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  1. Dadhairday

    March Accommodation and Experiences

    I’m planning my first Camino, the Norte, aiming to start as early as possible in March 2020. I’m looking for advice on how easy it is to get accommodation on the spot at this early time of year. Any other advice always welcome. My only real kit dilemma is cagoule or poncho. I usually walk with...
  2. David

    Best Poncho in the Universe

    Hi all. I have been using an Altus poncho for years. I prefer a poncho to a waterproof coat as when walking one generates heat and if enclosed in a coat, sweat, so I like the circulating air under a poncho (and the dry hands). Though one does have to wear a peaked cap with those hoods! So - my...
  3. williamlittig

    The color of safety

    This is not meant to start the rain jacket or poncho debate again, (I use a jacket). What I have reconsidered is the color, because in rain and fog pilgrims are less visible. I looked gallant, suave, overweight but cool in my black jacket but no one could see me. My new gear is safety yellow...
  4. Aptrail

    Poncho vs Rain Jacket

    Greetings. This question may have been addressed but I couldn't find it. Does anyone have a recommendation or good reasons why I should take a poncho vs a rain jacket? I am a pretty avid backpacker and have both. I'm in the final stages of preparation now and am excited to leave for Spain...
  5. W

    Rainjacket/Packcover or Poncho in September

    We will be walking starting Aug. 31 st. Does anyone have a recommendation whether to use a jacket and packcover or a poncho that will cover our packs? It does not seem like there is as much rain in September as many other months. Thanks for your help.
  6. Kyle Hocking

    Don't Cheap Out on Raingear!

    Hi Camino Friends! I just returned from my first (and hopefully not last) Camino from St. Jean to Santiago which my brother and I completed in 31 days without resting. Along the way, we ran into some of the worst rain I can recall ever being in. The wind was fierce, the mud was awful and the...
  7. RMcDonald

    Camino Frances July-Aug...questions from a newbie!

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I am about to experience my very first Camino and are both excited, anxious and ....excited!! I have been reading, researching, following the Camino de Santiago forum and learning so much! Thank you for posting all of your tips, suggestions and experiences...this has...
  8. Missing Mike

    Rain Poncho vs Packa

    Where I live today it is raining cats and dogs. I did my training hike almost 10 miles using a heavy plastic rain poncho. I noticed I got very sweaty under it but at the time is wasn't really raining much. Now it is coming down in buckets. So on the Camino should I keep with my simple heavy...
  9. trecile

    Suggested rain gear for August/September camino

    I have this Mountain Hardwear Ghost Lite jackethttp://www.backcountry.com/mountain-hardwear-ghost-lite-jacket-womens that is water resistant, but I know that it won't help me in a real downpour. I think that I'd like to use an umbrella attached to my pack, both for rain and sun protection. I...
  10. ParistoCapeCod

    Wanted to buy: Two Altus-type used rain ponchos with sleeves

    Leaving mid-April for the Primitivo, any size, color can work. Thanks! (yes, have done the pants/jacket and regular poncho bits already)
  11. Traveler72

    Experience with Quechua Forclaz 75 liter rainponcho

    Hello, For my camino starting on 22-4 from SJPDP i'm looking for a poncho, came across this one, anyone tried this one already ? It has some great specs (only the weight is a bit high) http://www.decathlon.nl/cape-forclaz-75-l-s-m-rood-id_8302453.html In english :)...
  12. mpallen004

    Rain Gear Product opinions please

    Has anyone had experience with this rain suit? I'm starting the CF in early April and I will need to bring rain gear, 295 grams seems fairly light. http://www.froggtoggs.com/the-frogg-toggsr-ultra-lite2tm-17341.html Thanks, mike
  13. LesBrass

    Vaude Poncho Review

    What goes around comes around... as they saying goes! I've spent a few weeks mulling over what my rainproof/coat/warmth solution should be when I walk again in September. I went through the same process in 2014... last year was a short camino and I borrowed an Altus... and this year I want...
  14. L Squared

    Ferrino Trekker Improvements

    I purchased Ferrino Trekker rain gear knowing it would not be perfect for the Camino, but prepared to make modifications tailored to the needs of the Camino. I was considering the Altus, Trekker, Packa and the Sea to Summit Sil-Nylon poncho. Originally I was going to pick up an Altus when I...
  15. Robo

    The Rain Gear Debate and Poncho Choice....

    As our Camino nears, the assembly of our gear is getting more serious. We made the decision so long ago (18 months), we have been training with the gear we originally bought, but soon knowing that some would need relacing or upgrading. The packs were the main thing. We got a great 'deal'...
  16. Richo

    Rain Poncho question.

    Hello all. I'm planning to start out from Le Puy in mid September 2014 and take a relatively leisurely 5 or six weeks to get to SJPP. I've been researching the question of rain gear on this forum and am having no little difficulty in coming to a conclusion about which options would be best for...
  17. Jocelyn

    Jacket or poncho??

    Hi there, I fly in to SJPP tomorow to start my walk on Sunday. I have looked at the weather and see that it is boiling. Whilst i appreciate that a rainy day is inevitable i am stuck between taking a poncho and a jacket. I am taking the layered approach to clothing - vest top, t shirt, fleece. Do...
  18. Rajy62

    Rain Gear: Poncho or "waterproof breathable" shell

    Last year i faced constant rain/wind in the Galicia region for few days. I had my eVent breathable rain shell that performed well for isolated showers but failed during extended rain. So, i picked up an Atlus poncho that covered my whole body including my packs. While this poncho kept most of...
  19. sillydoll


    I have always preferred using a rain jacket and trousers to a poncho. In Late August we set off from Roncesvalles in torrential rain. The rain ran down my back, between jacket and pack cover, it poured down my trouser legs into my boots and I ended up drenched. We bought a 'raincoat-poncho'...

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