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  1. M

    deleted by user

  2. JohnLloyd

    A Second Camino - but which route to take?

    Hello all Having completed the Camino Frances last August and September, the idea of returning to walk another Way to Santiago has rarely been far from my mind. Now I've finally decided that it must be done - and after dabbling with the idea of walking the Ingles, or the triangle between...
  3. Mark T17

    Which Camino - Portugues, Norte, Frances or Other?

    Hi all, I'm going to be kids free in a couple of years and want to enjoy some "me time"! So 2022 looks like being a great year for a walk after the holy year in 2021. I completed the Frances by bike in 2017 over 12 days and don't think I really did the pilgrimage justice, so I'm thinking...
  4. P

    Points of interest from Tui to Santiago

    Hi everyone! These forums have been an amazing resource - they helped prepare my boyfriend and me for walking the Primitivo in 2018. Our pictures and reports along the way have inspired my parents to walk the Camino as well. We're planning to accompany them wherever they decide, as we're super...
  5. jungleboy

    Next camino (2019): Mozárabe or Portugués?

    @Wendy Werneth and I are in the early stages of deciding which camino to do next year. We have two windows of opportunity and are thinking of doing either the Camino Mozárabe from Almería to Mérida from mid-March to mid-April, or the Camino Portugués Central from Porto to Santiago, with the...
  6. D

    Camino Portugues costal with crossover at Viana do Castelo

    Hi there, we are planning to do the Camino Portuguese this spring with two of our best friends. We ourselves have done a few 'walkabouts' but we look forward introducing our friends to the magic we keep finding again and again. Because of my partner issues with her feet we want to avoid...
  7. N

    Choosing 5 12km sections

    My mother turns 80 next year and the Camino is on her bucket list. She feels she can walk 12km per day for 5 days. We have chosen to do the Camino Portuguese central as it should be flatter and scenic. My husband is available to drop us off and pick us up and the beginning and end of each day if...
  8. BjmVW

    How to get to Ponte de Lima?

    I'm flying to Porto, but I only have one week to walk. So I was thinking of starting at Ponte de Lima. Does anyone know how to get from Porto (airport) to Ponte de Lima? I found this bus, but it leaves at 15.30 and my plane lands 14.50, so that is too close, I guess...
  9. marjm007

    Camino Portuguese/Fatima

    I will be walking the Camino Portuguese with a friend and we want to hear from pilgrims who have included a walk to Fatima on their pilgrimage.
  10. Coleen Clark


    I was lucky enough to hear Vespers at a few locations on my Camino in 2015 on the Frances. Now I am getting ready to walk the Camino Portugues in August and would love to hear that again. Are there places on the Portugues you have attended Vespers that I can mark in my Brierley so I won't miss them?
  11. E

    Portugues vs Frances for the anxious

    Hola! everyone (first post) I had been pretty set on doing the Portugues, either late this year (October/November) or early next (March/April), largely as I saw it as avoiding possible accommodation problems by taking a quieter route. Having read on this forum about the fewer number of...
  12. CharlieChu

    Sending luggage via post office from Portugal

    My wife and I will be arriving from Frankfurt to Porto airport at 9pm on April 4. We plan to take the train next morning from Porto to Lisbon and the following day to begin the walk from Lisboa to Santiago. We want to send ahead, from Porto, two additional small suitcases to a hotel in Santiago...
  13. RumAndChupacabras

    NEW or USED? Brierley 2016 Version Guide Portugués Guide

    My guidebook was stolen when I was on Camino in May 2016 at Rates. While I'm no longer on Camino, I find that I miss having the book to refer back to. I'm wondering if anyone has a new or used "A Pilgrim's Guide to Camino Portugués" mid-2016 version by John Brierley they'd like to donate or...
  14. P

    Camino Português in October

    Hi to everyone. Two years ago I did the Camino Frances in January. I knew exactly that I needed winter dresses. Now I'm planning to do the Camino Português next end of September or in October, from Lisboa to Santiago. I don't understand at all if I need summer or winter dresses. I have got only...
  15. J

    Another Portugues blog

    Bom Caminho everyone. We are a couple of septuagenarians who will be walking from Porto along the coastal route in May. I am adding mine to the many Camino blogs. Early days yet, but I plan to add daily updates and photos once we get going. We are Australians who live in Indonesia, so our hot...
  16. lady danglebury

    Starting Porto 1/2nd Sept

    Hi, flying into Lisbon on the early morning of 1st Sept, getting train up to Porto (still to plan that) Should i stay in Porto one night and start out on 2nd? Plan to do coastal/beach route but go inland to get up high sometimes. Does anyone know if it is easy to go cross-country between...
  17. chavpunkhobbit

    Camino Book Camino Portugues NEW BOOK!

    i documented my journey thru the camino portugues in 2012 and illustrated by a brilliant welsh artist norris nuvo. i made the book very cheap its now in paperback only but i plan to make it kindle as soon as i learn how to! hope you get to read it some time, thanks for letting me post about it...
  18. MyDestinationGalicia

    Pilgrim Statistics with Baiona as Point of Departure

    I've just been looking at the Stats. from the Pilgrim Office which does show that 2015 will be a record year for numbers of pilgrims commencing their camino along the Coastal Way from Baiona.... which looking at previous years is growing in significance as a point of departure. Any observations...
  19. HighlandHind

    "Warts and all" blog of the Portuguese

    Three years on from walking the Frances and a year after the Finisterre route I'm now on the Camino Portuguese and writing a "warts and all" blog as I walk. It's at highlandhind.wordpress.com if you'd like to join me on the way.
  20. Newlin

    Should i bring my inflatable mattress?

    Im flying to Lisbon early tomorrow and I'm thinking a lot about my gear. Like always the day before! Should i bring my inflatable mattress for Lisbon - Porto stretch or not?

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