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portugese caminos

  1. Y

    What are the differences between Frances Camino(Spain) vs. Portuguese Camino?

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Camino Community, I was recently freed from shackles of slavery (aka, a day job) so I am contemplating a trip. I have done a beach trip to near Cancun (Isla de Mujeres) in Spring this year but it seems I came back mostly an alcoholic as we lay in the beach and...
  2. M

    How to get from Vigo to Baiona

    Hello, I am new here and will be doing the Camino walk for the first time. Doing the last 100 km of the Portuguese Coastal way route. I will be landing on the 18th of September in Santiago de Compostela. I found a bus that will take me from the airport to the bus station, and from the bus...
  3. walker_wisdom

    Senda Litoral e-book

    We wrote an e-book (kindle or on kindle app through other devices) about our journey along the Portuguese Senda Litoral. It's a narrative travel guide/journal, pretty much exactly what I would like to have read before my Camino. Leaving this link here so it can help someone else looking for the...
  4. NicoleB83

    Best Sightseeing Coastal and Central

    I will be starting in Porto mid-March, and will probably do a combination of the Coastal and Central routes. Does anyone have recommendations for the best sightseeing along the way - particularly towns that would be lovely to spend an extra day in? Thanks in advance!
  5. arajput

    Solo female starting Aug 2nd!

    Hello! I'm starting the Camino Portuguese on Aug 2nd and was wondering if anyone else would be starting their pilgrimage journey around this time? How busy is it during the Summer months? Similar to other solo female travellers, I am worried about being harassed. Although we can not predict...
  6. GypsySoul

    Del Norte, Primitivo, Portuguese or Francesco

    Hi all, My partner and I are looking to walk our next Camino in August 2018, after having previously walked Francés in 2016 and 2011. We’d like to explore a different route and we are both fit and open to something a little more challenging the Francés. Our favourite things about the Camino...
  7. truthi

    Bike Shop Suggestions for Lisbon to Santiago

    Hi All, My goodness, I beginning my trip prep and I'm vacillating between overwhelm/fear and excitement/bravery. I see how the camino begins before you even get on the trail, no? I would like some suggestions and ideas. Thank you in advance for your help. Is anyone able to recommend a bike...
  8. truthi

    Portuguese Way starting in Lisbon

    Hi all! I want to cycle from Lisbon to Santiago via the Portuguese Camino. Does anyone have a link or suggestion for a self-guided book and maps to do this? Also, if you have done this, did you use a touring bike? How did it feel? My preference is to use my touring bike... Kona Sutra...
  9. J

    Sleeping bag with 45 (F) rating enough for April?

    I'm hiking my first Camino from Porto starting on April 10th. I'm trying to find a light, affordable, and warm sleeping bag. Do you think a 45-degree bag will be warm enough? Outdoor temperatures will be around 40 at night according to historical records, but I figure that being indoors should...
  10. B

    Coastal camino

    Hi all new to forum want to start camino in lisbon travelling about 25k a day for 9 days. Where i finish this year i hope to come back the following year to finish. My preferred route is coastal any maps or info would be greatly appreciated.thanks
  11. Delta 43

    Portuguese Independence June 10th

    Should I expect any problems with hiking the Portuguese (central) route during June?
  12. stevov

    'More than a walk'...my blog about the Portuguese Coastal

    I did the Portuguese Coastal Route via the Senda Litoral in June and have finally produced my blog covering my journey along the coast from Porto to Vigo and then on to Santiago. The blog...'More than a Walk...can be found at https://stevov.wordpress.com Bom Caminho!
  13. Jack Quinn

    Cycling & Blogging the Camino Portugués

    I am a 75-year-old male who is currently cycling the Camino portugués and posting daily blog entries of my experience. I'm cycling during August 2017, but I will leave the blog up when I finish, because it may be of use to others who are considering doing the same. If you check the blog out well...
  14. N

    Best Camino App Apple Or Android

    Hi, I will be making my first Camino in roughly 1 month (departing USA 100517, actually arrive in Valença PT 120517, Camino to begin on 130517). I will be going solo, so, I would like to know from those who use such apps regularly what in your opinion is the best app to use on the Camino...
  15. ravichok

    Best route for a first timer

    Hi all, Been reading and enjoying this forum for a while - thank you to all the regular posters lighting the way for us newcomers. I am planning to walk the camino for the first time in July/Aug 2017 and have about 3 weeks time. I know that is near peak season and want to avoid large crowds...
  16. Playful Dread

    Camping Shops in Lisbon (Lisboa)

    Does anyone have any information for reasonably priced Camping/Outdoor Gear Shops in Lisbon? I'm flying into Lisbon in May from Liverpool and I travel light on the plane to avoid excess baggage charges. So I don't travel with things like tent pegs, or walking poles. These are things though...
  17. M

    Padron stop off

    Hi Looking for somewhere for a group of 8 to stop off beyond Padron, to shorter the last day's walk into Santiago. Heading off mid May this year. Any suggestions welcome. Cheers Mark
  18. DLJ

    Two Interior routes?

    I have walked the coastal route, but I am now interested in the interior route; however, there appears to be two interior routes, one starting in Tavira and one starting in Farminhao. Are there any guides to details of either routes, or does someone have current info on either of routes as to...

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