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  1. MissX

    Camino from Porto - Trekking Poles confiscated at airport!

    Hello, I’m due to begin the Camino from Porto, taking the Central route. Unfortunately I had my trekking poles confiscated at the airport :-(. Does anyone know if trekking poles are essential for the Central route? I def needed them for Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago! Hope someone can...
  2. B

    Telescopic poles on Vueling - checkin?

    We are flying fr Santiago to Barcelona. Have checked in baggage. If we secure our telescopic poles (66cm at shortest) to our packs & wrap the pack & poles together with cling-film / plastic wrap - do you think we can check that in with Vueling? Open to suggestions? Thanks
  3. Paintboy2

    Experience taking hiking poles as carry on

    I called TSA to find out how I could get through with my hiking pole, necessary because of my new disability, and they advised that the problem was the sharp tip. So, I ground it off. Three flights now through major airports and not a word from TSA. I keep a rubber tip on it and it works great...
  4. mickcope

    Poles at Santiago airport with Ryan air

    Morning all When I came through Santiago airport last year we were able to load hiking poles in the hold free of charge with Ryan Air . Has anyone used them recently and is this policy still in place . Thanks Mick
  5. JackyG

    Walking poles to buy in St Jean?

    Hey all :) I leave for St Jean this Thursday and just realised can’t bring poles on Ryanair unless bag is checked which mine isn’t. Are there places to buy them in St Jean and would I get decent ones at a reasonable price? Thanks!
  6. P

    Hiking pole handles, grip tape?

    Hi, I have a set of poles with plastic handles. I've noticed they sweat my hands. The handles can't be changed. Can you get grip tape for them? Thanks.
  7. MadisV

    Buying poles or staff in Irun/San Sebastian?

    I'm arriving to Irun in the afternoon on the 12th of May. Will be in San Sebastian on the 13th. Would like to walk the Camino once again with a wooden staff like they sell in the pilgrim store in SJPdP. Normal cheap pair of walking poles would also do. Will anyways donate them once finished with...
  8. BiggBlue

    Ryanair charging to check poles in Santiago

    When I flew back today from Santiago to London, as I had done many times before, I went to check in my walking poles (which historically had been free of charge) only to discover there is now a charge of €40. In the past, it was complimentary, and even though I can disassemble them and fit them...
  9. Coddiwomple

    Where to purchase trekking poles in Sarria?

    Can trekking polls be purchased in Sarria? And, is there a place in Santiago to donate after completing my camino?
  10. K

    Trekking poles

    Hello. Do you suggest I bring my trekking poles in check-in from the U.S.A. or buy them once I get to the Camino? Thanks for considering. Are the poles available at or near the Camino adjustable? --What is the price range?
  11. KevUK

    Where to buy a staff in SJPdP?

    I plan to buy a staff in SJPP. Does anyone know a a good outlet tat will be open in the evening.. 8-9pm … if not a time they open early morning 🥰
  12. E

    Buying poles in porto

    I have postponed buying poles until I get to Porto. Was this an ok move?
  13. Jenyat53

    Planes & Poles … recent revision?

    In reading various airport security notes (Heathrow, Sydney) about carry on luggage it seems there is a focus on forbidding blades and knifes etc longer than 6cm. After 8 caminos of religiously packing my Pacerpoles separately as checked luggage I am wondering if more people are having success...
  14. D

    Sleeping bag and Poles in SJPP

    Hi all, I'm leaving for the Frances tomorrow and I'm wondering about the cost of a sleeping bag and poles in the Saint Jean outdoor store. I have a sleeping bag but it's a bit bulky and I'm going back and forth on whether to bring it. If the cost of the equipment in SJ makes sense then I'd...
  15. L

    Walking Poles

    Hola, I am planning to use 2 walking sticks/hiking poles on my Camino Primitivo walk. I am flying to Madrid from Toronto, Canada via Newark, USA and I'm not planning to check any luggage. Has anyone flown recently with their poles as carry-on? If I can't carry them on should I buy poles in...
  16. I

    trekking pole

    Hi, i will be walking from Finisterre tot Fatima and then to Lisbon. I'll start walking in Finisterre the 29th of march. If someone arrives that day and wants to sell or give their walking poles, it saves me the trouble of bringing a pair. And i will gladly give them to someone else the 20th of...
  17. L

    Can I get poles in Santiago?

    Is it possible to buy walking poles in Santiago de Compostela? Used ones are fine. My sister is flying into Santiago, but I will be in Europe for two months prior and I don’t want to carry poles around. Or maybe I don’t need them? I did use them for Kilimanjaro, but we are just doing the last...
  18. D

    How to store Z poles

    I have two pairs of Black Diamond Women’s z poles. The documentation that came with the poles consists of cartoons only and I can’t decode instructions that answer my question. Should I be collapsing my poles when they are not being used? Am I in any way potentially damaging them by leaving...
  19. andywild

    A walking pole query

    Hi all, just a quicky .. where's the best place to grab a walking pole in Santiago? I'll buy new if need be but reusing an unwanted one feels slightly greener if there's an option. Hugs Andy
  20. N

    Are hiking poles needed for Porto to Vigo?

    Are hiking poles required for the Porto to Vigo portion of the Coastal route? I looked at Gronze and the elevation does not appear to be too bad. We are flying from Canada. I would prefer to leave our poles behind if we can manage without them. We walked CF in 2018 and Tour du Mont Blanc...

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