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  1. Let’s look at Porto, Portugal

    Let’s look at Porto, Portugal

    Walking around in Porto; the bridge, harbor, sea, ocean, beach, train station, church, view points.
  2. M

    deleted by user

  3. FiveReasonsWhy

    Camino Fátima albergue issues

    Hi, My daughter has been walking from Porto to Fátima and is having albergue issues. I’m seeing there are issues with the Fátima Camino as a whole. Should I suggest she turn around and go north instead? She walked from SJPP to Muxía last fall but she says she has seen literally no one. She is...
  4. Casa do Adro da Golegã

    NEW Quality Home - Casa do Adro da Golegã

    Dear friends, Casa do Adro da Golegã (www.casadoadrodagolega.pt) has been in business since Sept 2017, receiving people from all over the world (lots of them pilgrims on their way to Santiago, as ou house is right in the Central portuguese path, in the Golegã Church square). We are certainly...
  5. Porto


  6. ChrisDor

    Cammino, Camino, Caminho, Via '.s in Spain and Porgtugal GPS on site.

    Cammino, Camino, Caminho, Via 's in Spain and Porgtugal with GPS on site. Camino in Spanje: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/caminos-in-spanje_190670 Camino in Portugal: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/caminos-in-portugal_190522 Camino in Spanje and Portugal...
  7. NWRunner

    Biking Lisbon-Santiago April 2018 - questions

    I am very excited! After reading forum posts and using my Brierley guide, I have a tentative plan for our Lisbon to Santiago Camino April 2018. (Wanted to ID number of days so I could catch any airfare sales – it is a spendy trip from Seattle!) We are good older cyclists and are aiming to...
  8. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    Where to stamp the pilgrim passport in Fátima

    Where to stamp the pilgrim passport in Fátima https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1lm79fdkNBpgE5rrM0tcg5KfYYt0&ll=39.632362473140134%2C-8.672323820841939&z=17
  9. M

    New albergue at caminho portugues

    Hey Pilgrims, new hostel "Moinho Garcia" on the caminho portugues in Pinheiro da Bemposta, Oliveira de Azemeis, about 6 km after Albergeria Velha. An old watermill with six bed bunkbed, four bed bunkbed room and doublebed room, big garden, river, waterfalls and barbecue area. Thanks...
  10. R

    No beds on the last 100km into Santiago

    currently walking the Camino Portuguese from Porto to Santiago, have had absolutely no problems in Portuguese hostels but from Tui it's been a total night mare - couldn't find any beds in Tui, and again in redondela , called every listed hostel and eventually found two beds in an alburgue 4km...
  11. CharlieChu

    Sending luggage via post office from Portugal

    My wife and I will be arriving from Frankfurt to Porto airport at 9pm on April 4. We plan to take the train next morning from Porto to Lisbon and the following day to begin the walk from Lisboa to Santiago. We want to send ahead, from Porto, two additional small suitcases to a hotel in Santiago...
  12. N

    Advice needed for Camino Portugues please

    Hi Guys :) I am planning a little (mini) Camino in Portugal for April, but will only have 2.5 weeks to walk (which is super sad for me because the last time I walked I was real blessed with 2.5 months. bliss!) Because my time is so short, I would really appreciate it if I could have some...
  13. brickthomas

    What I carried on Camino Portuguese and Why.

    After my Camnio Frances I posted an equipment list that many hikers found helpful. Today I just posted the gear list I used on my 2016 Camino Portuguese...
  14. Rainerbernd

    Climate and weather in Portugal

    Olá All pilgrims want to know what is the weather like in Portugal. As you know, climate changes. But there is some trends for specific months. First of all the 10-days weather forecast for Portugal: https://www.ipma.pt/en/otempo/prev.localidade.hora/ select district and city On the IPMA...
  15. A

    Caminho Portugues da costa Porto

    Hi everyone! A friend and I will be doing the camino in June: we arriving at Porto on June 16th and will start walking on the 17th. If any of you will be doing the same, please say hi. We are both from Spain and is first time camino for both of us. we are really excited! Cheers! :-)
  16. beiramar

    My Camino experiences 2011 to 2016. The journey is the goal.

    Hey everyone, I have been on this forum for five years now and equally the Camino de Santiago has had a role in my life for about the same time. During the last days being at home with a cold gave me the opportunity to put some of my thought maybe about my pilgrimages into words. It all...
  17. minaleigh

    Finisterre to Porto or Madrid

    Hey everyone! My friend and I are doing the Camino Frances through June and getting done around the first half of July. He's already in Spain teaching English, so when his school year is done, we will start our journey. I bought a one way ticket because I wasn't sure how long I would be gone...
  18. lessonslearnedabroad

    Albergues in Porto?

    Hey friends! Just booked my ticket for the Portugues, starting April 19. I'll want a day or two just to see Porto, so does anyone have any suggestions for: - Albergues in/around Porto - Things to See/Do Also, where can I get a pilgrim passport in Porto? Thanks everyone!
  19. lessonslearnedabroad

    Starting Info From Lisbon

    Hey folks, When I did the Camino in 2015 we were given a walking outline (distances, terrain) as well as a list of albergues for the Camino Frances in SJPP. I am looking into the Camino Portugues for 2016 – is any of this information available upon arrival in Lisbon, or should I snag a...
  20. J

    Walking from Le Puy to Santiago (hopefully into Portugal) this December

    Hey, I'm planning to meet a friend in Toulouse and from there follow up the camino that starts from Le Puy, I want to de it in December (so in a couple of weeks!) Got most of my gear, bought a tent and good sleeping bag and small cooker, planning to camp out for most of my journey and carry on...

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