1. Ludmilla

    Camino Portugues late December

    Dear all, We plan to hike on the Camino Portugues for five to six days after Christmas - 12/27 to 01/01. Will most of the albergues be closed then? Is it more advisable to do the bit Lisbon to Porto, or the section Porto to Santiago de Compostela? How many days will the section Lisbon to Porto...
  2. M

    Camino From Porto 7 Days

    Hello, We are planning Camino from Porto and could you use some tips on which part(s) would be the best for us. - We have 7 days for walking + 1 day till 16:00 to catch a plane in Porto - We don't have to end in Santiago - We are travelling the end of September - We would like to avoid the most...
  3. J

    Need help in planning cycling route Porto-SDC

    Hello, I am planning my first camino from Porto to SDC and I am very excited!! I am aiming for mid-September but I have a few questions before I book my ticket. If I take the coastal route, is 6 days sufficient? (I am a road cyclist so I'm in decent shape) Can anyone who has cycled this route...
  4. Viking-on-the-trail

    Muxia to Porto...

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I need to take the bus from Muxia to SDC and from there the bus to Porto. However there is no information regarding the times or where to get the bus from SDC to Porto. Does anyone know these? As far as I could find out the bus from Muxia to SDC leaves at 06:45...
  5. B

    Help! Luggage from Porto to Redondela

    Hi all, Hope you can help. We are flying into Porto and out of Santiago in June. As we only have 5 days we will walk from Vigo to Santiago. We plan on getting a bus from Porto to Vigo and walk to Redondela from there. Problem is I can't find a company who will bring our bags from Porto...
  6. unadara

    Porto to Fatima and more

    I fly to Porto on Wed 3rd May and walk to Fatima, I will try avoid the crowds of the 100 yrs anniversary pilgrimage celebrations though as I prefer to be alone. I will visit other Monasteries and Nazare. I fly out of Lisbon on the 18th. Last year I walked 2 weeks on the Coastal Littoral Porto to...
  7. Marco TM

    Starting From Porto April 11th

    I'm gonna start my first camino from Porto in about 1 week, and hopefully reach Santiago around 10 days later. Do you confirm the Inland Route will be more populated than the Costal one? I'm afraid of not meeting anybody until Tui... Anyone else going around that dates? Marco
  8. Kris53

    RE: First Time Pilgrim - Saying Thank You!

    Dear Friends and Fellow Pilgrims, I am in shock that I received such a great response to my initial post. It is very heartwarming to know that there is a community of individuals out there that sincerely care for and support others in need. Everyday, as I reviewed the board, I was able to read...
  9. Kris53

    First Time Pilgrim In Need Of Help And Moral Support - May 2017

    Greetings Fellow Pilgrims! Recently, I lost my 29 year old son in a tragic accident. He died less than 2 months before his 30th Birthday. His death has had a very profound impact on me and my family and has shaken me to my core. As a result, I am planning on traveling to Portugal and...
  10. Clark

    Cost of albergues

    Hello everyone! I'm planning to take the coastal way from Porto to Santiago next year and I'm trying to plan my expenses early to start saving. From the videos I've seen I thought the alburgues we around 5€ a night but on the sheet I printed out that lists them in seeing hardly any for under...
  11. Wrooney12

    Coastal or Inland Camino Portuguese? (November 2016)

    Hi there! I am going to be making a pilgrimage to Portugal/Spain very soon, from Oct 30-Nov 6. I will arrive in Lisbon on the morning of the 30th, rent a car and drive to Fatima for the day and then spend the night in Porto. I plan to begin my Camino on the morning of the 31st and finish on...
  12. E

    Best way to return to Porto from Santiago

    What is the best way to return to Porto from Santiago? Bus vs. train? can I purchase the tickets online? websites?
  13. Porto


  14. LisaM

    Recommendation for pilgrim hostel in Porto

    Hello, does anyone have a nice hostel to recommend in Porto? Thank you. Lisa
  15. LisaM

    Coastal route or inland route from Porto?

    I am staring the Camino Portugues next Monday (from Lisbon) and am wondering which is the better route to take from Porto - the coastal route or the inland route. Looking at John Brierley's guidebook, the coastal route has more walking on asphalt compared to the inland route. Are there any...
  16. Pablo Mac

    Porto on Sept 8th

    Staring from Porto on Sept 8th after a visit to Fatima..hoping to make Santiago in 8 days , has anyone done this ? Will I be pushing it too much ? I'm reasonably fit although its a while since I've done a 30 k day .
  17. DeborahAliceee

    Coastal Route Starting in Porto in Mid-December 2016

    Hey all, first and foremost any feedback/advice is VERY welcomed! I have decided to start my Camino in Porto and am allowing myself 15 days to reach Santiago. I have lots of questions though! I know the weather will be colder (but I am from MN so I am not bothered by it) and it looks like the...
  18. M

    Madrid airport connection to Porto

    We are beginning our Camino in Porto. Iberia airlines has a flight from Boston to Madrid to Porto, with 1 hr 5 minute layover in Madrid. As a US citizen, won't I have to clear customs or passport control before going on to Porto? I'm worried that is not enough time. Our other option is a longer...
  19. G

    Anyone starting Coastal way May 27?

    Hi All, I am starting my first Camino tomorrow morning! I am really excited/nervous and would love to know if anyone is starting from Porto tomorrow (May 27th). I would love to meet up to start, or at least have the peace of mind knowing that someone else would be around :) Looking forward to...
  20. Kristone Capistrano

    Porto Accomodation

    Hi Everyone, Walking from Fatima to Santiago next month. Just wondering if you guys would recommend booking a hostel at porto or just trying out luck and going for an albergue. Were hoping to take a rest day there too to see the sights. Appreciate the advice. Thanks! Kristone