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  1. Nick MJ

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    Having fruitlessly spent what seems to be an age on the web, I thought I’d ask fellow pilgrims whether they had ever seen for sale hiking poles that are: Foldable (so I can fit them in my rucksack) Shock absorbing, i.e. have a little spring in there somewhere (so I can give my knees a bit of...
  2. Flig

    Trekking Poles Turned Me into the Flash

    So after a bit of research and more than one failed attempt using a wooden staff (actually slowed me down) and at my wife’s urging I decided to give trekking poles a chance. I used them a few times on both road and trail for short trial runs. I needed to learn how to use them and not be a danger...
  3. Robo

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    Rubber Pole Tips? Where are the good ones? I'm one of those Pilgrims that barely takes a step without my poles. Used properly, they take a lot of weight off my knees and ankles, on all types of terrain and gradients. I honestly would struggle to make it without them. But I go through rubber...
  4. Rod Murray

    Trekking Pole Research

    This recent article sheds some science on trekking poles. It’s a roundup of scientific studies related to the use of poles over the last 40 years.
  5. Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    What type of gear do you need to walk a Camino? You might be surprised at how little you need! This is what we have found works over 3 Caminos so far.
  6. C

    Nordic walking vs. Trekking Poles

    Hi Everyone, I have been planning to walk the Camino Frances this August, although at the moment I am waiting to see how things shake out with the virus. I have never used poles before but definitely want to use them on the Camino. I had been planning on buying trekking poles until I read a...
  7. F

    Buying trekking poles from with delivery to Irun

    Hello, I'm planning walking the Camino del Norte from 1 April. I want to buy trekking poles from Can I use Albergue de peregrinos Jakobi address and take the poles from the nearest post office then? How long the post office will keep my parcel? Maybe, it exists a better solution for...
  8. jgiesbrecht

    Trekking Pole Suggestions

    I know everyone loves discussing trekking poles!! But seriously, I plan on walking from SJPDP hopefully all the way to Finisterre and Muxia this upcoming March/April. I am new to walking/hiking....but I do know I plan on using poles. Part of my reasoning is that when I walk more than about 5k my...
  9. Portia1

    Can you replace pacer pole rubber tips with leki rubber tips?

    The rubber tips on my pacer poles have worn completely thru so that the carbide tips are exposed. I live in the USA so pacer pole replacement parts are not available here. I leave in less than two weeks and wonder if leki rubber tips will work. Thanks.
  10. CatPhillips

    Does anyone wear gloves for sweaty hands on hiking poles?

    I haven't seen anyone else discuss this issue so I wonder if I'm the only one! I use Pacer Poles (which I LOVE) with plastic handles (which I don't love as much) so my hands get sweaty most days. On my first Camino, I ended up wrapping a handkerchief around my hands. Not a great solution. On my...
  11. Theo59

    Hobbies related to Camino

    I am using walking sticks that I make myself. Usually branches of trees. I make them softer with steam or fire and then make them straight. At the end of them I put rubber and stick on it a piece of car-tire with glue and a couple of smalt bolts. The result is a reliable stick which...
  12. G

    St Jean Pied de Port - walking stick required?

    Hi! My girlfriend and I are walking 5 days of the Camino Frances starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port next week - we are very excited! Just wondering would it be advisable to source a walking stick in Saint Jean Pied de Port for the first day of walking to Roncesvalle? Ideally we would prefer...
  13. Cbflores

    Can I take my trekking poles as carry-on baggage?

    Hi there! My dad and I are doing El Camino mid May and I just realized I have an unanswered question: Can I take my Trekking poles as carry-on items or will I need to check them? Im planning on taking my pack as a carry-on and I just realized that some people have mentioned the poles may be an...
  14. VAS

    ? buy hiking poles in SJDP

    Is there a place to buy hiking poles when I arrive in SJDP? I'm taking my pack as a carry on, and from what I read, even collapsable ones are not allowed onto the plane. Thanks for your help.
  15. Stephen

    I'll need a walking stick at Santiago airport.

    My hope for a warm Camino from Sevilla was dashed when I slipped on the stairs in the place where I was staying in Santiago. I hurt my back quite badly so I've decided to go back home to recuperate. I'm going to need my walking stick to get through the airport. Will security, who seem very...
  16. thesmiths2

    Can hiking poles be carried on board airplanes?

    I am planning on leaving my larger suitcase for the rest of my non-Camino trip in an airport locker in Madrid, then fly on to Santiago. My poles do not fit in my daypack I'm taking on the Camino. A friend thought they may not allow me to carry it onboard. Any thoughts? Would I have to check the...
  17. W

    Stick Club

    So, you packed light for flying carry on only and walked your Camino. You bought a piece of wood for a couple of Euro that you thought you would ditch at the end.... But now you are strangely attached to it. It won't go in the cabin so you have to check it. But you could check in 5 or 10 for the...
  18. copado

    Good,Professional walking poles.

    Hi. I have an inflammatory arthritic condition (psoriatic) that has also affected my ankle joints. Apart from the pain there I have little foot power when walking and my foot is not flat. Even hitting a rock and having to twist my foot is painful,and it can be hard to push away from. So I am...
  19. EmoJohnson

    Porto to Santiago (walking sticks?)

    Buen Camino! I walk the coastal Portuguese way in late May. Given the terrain, will I need walking sticks?
  20. DowtyCamino

    Poles...a recommendation

    My wife and I took Komperdell carbon poles with us on our 2014 Camino. These were excellent and we really liked the Nordic Walking style gloves that attach to the handles. I know they aren't recommended for trekking, but we found them excellent. Unfortunately we were lost one of the poles...