions on this forum about finding the right backpack, discussions on weight, volume, back system etc, we very rarely discuss the look of them. And of course looks really don't matter when it's on your back, but still ... we grow to love them, and our Camino friends...
  11. Kanga

    Food - photos from the Camino

    I've just been sorting through Camino photos and I seem to have a lot of peculiar meals photographed. Anyone else? Here's one from our Camino starting at Orleans. It is a whole Camembert, cooked, with chips on the side. The calories!!!!
  12. hecate105

    Camino Photos to cheer someone up...

    I wanted to post a Camino photo which made me smile earlier today, but I can't work out how to post it! It won't cut n paste so I am at a loss.... Anybody tell me how - in luddite-speak...
  13. KinkyOne

    Bronze people on the Camino

    I'm sure that regular forum readers will know where I got the idea for this thread title :D First one is from Navarrete and the rest are from Burgos. Lovely companions...
  14. KinkyOne


    There have been many threads with excellent photos of windows, doors, animals etc., but I can't find one with bridges. So... here it is. I just hope we won't ruin pilgrim-rookies expectations when posting this... ;) Those are from: - Villava (over Rio Ulzama) - Pamplona (Puente Magdalena) -...
  15. LTfit

    Crosses along the Camino

    To continue with the photo themes here is one with a few crosses. Entry into El Burgo Ranero (Francés) this summer: Between Bercianos and El Burgo Ranero: In Hornillos last summer: Somewhere after Burgos last summer: Along the Sanabrés this summer: Along the Sanabrés this...
  16. Theatregal

    Photos: Camino Animals

    Continuing the threads of subject specific photos. Seeing and photographing the animals we encounter along the way is something I really enjoy. I'd love to see other's animal photos.
  17. SabineP

    Pictures of albergues

    Albergue Usda in Obanos
  18. KinkyOne


    Oh yeah, it's obvious I have a thing with some motifs :D St.Jean & Gerendiain/Viskarett:
  19. MeganG22

    Your Favourite Photos

    I searched for a photo thread but seemed to come up empty handed. I would love it if people shared photos of their journey here... maybe just one or two... ones you love or that show something marvelous. Feel free to explain or not. I'm just trying to fill a Camino shaped void in my heart right...
  20. KinkyOne


    In another thread forum member @SabineP posted photo of a shed with elevator doors and that reminded me that I collect photos of interesting doors or gateways on all my journeys, hikings, holidays... The most beautiful doors I found in Estella left side on the main street when entering the town...

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