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  1. F

    Apprehensive but eager newbie, solo...

    Hi, all... So I've lived in France for 5 years and the camino has been in the back of my head for a long time and I finally have a short bit of time to do some walking. I was looking at plane tix from SJdC to Paris and found one for 30€ and bought it ... so I guess this means I am going to have...
  2. Alberte

    Getting from A to B

    Hi everybody! I love reading all of the forums and they have been such a great help for me through my preparations for my first camino EVER! I am going to Spain this July to walk from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela. I am arriving at SCQ and here is my question: How will I easiest (and...
  3. Font007

    Anxious last 3 weeks

    Hi all, I have three weeks before I depart for Spain and start my Camino. After having planned this for about 8 months, I now feel unsure, doubtful, nervous, overwhelmed. I have read two guides, looked at countless blogs, websites, comments, movies, videos-I think I know everything and am I...
  4. CSmith

    Train questions

    Hey all, My husband and I are beginning our Camino in Ponferrada. We fly into Madrid and plan to travel by train to Ponferrada. My first question is, do I need to buy train tickets in advance? Secondly, the train connects through Leon and on Renfe.com, the itinerary says under Leon, "1hr...
  5. Font007

    From Barajas to Ponferrada

    Hello all, I am planning my first Camino for this coming June 2017. It will be my husband (45), my niece (38), her husband (40), their daughter (16), and myself (50). We'll be arriving from Miami, Florida, USA, but we haven't bought the plane tickets yet. The flights into Spain arrive...
  6. Wokabaut_Meri

    Arrest on suspicion of theft at Ponferrada

    This report of an arrest of a person on suspicion of theft from San Nicolas de Flue Albergue was published on the Radio Bierzo website and tweeted by Polícia Nacional account @policia. Among the items recovered which were stolen in recent days was a mobile phone allegedly stolen from a pilgrim.
  7. Margautz

    From Pamplona to...

    Hi All, I am starting my Camino in September from SJPP. I would like to arrive in Pamplona and then take a bus/train to (or next to) Ponferrada. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your help! Have a nice day, Margherita
  8. R

    How many days for Ponferrada to Santiago?

    Hi everyone :) I am doing my first Camino this summer. I don't have anything booked yet but I'm hoping to go from either Ponferrada or O Cebreiro to Santiago. Does anyone know how many days I should allow to get from Ponferrada to Santiago? Also if I go from O Cebreiro, does that go through...
  9. The walls - Ponferrada - Castillo Templario

    The walls - Ponferrada - Castillo Templario

  10. Liina

    Sleeping in albergue without walking?

    Hi everyone! I didn't find answer to one question I have (akward if there is that subject already, but I hope you all forgive). My train arrives in Ponferrada 15:05 and I planned to find a place to sleep and just be there in the city, look around, live in and start walking first thing in the...
  11. Ponferrada


  12. LTfit

    Serving in Ponferrada Semana Santa

    Just a heads-up to those on the Camino Francés during Semana Santa. I will be hospitalering as of this Saturday in the Albergue de Peregrinos San Nicolás de Flüe in Ponferrada (the HUGE one). Come in and say hello or stay with us. It was fun to meet up with a few forum members when I was in...
  13. walkmag

    singing Camino

    walk, sing , eat ,drink Https :/www.singthecamino.com August 20 -sept 6th Ponferrada to Santiago
  14. B

    Do I push back my Camino from March to May?

    Hello all! I have been saving to do the Camino for my 30th birthday (March 26), and was all set to go, but now I'm getting nervous about the weather. I had planned to go the 19-31 of March (yes, I know that's in two weeks), but now am wondering if I should wait to go until mid-May for better...
  15. C

    Advice please for camino late March

    Hi all I have around 10 days walking time (return flights 28/3 to 11/4 into and out of SDC) and was thinking of walking from Ponferrada into SDC. I'm fairly fit but no real training. Does this sound too ambitious? I'm a little concerned about albergues being closed and snow on the mountains...
  16. Diogo92

    Caminho Português 2014 - Photos

    All the pictures from my Caminho from this year. You can find them in here: https://www.facebook.com/stonedtrooper92/media_set?set=a.1386246274994909.1073741831.100008286481160&type=3
  17. Pontferrada


    The Templar Castle at Pontferrada. Picture taken early June 2013.

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