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  1. jj-now

    'Pilgrims: Why People Walk the Camino de Santiago'

    Hi all, It's been a wonderful month filming this thing! I went out to capture and understand the experience of the Camino, and the people behind it. Almost twenty-interviews (some with returning subjects), a month of walking and a magical return to the French way...
  2. jj-now

    Journalism Student Filming Frances Documentary from Tomorrow

    Hi all, I'm arriving in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port tomorrow to begin my documentary for university. This will be my second time walking the French-Way, and I want to best capture and share some of the people behind the walk (it's getting more popular for a reason). If we cross paths and you...
  3. Picasso in Pamplona

    Picasso in Pamplona

    My Pilgrim cousin in enjoying Pamplona
  4. MichelleElynHogan

    Posting for a Friend - "Walking Alone: a pilgrim's guide to the inner journey"

    A friend, Mony Dojeiji, lives in Ottawa, Canada and is a Caminoist. Here is a copy of a post I received from her on Facebook; Announcing...my new book "Walking Alone: a pilgrim's guide to the inner journey"! :-D In the many presentations I’ve done over the years, one of the consistent themes...
  5. Albergue Moinho Garcia

    Albergue Moinho Garcia

    New hostel in Pinheiro da Bemposta, backyard
  6. Alisoun

    Pilgrim's Halt on Voie de Tours

    Greetings to all pilgrims. I have a dream to open a Pilgrim's Halt in the Charente Maritime about 4km on from Mirambeau. I've spoken to a lot of Pilgrims on this route and it seems there is a lack of reasonable accommodation in some sections. The idea would be to offer bed, evening meal...
  7. HayleyK

    Interview for Article

    I am a student journalist headed to SDC and further down the route near Arzua to write my article on the Camino community from May 8-14. I am looking for female and/or lone pilgrims to speak with me about their experiences and interactions along this incredible journey. If this is something you...
  8. Kris53

    RE: First Time Pilgrim - Saying Thank You!

    Dear Friends and Fellow Pilgrims, I am in shock that I received such a great response to my initial post. It is very heartwarming to know that there is a community of individuals out there that sincerely care for and support others in need. Everyday, as I reviewed the board, I was able to read...
  9. Kris53

    First Time Pilgrim In Need Of Help And Moral Support - May 2017

    Greetings Fellow Pilgrims! Recently, I lost my 29 year old son in a tragic accident. He died less than 2 months before his 30th Birthday. His death has had a very profound impact on me and my family and has shaken me to my core. As a result, I am planning on traveling to Portugal and...
  10. Iain McKie

    ❤A year ago today a dream came true

    A year ago today 26th Feb 2016 I set off form SJPD not knowing I had only one goal and that was to enjoy the adventure ahead. I had not planned past day 1 as I didn't want to put any pressure on time or what I needed to do each day. I would walk till I wanted to rest and just see how it went. I...
  11. L

    Camino blog

    Just started a little blog on Tumblr about my experience on the Camino if anyone wants to check it out! Nice pictures to! https://www.tumblr.com/blog/irishtravelbug
  12. Kimberley Hall

    Life as a forever Pilgrim...

    When I was told walking the Camino di Santiago would change my life, you can’t blame me for having my doubts. That’s a very bold statement. I consider myself to be quite a conscious person. Awake to the separations of society, aware of thoughts distinguishable from the soul and filtered to the...
  13. S

    Looking for pilgrim I am looking for Jo from Wellington, travelling last November the Camino Frances

    Hello Peregrinos I am looking for Jo from Wellington New Zealand. Last year in November 2015 Jo went with me a part of the Camino Frances. Jo was married and had a large family. He had a great tattoo on the calf and had just finished his work life. I would like to hear from him after a year...
  14. A Pilgrim and his donkey

    A Pilgrim and his donkey

    A pilgrim and his donkey seen on entry to the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela. Sep 2016
  15. C

    Looking for pilgrim Camino Frances October/November 2016

    Hi I'm going to do my first camino starting on october 7th 2016 in SJPDP. I was wondering if there were any other people starting around that date, and how busy it is.
  16. Jakke

    Are pilgrims sheep to be fleeced?

    Bom dia from Santarém! A couple of remarks. There was a discussion during breakfast (at N1 - nice place). A local judge thought the Camino should be more exploited. I can see her point and that exploitation is to an extend unavoidable and even necessary. Hard working people deserve an income...
  17. katie@camino

    May 29: Arrive Biarritz-Taxi share?

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I arrive in Biarritz on May 29 - is anyone interested in sharing a taxi from Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPDP that afternoon/evening? I estimate it to be between €80-110 (although I'm happy to be corrected by experienced pilgrims/locals?). If this is shared between a few of us...
  18. Gipsy Moon

    Preferred/Nicest Stretches of Camino Frances?

    Hello, From el Camino del Ebro I will reach el Camino Frances in Logrono very beginning of April this year. Was wondering if there will be many walking pilgrims already? (what is many?) And what are your preferred/nicest stretches of the Camino Frances from there not to be missed in your...
  19. La Balsa

    4th part camino Mozarabe 10th of januari

    Je kunt je nu al opgeven voor de 4e etape van de Camino mozarabe. Deze wordt georganiseerd door de afdeling Guadix en op 10 januari gezamenlijk gelopen van Habla naar Hueneja niet ver van mijn Herberg in Alquife. Wie loopt er met me mee? You can sign up already now for the 4th part of the...

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