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  1. K

    Lisbon to Santiago October

    Thinking of doing the Portuguese costal route october 1-31 in a few weeks Ive heard a lot of the albergues are closed in Oct., especially from Lisbon to Porto. Is that true? Can anyone confirm? Also should I expect more expensive albergues? Im hoping for plenty of 5/6 euro spots or...
  2. S

    Ponte de Lima - Credencial

    Hello everybody, We are going with my wife to start our first Camini in Friday this week from Ponte de Lima. Is there any chance to get the credential there or near? Thanks for any advice. We wold like to go directly from the airport to Viana do Castelo and them next morning to Pte. de Lima...
  3. Kev

    Non seafood availability on coastal route?

    My wife and I are leaving on the 22nd from Porto and we are curious as to the availability of non-seafood options. There is a potential allergen issue with my wife, so all seafood is off the menu. We are still undecided on exact path, going to let the Camino direct us, but do have interest in...
  4. D

    Camino Portugues costal with crossover at Viana do Castelo

    Hi there, we are planning to do the Camino Portuguese this spring with two of our best friends. We ourselves have done a few 'walkabouts' but we look forward introducing our friends to the magic we keep finding again and again. Because of my partner issues with her feet we want to avoid...
  5. Amy Keating

    Camino Portuguese: Shoe Help!

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I leave for Spain in a week, and start walking the Camino Portuguese on September 8th. I am not a hiker but definitely am a walker. I just purchased a pair of extremely light boots from MEC. I loved wearing them in the store. The very kind and helpful salesperson let me...
  6. Alasdair Kay

    So portugese or last 200km possibly Leon to Santiago again?

    Hi I've only got two weeks holiday next week to fit my Camino in and was seriously thinking of doing Porto to Santiago... but heard the route is a bit boring? Would I be better doing Leon to Santiago even though I hate the bed race? Advantage is I know the route and love the Bierzo wine...
  7. K

    ‘Senda da Orla Litoral’ or ‘Caminho da Costa’ along the Portuguese coast

    Hi, I'm planning my second Camino this summer; this time from Porto. I very much would like to walk along the coast- hoping for some less human and car traffic as well as beautiful scenery. But I'm struggling to find information, ideally a guide I could use. Can anyone recommend sites or...
  8. F

    Super cushioned footwear for Camino Portugues

    I'm planning to walk the Camino Portugues from Lisbon in September and have read that there is some quite tough walking over asphalt and cobblestones. I am very concerned about my feet (recurring plantar fasciitis) and would like to do whatever I can to prevent foot problems. I would like to...
  9. G

    Anyone starting Coastal way May 27?

    Hi All, I am starting my first Camino tomorrow morning! I am really excited/nervous and would love to know if anyone is starting from Porto tomorrow (May 27th). I would love to meet up to start, or at least have the peace of mind knowing that someone else would be around :) Looking forward to...
  10. coldweather

    Live - Camino Portugues Started from Valenca this morning

    Rain was very heavy at times. Big festival in Tui today. Saw tje Bishop at the Cathedral and lots of dignitaries Stopped at Hostal Expo in Porrino. Great hospitality. Due to the heavy rain we stayed on the road using the temporary bypass to avoid the river. Even the small streams were running...
  11. K

    Walking from Porto to Santiago- options

    Hi I have completed the French Camino and now want to do the Portugues Camino with my wife this time. We have two weeks and will be going in the month of May. 15 days for walking. I do not want to make this walk difficult for my wife. Any suggestions such as 100% coastal route, start coastal...
  12. Ali Mac

    Safety from lisbon-sdc for 19 yr old female

    Hi all This past summer I did the Frances solo and didn't have any trouble with safety. I largely stayed with other people, especially after Astorga or when it was dark, and was very cautious and anxious when I was on the route without other pilgrims in sight. I certainly felt the safety in...

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