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planning & preparation

  1. Lhollo

    Route stops (rescheduling and extending my Camino)

    Hello! I’d like to know your thoughts about the overnight stops in my list. Does it look good, and which of the ones I’m unsure of do you think are the best? Its an extension to a Camino that I’ve had to reschedule, the rest of which is all booked. (For medical reasons, we’re booking all...
  2. frankieolson

    First Timer

    Hello all! Looking forward for my first Camino this April.. I'm sure I'll have many questions, but first I would love to know any advice for beginning my trip. I am thinking I will start at SJPdP, but the more I have read the more I have found that it is quite difficult finding open beds during...
  3. C

    Got a flu shot today

    I decided to get a flu shot today. I usually get them at work, but they won’t be available at work until the end of September and I will be leaving before that. We are actually required to be immunized or wear masks throughout the Flu season at work. I will be on the Camino until at least...

    When is the best time to walk?

    When people say the Camino is 'crowded' in September, what exactly does that mean? Is there is a lack of accommodation, restaurants are full, or too many people on the way to be able to feel like It's a solitary pilgrimage rather than a holiday, or there are too many vehicles on the roads? I...
  5. SherlyC

    All of a sudden no motivation to start the camino

    Hi everyone! I'd like to ask this question to pilgrims who have already done a camino. Since the beginning of this year I had blocked two weeks of my calendar to do a 2 week camino this summer during July. The blocked date starts already next week but I have zero motivation and still haven't...
  6. Iriebabel

    Xtra Xtra: Cyborg turtle takes on the Del Norte April 2019

    Happy Sunday everyone. Finally made a decision to tackle Camino Del Norte in April next year. Any help will be most appreciated considering my knee issues. If you have read my camino summary you know the challenges I faced...
  7. LynneR

    Days from Burgos to Santiago?

    I plan to begin my camino in Burgos. Can anyone recommend the number of days I should plan to walk? I don't want to overdo it; but on my past, shorter walk we averaged 12-18 miles a day. The 18-mile day was rough and we learned we pushed ourselves past our limit. Thanks in advance for the tips!!
  8. Iriebabel

    First Camino Route planning by town and km

    Found this resource which I am sure already exists here in this forum. I thought it might make planning easier for first timers like myself. It is especially useful to me because I have wobbly knees that never seem to cooperate with what my mind is planning. Website has english translation...
  9. Peter CapeTown

    Preparations for CF, April 2018

    How/what are your Mar-Apr-May 2018 Camino preparations to-date? Planning my first Camino. My preparations to date: - Family, work, business, etc - discussed & OK (I hope) - Dates, route, concept - CF; end of March till start of May; do it in a simple, basic and openminded way - Started to...
  10. G

    Solo Camino - time scale and camping

    Good day kind reader, I've decided to undertake the Camino Francés at the end of March/beginning of April 2018. I won't have any great time constraints as I'll be leaving my job prior to embarking on the journey to work on my writing whilst on the road. I guess my main query is whether there is...
  11. roisinailishclancy

    Walking solo.

    Hey there, I plan to walk the Camino de Ingles on 18 July. I have bought the Johnnie Walker guide which is a great source of info and so on top of that I would hugely appreciate any guidance other pilgrims might offer me here. I walked The Francis last year with my son and so this year...
  12. ewy

    Couldn't do it

    Dear pilgrims, Just feel I have to share my experience with you... Yesterday was D day for me. I've been preparing for the Camino Notre for the past 5 months. Mentally and phisically. Read this forum, booked a flight to Bilbao, booked a bus to Irun, packed my bag and got on the transfer to the...
  13. Font007

    Anxious last 3 weeks

    Hi all, I have three weeks before I depart for Spain and start my Camino. After having planned this for about 8 months, I now feel unsure, doubtful, nervous, overwhelmed. I have read two guides, looked at countless blogs, websites, comments, movies, videos-I think I know everything and am I...
  14. notion900

    Mundicamino 2017-04-13

    Camino planning website in Spanish. www.mundicamino.com
  15. notion900

    Gronze 2017-04-13

    Gronze is a camino planning website used by many Spanish pilgrims. Its chief distinguishing feature is the ability to search by any town or village name, and it will tell you on which stage and on which camino it is located. This is a nice feature for new pilgrims using the forums, where...
  16. BobM

    A Practical Handbook for Pilgrims 2017-03-22

    People who have seen the movie 'The Way' about the Camino de Santiago often long to do a similar pilgrimage themselves. Many of those who do set out say it was one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. The Camino is within the capacity of most people if they plan adequately and take...
  17. E

    camino advice

    Hi, I am debating walking the camino from burgos - santiago in the next few weeks and have a few questions before I make a final decision: 1) is this too late notice, does walking the camino require more than a few weeks planning time? 2) what is the infrastructure like on the camino in March...
  18. P

    Spiritual/logistical preparation

    Hello all! Last I posted on the forum, back in September, I was contemplating walking in July/August 2017, concerned about being so young (18 y/o). Since then, all those concerns have been allayed with encouragement from the forum. Furthermore, having told my parents my plan, they have been...
  19. BonitaHolland

    How long did you prepare for your Camino?

    I'm interested in the range and variety of preparations (I note on this Forum someone preparing for 2017/18). For myself I was talking with a peer on a train travelling back from a particularly challenging 5 day residential course she said 'I've been thinking about walking the Camino one day' I...
  20. Come2pappy

    Perfectionism and the Camino experience

    I tend to be a perfectionist. In 40 days or so, I hope not to be as much of one. I read in many posts here the underlying question that I too have...that being "Will I be doing the Camino right? From clothes, to places to stay, to getting there, to weather...will I have what I need? To a...