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  1. E

    buying walking poles in Porto

    Is there a good place to purchase walking poles in Porto [arrriving by plane]?
  2. J

    Trekking Poles in Santiago

    I have read on a 2012 thread that it is possible to borrow walking poles that have been left by other pilgrims? Is that still the case? If not are there places to buy trekking poles in Santiago and how much do they cost?
  3. Crandall

    Hiking poles on planes USA

    I know there are lot of posts on this topic, but here is what happened to me. I was flying out if Orlando. I went to airport a few days before my flight. I brought my hiking poles and went to a TSA agent. I have pacers poles. I askes if i could get them through security in my backpack. She said...
  4. L

    Lisbon: where to find poles and shells

    Hi all, starting from Lisbon soon. Where can I pick up a pair of relatively inexpensive poles in Lisbon? And can I find a shell to tie onto my bag anywhere in Lisbon? Only saw old responses to these in the search - appreciate your help!
  5. I

    Trekking Poles

    Hello! I am currently planning to walk El Camino in May. Any advice on what to do about trekking poles since TSA doesn’t allow them in carry-on bags? Where could I purchase them in Spain and about how much $$ will they be? Edit: I am doing El Camino Francés starting in SJPDP. I will be flying...
  6. CatPhillips

    Leaving walking sticks in Santiago

    I am in Santiago and will be leaving tomorrow for home in the United States. I have a pair of walking sticks that I can’t take with me. The Pilgrim House is closed, I realized today, so I don’t have a good plan for how to re-home my sticks. Any suggestions?
  7. mamu

    3d Printed Hiking Pole Clip

    Heyo, I've creaded a 3d Printed Hiking Pole Clip, check it out at If you need other diameters, just let me know, I'll update the files and upload them. Buen camino! mamu p.s. it's free, no charge, no fees, no viruses :)
  8. C clearly

    Am I allowed to carry hiking poles / walking sticks into the airplane cabin with me?

    Here we go - answer to a truly Frequently-Asked Question... Aviation security policies are set by national authorities and they generally state that hiking poles are not allowed in the cabin (carry-on bags), but they are allowed in checked baggage. Airlines follow and communicate these...
  9. Rowie

    Walking poles on flight

    I wonder what people's experiences are of taking walking poles on a flight. I don't think I can fit them in my rucksack, even when at their smallest and not sure if I'm allowed to take them into the cabin. Also has anyone ever used any kind of precautionary method with bungees/tapes on...
  10. maryloufrommadison

    Question (about walking poles) for older walkers

    Do any of you have trouble with trekking poles exacerbating arthritis in your hands? I really want to use them, but a couple of joints are already arguing with me after only a couple of days of use. I'd appreciate knowing how you handle it.
  11. teeranaic

    FYI: Emirates let me take my wooden walking staff back on a flight

    Since I've seen other threads inquiring in the past about how to bring the wooden walking stave back home, I want to share my experience just for the record. I flew out of Paris (I was traveling after completing the Camino -- and yes my walking staff went with me everywhere lol) with Emirates...
  12. B

    Leave your walking poles at home....

    I've hopefully discovered a successful alternative solution to the poles-on-a-plane travel conundrum! I am leaving my walking poles at home as I refuse to pay Ryanair's extortionate hold luggage fees to check them in for each journey. I also have a relatively short window of time from landing...
  13. B

    Purchase a walking stick in SJPP

    We are walking the Frances this summer. I'd like to buy a walking stick to begin in SJPDP. Does anyone know where I could find one? THX for your assistance.
  14. V

    Trekking poles; Folding or telescoping?

    At first glance it may appear that folding poles breakdown into a smaller package, but that's not entirely true. The folding poles will be shorter of course, but they are bulkier since there are 3 pieces instead of one collapsed pole. So, if you put them in the side pocket of your pack, the...
  15. V

    My Unorthodox Trekking Pole Technique

    I've been using trekking poles for years but use them differently than recommended. I swing the pole out in front of me when placing it so that the pole is angled away from me when planted. I then walk past it and pick it up when it is behind me. This results in a number of differences from...
  16. Helen Avoca

    Where to buy walking poles

    Good morning brains trust, from cloudy Australia. Before heading out from Le Puy in late April (fingers crossed) I want to buy some cheap walking poles. I fly in to Paris and am there for two nights, train to Lyon, there for two nights, train to Le Puy, there for two nights. I don’t recall...
  17. annmte

    Ever had a carbon pole snap?

    I'm doing my first Camino this April/May (El Norte), and researching which poles to purchase. Obviously lots of info on this Forum, which has been very helpful! I've pretty much decided on the Black Diamond FLZ poles, but cannot decide whether to spend the extra money to get carbon vs...
  18. A

    Donated or cheap poles in Porto or Tavira

    I’m spending a few weeks with non- walking friends in Tavira and Porto. Thinking I’ll take off for a couple of days on the Camino. Does anyone know where I could pick up a pair of cheap or donated poles in either place? Thanks.
  19. Kitkat1066

    Hiking poles (please bear with me) need honest advice.

    I have never walked with poles before and to be honest I have never really thought about using them, except that people say they have helped when it comes to your fingers swelling, which mine can do. I am interested to hear from other pilgrims who have completed walks/pilgrimages or just walked...
  20. peregrina2000

    Black stuff on my Z-poles again

    I thought I’d start a new thread, since this is a new pair of poles, even though it’s a similar problem to once I’ve had before. This older thread reported on my problem with black stuff on the inside of the poles. In that case, it was clear that som of the material itself was breaking...