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planning the walk

  1. Iriebabel

    First Camino Route planning by town and km

    Found this resource which I am sure already exists here in this forum. I thought it might make planning easier for first timers like myself. It is especially useful to me because I have wobbly knees that never seem to cooperate with what my mind is planning. Website has english translation...
  2. notion900

    Mundicamino 2017-04-13

    Camino planning website in Spanish. www.mundicamino.com
  3. notion900

    Gronze 2017-04-13

    Gronze is a camino planning website used by many Spanish pilgrims. Its chief distinguishing feature is the ability to search by any town or village name, and it will tell you on which stage and on which camino it is located. This is a nice feature for new pilgrims using the forums, where...
  4. BobM

    A Practical Handbook for Pilgrims 2017-03-22

    People who have seen the movie 'The Way' about the Camino de Santiago often long to do a similar pilgrimage themselves. Many of those who do set out say it was one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. The Camino is within the capacity of most people if they plan adequately and take...
  5. E

    camino advice

    Hi, I am debating walking the camino from burgos - santiago in the next few weeks and have a few questions before I make a final decision: 1) is this too late notice, does walking the camino require more than a few weeks planning time? 2) what is the infrastructure like on the camino in March...
  6. Felipe

    Sarria - SdeC in December (2017)

    Last year, after much hesitation, I finished my pilgrimage with the Sarria-SdeC stages. I had somewhat avoided them in my previous walks, for no particular reasons. Just kind of a feeling... Well, at the end it was, uhm, just ok. So I have decided to give them another try, this time in December...
  7. knavish

    Places to start a Camino Pilgrimage

    (First-time poster here!) I'm an American student planning on walking the Camino Frances this summer. I hope to be spending the entirety of my summer break (~70-80 days) abroad and would like to begin my pilgrimage somewhere that gives me as much scenic hiking as possible during this time. I am...
  8. Stephanie M

    Camino Frances Vlog

    In June me and two friends walked the Camino France's in 30 days. I filmed most of the experience and have been posting Vlogs on YouTube if anyone is interested in watching. I do warn I didn't edit out all the cursing and we do partake in vino tintos a bit! Because o don't have a massive...
  9. Tal Cherni

    Planned Future route. Your Thoughts?

    Hey! I just returned from Spain Couple a days ago after walking from Ponferrada to Santiago. Sadly though I took it a little too hard and too fast and ended up with Tendinitis in my knee. Classic rush with no endurance building. Needless to say, Lesson learned for the next time... :oops: And...

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