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  1. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    Summary of the Caminho do Tejo (Lisbon - Fatima)

    It is with great pleasure that in this day August 13, 2017, we publish a pdf document of 6 pages, with the summary of the Caminho do Tejo (Lisbon - Fatima) Part of the Caminho de Santiago from Lisbon to Santarém. This document compiled information on altimetry, steps, distances, places of...
  2. Jennifer Lawson

    Walking in Watercolor, An Artist's Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago 2017-05-02

    Every year over 200,000 pilgrims from all over the world walk the Camino de Santiago. This book chronicles the author's journey on this ancient path. Jennifer's daily musings and vivid watercolor sketches capture her rich experiences- the villages, the food, the wine, the friendships and the...
  3. Iain McKie

    ❤A year ago today a dream came true

    A year ago today 26th Feb 2016 I set off form SJPD not knowing I had only one goal and that was to enjoy the adventure ahead. I had not planned past day 1 as I didn't want to put any pressure on time or what I needed to do each day. I would walk till I wanted to rest and just see how it went. I...
  4. gollygolly

    Walking the 'Pilgrims Way' as a prelude to Camino Ingles

    As a prelude to walking the Camino Ingles from La Coruna in July this year, I am intending to walk from Salisbury Cathedral to Winchester and then along the Pilgrims Way to Canterbury Cathedral. If any forum members have some useful advice about the Pilgrims Way that they are willing to share...
  5. Splate

    Camino Book New Book! "By the Way: Dispatches, Devotions, and Deliriums from the Camino"

    From the publisher: A moving, funny and fascinating account of a religion scholar's 5-week pilgrimage down the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. Is the journey more important than the destination? Are some pilgrimages more "authentic" than others? Can agnostics have as deep a spiritual...
  6. N

    Camino by motorcycle

    I am planning my 1st Camino and need to find the best "non-highway" route to Santiago for a motorcycle. The plan is to depart St Jean Pied du Port and do up to 60 miles each day. I need to find the quiet roads less traveled and places to stay that are respectful of the journey by motorcycle. Is...
  7. Beebe

    The Spiritual Traveler Spain 2016-08-06

    The Spiritual Traveler Spain is a celebration of the truly sacred and spiritual places, traditions, peoples, and roads of Spain. It is a non-denominational and deeply anthropological and folkloric travel book on Spain's prehistoric, pagan, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim past. It is also a...

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