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pilgrim office santiago

  1. J Willhaus

    Routes approved for 2022

    Estas son las nuevas rutas del Camino de Santiago que recoge la Oficina del Peregrino - I saw this today in the Voz de Galicia. Lists new Camino routes approved. Open with a Google Chrome browser for English translation.
  2. S

    Pilgrim Office QR Code Question

    I will be arriving in Santiago on August 11th. I went on the Oficina del Peregrino Website earlier today and got a QR Code, which I saved. Was this too far in advance, and will I need to secure the QR code again as my arrival date is almost two months away? Much thanx for the help - Steve
  3. jennysa

    Pilgrims Office hours

    I have seen 3 different opening times 9 am, 10 am and 10 30 am. Which one is correct
  4. LesBrass

    Bravo to the Pilgrim's Office

    I'm in Santiago. We arrived in the rain sometime before 15hr. We took a few photos but decided to head right to the Pilgrim's Office. We had all pre-registered online as advised here. We showed our QR code (given when we registered)... we were immediately given a number for the queue... we...
  5. Peter Fransiscus

    Update for getting a Compostela

    Update for getting a Compostela , on busy days it goes like this : if you have the QR code you will not get a ticket after you enter but you have to walk straight through the garden and down the stairs then left and then you get your ticket.( maybe it will stay like this ) it keeps the...
  6. Rowie

    Queuing for certificate in Santiago

    Could anyone tell me what the current waiting time is for queueing for your certificate at the Pilgrims office. We are returning for a flight to the UK and our time is a little tight. Thanks
  7. nzotto

    Do you need a Camino Reflection?

    Do you need a Camino Reflection? There is a wonderful group called Faithful companions of Jesus in the Santiago pilgrim’s office, 1st floor (one flight up the stairs) room 6 from 0930 to 5:00pm- Monday thru Saturday. You can talk about your experience with other English speaking pilgrims. If...
  8. Flog

    Registering your details in advance for compostela

    Just to clear up a question which I have asked several times, but wasn't given an answer to, but will answer now for anyone who would like to know. All at the risk of opening another can of worms but never mind, here goes: Below is the QR code which takes you to the website to register to get...
  9. Albertinho

    Registration at the Pilgrims Office in Santiago

    Olá peregrinos! I was asked here on the forum to explain how to register for applying the Compostela certificate. At the moment I am working as a volunteer at the Pilgrims Office in Santiago. Somebody suggested to make a short YouTube video but it is not allowed to take pictures nor videos in...
  10. geraldkelly

    Pilgrims Office in Santiago, queuing system

    Hi I've been searching for an up-to-date description of how the queuing system for the Pilgrims Office in Santiago works. I haven't been able to find it, although I'm sure someone posted it on here. Can someone please point me at it? Thanks in advance! Gerald
  11. t2andreo

    Volunteering at the Pilgrim Office in Santiago - October 2021 Update

    NOTE - This post supersedes all previous posts by me about volunteering at the pilgrim office. Things changed over the nearly four years since I wrote the original post in February 2018. Many of you found that post informative and useful. Just the passage of time has affected some of the...
  12. H

    Queueing at pilgrims office

    Hi I arrived in santiago de compostela today but missed out on getting my certificate. I have scanned the qr code and filled in details got text with ref number . Can I ask if I go to the office about 8 am and just wait until it opens at 9 would that be OK. I fly home tomorrow afternoon
  13. t2andreo

    Voluntario Program restarting in June 2021

    Hello all! I recently received this notice from the ACC (Acogida Cristiana en los Caminos de Santiago) regarding the volunteer program, both at some albergues and at the Pilgrim Office in Santiago. As you know the program was necessarily shut down when the world went into lockdown early in...
  14. ivar

    Form from the pilgrims office

    I had a nice visit from a pilgrim that just finished his Camino now from Vezelay (sorry, forgot his username!) He just got his Compostela. He did not have a modern mobile phone, so he could not scan the QR code... so he was asked to fill out this form. Posting it here for those curious to see...
  15. ivar

    Interested in volunteering at the pilgrims office in 2020?

    This was just posted, in Spanish, but your Chrome browser will translate (if you are using it).
  16. Kanga

    If you want a Compostela - plan extra time

    On the forum and in other places we are seeing reports that because of the new ticketing system some pilgrims are missing out on collecting their Compostela. Apparently the ticket kiosk shuts down when enough tickets have been issued to keep the volunteers busy for the day, and lately that has...
  17. S

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    The system for obtaining the Compestela in Santiago is a joke! We waited over 5 hours to obtain this. Even the staff there were shocked that they changed a system that worked to one that clearly doesn’t!!
  18. t2andreo

    What’s doing at the Pilgrim Office...

    I have been working as a volunteer since 6 May. My final day, this time, is 20 May. I return again to work my annual one-month volunteer stint from 15 July - 12 August. Every time I come here, I learn something new. There are some tidbits I thought I would share. 1. The arrival rates and...
  19. t2andreo

    Volunteering in the Pilgrim Office at Santiago...

    NOTE FROM THE MODS: Tom posted an update to this thread on Oct. 17, 2021. See it here: That’s why this thread has been locked...
  20. t2andreo

    LIVE from the Camino Pilgrim Office Status Report

    I have been working here as a volunteer since 13 July. My last work day is this Tuesday, 15 August. I will return home (FL) on Thursday. Here is the current status of things at the P/O: Daily volumes - yesterday 12 AUG, we set the daily record for 2017 (to date) with 2,722 pilgrims processed...
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