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  1. E

    Free hiking stick tips, USA

    TAKEN: Hi folks, I bought these PaceMaker Stix tips for putting on hiking poles, but I don't use poles, so why would I need tips?? If you can use them, and are in the USA, I'll be happy to mail them to you. No charge. PM your address.
  2. C

    Lost Taken Poles

    Someone has accidentally taken my poles from La Cruz Fierro albergue in Foncebadon. I've been left with theirs which are an older version of mine and don't match! Would really appreciate them back if anyone realises they have them or that they have seen somebody with them. They are maroon Black...
  3. W

    Stick Club

    So, you packed light for flying carry on only and walked your Camino. You bought a piece of wood for a couple of Euro that you thought you would ditch at the end.... But now you are strangely attached to it. It won't go in the cabin so you have to check it. But you could check in 5 or 10 for the...
  4. DowtyCamino

    Poles...a recommendation

    My wife and I took Komperdell carbon poles with us on our 2014 Camino. These were excellent and we really liked the Nordic Walking style gloves that attach to the handles. I know they aren't recommended for trekking, but we found them excellent. Unfortunately we were lost one of the poles...
  5. Jakke

    Buying Pacer Poles in Lisbon

    Hi! My plan is to fly to Lisbon with only a carry-on pack and buy some equipment in Lisbon. I am interested in Pacer Poles. Who can tell me where to find those in Lisbon? Bom caminho!
  6. LeiaLane

    Trekking poles as carry on?

    Hi, I was so confident about to take the trekking poles inside my backpack as a carry on. But when time is approaching, I'm now kind of nervous..... Is anybody has the experience from JFK or any other US airport with your trekking poles in your backpack as a carry on? My trekking poles are...
  7. mla1

    Changing worn-down tips on Black Diamond z-poles?

    Last year when I walked from Le Puy to SJPP I used a pair of Black Diamond Z-poles (which I liked very much). I forgot to carry replacement tips . I was using the rubber tips (the actual screw-in tips that come with the poles, not the rubber covers that you just push on). By the time I got to...
  8. Martha Jansen

    purchasing walking poles in St. Jean PdP

    I'm arriving in St. Jean PdP next week to begin my walk. I'm not bringing my walking poles because I don't want to check any of my luggage on the airplane due to multiple stops before I arrive. Are walking poles available and what is the approximate cost to purchase them in St. Jean PdP...
  9. N

    Trekking poles in Oviedo? Very last minute

    Leaving home tomorrow morning and just realized that I can't take my poles because I will be charged $100 for a second checked item on Delta (my poles are an older model and they don't collapse enough to fit in my pack - they are 40 inches long) Can trekking poles be purchased relatively...
  10. jesben1

    leaving for Camino del norte on Sunday June 28, few last minute questions...

    Hello, I'm starting the journey to Spain this Sunday and plan to start walking from Irun next Wednesday. I have a few last minute thoughts/questions First me and my travel partners are on a budget and plan on cooking meals, staying in hostels etc. What are some things you would suggest...
  11. Donna Sch

    Buying walking poles in Seville?

    I would prefer not to buy poles in Australia and will be starting my camino in Seville. Can anyone tell me where I can definitely find hiking poles and are Pacer Poles available in Spain. Or should I get them to post them to me in Spain?
  12. T

    Pole usage from Sarria to Santiago

    Good day everyone, I am debating to bring poles are not for the last stage of the Camino. I am a believer in poles and have used them quite often when hiking. I know they work for me when it comes to hiking through the woods (trails) or through different elevations. My understanding is that...
  13. raydercha

    Trekking poles

    Yes, no, maybe?
  14. A

    Wood Hiking Sticks/Poles Bring or Buy upon arrival?

    I would really like to take a wood hiking pole/stick but I am a little concerned with transport from the USA. I am planning on flying into Madrid then taking the train to Pamplona and starting the Camino from there. Anyone fly recently from the states with this type of situation? Any advice?
  15. C

    Walking poles or not

    Hi - can I have thoughts on if walking/hiking poles would help with the walk? I was thinking of taking a pair of light weight adjustable poles. CJM

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