1. Peter CapeTown

    Preparations for CF, April 2018

    How/what are your Mar-Apr-May 2018 Camino preparations to-date? Planning my first Camino. My preparations to date: - Family, work, business, etc - discussed & OK (I hope) - Dates, route, concept - CF; end of March till start of May; do it in a simple, basic and openminded way - Started to...
  2. MarieClaireN

    Hip injury

    I am a 22 year old female and will be walking my 2nd full Camino Frances this June and had really bad bother with my hip joint from day 2 right the way to day 31 in my first Camino. I have a bad hip because of scoliosis and the pressure I put on this hip whilst walking. I know at least some...
  3. P

    Spiritual/logistical preparation

    Hello all! Last I posted on the forum, back in September, I was contemplating walking in July/August 2017, concerned about being so young (18 y/o). Since then, all those concerns have been allayed with encouragement from the forum. Furthermore, having told my parents my plan, they have been...
  4. guopinc

    my camino del norte 2016

    Greetings all. I did Camino del Norte from Irun to Santiago this Sep, it was my first camino, or long distance walking I should say. So, like many of you, before the trip, I went up and down this forum nonstop to hunt down all relevant info to prep myself. In the end, this camino was one of the...
  5. Come2pappy

    Perfectionism and the Camino experience

    I tend to be a perfectionist. In 40 days or so, I hope not to be as much of one. I read in many posts here the underlying question that I too have...that being "Will I be doing the Camino right? From clothes, to places to stay, to getting there, to weather...will I have what I need? To a...
  6. crazyloon

    Training Partners - Mississauga, Oakville area

    Hi there, wondering if there is anyone else out there interested in doing some weekend hiking to prep for 2017 Camino? Let me know.
  7. C

    Name the one thing you could never have prepared for

    We train a lot, and we read about different topics, but I'm sure there's always something that happens on the Camino that you can't anticipate. It can be good or bad, name one thing all the preparation and reading could not have helped or changed.
  8. R

    Guide Book New Book - "Walking to Santiago: A How-to For The Novice Camino de Santiago Pilgrim"

    Hi all, I recently published "Walking to Santiago: A How-to For The Novice Camino de Santiago Pilgrim" in print and for Kindle on Amazon. The book covers logistical information about getting to the Camino, accommodations, dining, and other sundry details, as well as in-depth information about...

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