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pilgrims & pilgrimage

  1. Cathy G

    Am I a Pilgrim?

    My husband and I walked a portion of the Camino de Santiago Sept 25 - Oct 3 from SSJP to Logrono. It was all the time we could take from work and decided when planning to do the Camino in 3 stages over 3 years. We've been home for 3 weeks now and the high is still on. However this past week...
  2. Jakke

    Bom Caminho de Vida!

    PCP is behind me and left me with tons of great memories, Facebook - and other friends! Two wishes remain uppermost: 1) More activity by the churches. I was invited just once. At least this camino will be no pilgrimage without a lot of activity from the peregrino/a 2) after the long wait...
  3. Smallest_Sparrow

    Suffering, sacrifice, and the Camino

    Several threads have recently contained spirited debate on whether one must suffer to be on a pilgrimage. No one asked if reading my forum posts count as suffering o_O, and I thank you all for that. I’ve been digging holes all morning, thinking about this question. I personally think that...
  4. Jakke

    Hello, churches!

    Possibly my thought is the result of the CP being underdeveloped and I'll see more as I go on. I am now in Tomar. This has been a pilgrimage in many ways. There are two things I have missed though: Churches, that are actually open (any denomination), and Churches, that try to actively (without...
  5. Jakke

    Are pilgrims sheep to be fleeced?

    Bom dia from Santarém! A couple of remarks. There was a discussion during breakfast (at N1 - nice place). A local judge thought the Camino should be more exploited. I can see her point and that exploitation is to an extend unavoidable and even necessary. Hard working people deserve an income...
  6. BonitaHolland

    How long did you prepare for your Camino?

    I'm interested in the range and variety of preparations (I note on this Forum someone preparing for 2017/18). For myself I was talking with a peer on a train travelling back from a particularly challenging 5 day residential course she said 'I've been thinking about walking the Camino one day' I...
  7. Jakke

    As a Protestant...

    What advice would you give to Protestant pilgrims? I am very unwilling to upset Catholic brothers and sisters and fear my inexperience in all things Catholic may do just that. Any advice will be appreciated. So: "when you go into a church...." "when you pray..." Issues that Catholics are...
  8. Wokabaut_Meri

    Transformation and the Camino

    I've come across a very engaging and fascinating book On Trails: An Exploration by Robert Moor. One for the philosopher's corner of the forum. The author writes for many outdoor publications which is where I read his piece on the Appalachian Trail: Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Hike...
  9. Carza

    Mental Fatigue

    Hi all! My partner and I are starting our Camino a week from tomorrow (leaving from Porto) and after some practice walks, I'm a bit concerned about the mental fatigue of walking for so many hours a day. We did listen to some podcasts and such on some of the practice walks but I didn't know if...
  10. Rebekah Scott

    FICS Forum: Why Change the 100 km. rule to 300 km.?

    Dear friends, the Fraternidad Internacional del Camino de Santiago, an activist group comprised of historians, sociologists, hospitaleros, and camino busybodies, last weekend met in Sarria to debate the latest issues and decide how to solve some problems. Most of you know that one of our more...
  11. rottenad

    The Ascent to Santiago 2016-03-19

    Pilgrims, wanders, and wayfarers – I would like to introduce you to a new resource for your pilgrimage. It is a book called, THE ASCENT TO SANTIAGO: A Contemplative Journal for Those Walking the Way of St. James and it will help you be as intentional about your inward journey, as you have been...
  12. C

    Anthropology Dissertation Research Survey

    Hi all, I am doing my anthropological dissertation research on the Camino Pilgrimage at Oxford Brookes University. I would love it if some of you might fill out my questionnaire? The aim of this study is to investigate the various understandings of the Camino Pilgrimage, what drives pilgrims...
  13. Yoga Girl

    Pot and the Camino – More alike than you thought

    Living in the Bay Area, I am surrounded by pot culture, so when I saw this article in the La Concha newsletter by a NorCal peregrina, I was intrigued. Unfortunately APOC didn't post the continuation. The suspense was killing me, so Diana sent me the full article to share on my blog. Here is the...
  14. Papist Giant

    Patches, Shells, & Symbols

    I've read somewhere that it is recommended (traditional) to identify oneself as a pelegrino with some sort of patch or symbol (a scallop shell dangling off my pack, an arrow, scallop shell patch, or even a St. James cross) Is this something I should have ahead of time? If so, which one? Are any...
  15. Deise

    Away from the familiar into the unknown

    In her foreword to a new book " To Oldly Go " Dervla Murphy argues that because of the internet now the familiar is not left behind and the unknown has become familiar before one leaves home. The sunset challenge " where to sleep ? " has been banished by the ease of booking into hostel etc With...
  16. BeatriceKarjalainen

    How slow is slow enough? And some other questions.

    'I'm, seriously thinking of leaving this community. I'm so tired of all comments about "to fast", "not doing it the right way", "what's the point if rushing by", "you can't see anything" etc etc etc. I think I have seen it all by now, latest in the thread about doing Porto->Santiago in 7 days...
  17. Robo

    What's the Difference between a Pilgrimage and a Long Walk?

    I'm very interested to hear the views of others on this question. I first heard it posed by John Brierley in this talk Or at least a very similar question :) I think he merely asks, what is a Pilgrimage. (No need to watch the video......It's quite long) In fact he asks..."How does a long...
  18. JoeLav

    Humans of the Camino..

    Hello Everybody, This is just a thread to let people know about a project that I have been working on.. I walked the Camino with my wife last year (our Honeymoon!) and as we walked, I took portraits of some of the pilgrims we met along the way. This was an amazing thing to do, as I heard some...
  19. Daxzentzu

    Being a Christian on the Camino

    There's a massive volume of information in this place. I seek more insights about what it's like to be a Christian on the camino Are there Christians here who might point me in the right direction. Dax In Pune, (a work in progress)
  20. ivar

    [photo] Pilgrims from 1954

    A group of pilgrims arrive in Santiago after walking the Camino Frances in 1954. They are from Germany, France and Holland. (I have no more details) I post this in the "Camino Equipment" section... things have changed. :)