1. M

    Pyrenees from st Jean, what is worth seeing?

    I am travelling by bicycle and i love mountain. I would like before to get down to Pamplona to travel along the mountain and to go see something nice maybe a lake, river, baita or a natural reserve. Any suggestions?
  2. Camino Bear

    Water in the Pyrenees

    Hi Camino Friends! I'll be walking from SJPDP to Orisson and then Orisson to Roncevalles next week. I'm trying to keep my pack light and am wondering how much water I'll have to carry. My questions is how many potable water fountains are there on this stretch of the Camino? Is the Roland...
  3. Gipsy Moon

    SJPP to Roncesvalles

    Feeling the call again... to walk the Camino Frances starting from SJJP, around February - What are the alternative as the Napoleon road is closed until April? - Is it worthwhile? (meaning nice landscape, not wanting to walk on the side of concrete road most of the time) or should I just not...
  4. Stacey Wittig

    Guide Book Lourdes to St Jean Pied de Port

    Spiritual & Walking Guides (that's me, Stacey Wittig) just released its latest book: Spiritual & Walking Guide: Lourdes to St Jean Pied de Port. The Camino guide book is today’s most comprehensive spiritual guide for walking from Lourdes to St Jean de Pied Port in France. Order at Amazon by...
  5. Napoleon route in April 2016

    Napoleon route in April 2016

  6. Pyrenees traffic jam

    Pyrenees traffic jam

  7. Pyrenees & Ponies ... in August

    Pyrenees & Ponies ... in August

  8. C

    Is there still snow in the Pyrenees in the begining of May?

    I was planning on a summer Camino, but it might be a spring-summer one instead. Is there still snow (usually) in the begining of May on the Napoleon route in the Pyrenees?
  9. Beautiful horse - Pyrenees - May 2016

    Beautiful horse - Pyrenees - May 2016

  10. Above the clouds - Pyrenees May 2016

    Above the clouds - Pyrenees May 2016

  11. Pyrenees May 2016

    Pyrenees May 2016

  12. Pyrenees


  13. D

    Best Biking route for Camino/ Camino Norte

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums here. My wife and I and 2 other couples plan to bike the camino end of September of this year. We want to start near the France border to enjoy the mountain scenery. Since we are biking we want to skip past the more plain landscape areas. (Especially...
  14. D

    Walking from SJPDP to Roncesvalles around 10 in the morning. Would it be too late?

    Hi all! I am starting the camino on this friday, and I will be arriving SJPP by taking the earliest train of the day from Bayonne. It departs SJPDP at 7:30 and arrives Bayonne at 8:45. I think the time would be around 10 - 10:30 after I receive credential and information from the pilgrim...
  15. beiramar

    Roncesvalles to Somport

    I'm planning to walk from Roncesvalles to Somport in June and I'm wondering if anyone here has experiences with this route? While I'm aware that it "doesn't count" as a pilgrimage since it has no name and no albergues, it still seems like an amazing walk. For a longer while I wanted to do a...
  16. Richard Ward

    Starting at French border instead of SJPP?

    I realize it is traditional for many non-Spaniards to start in SJPP, but do some start at the French border via a round-trip from Roncesvalles? I think you would get most of the views, without the hassle/expense of trying to get to SJPP, plus you would avoid about 800 m of vertical climb. I...
  17. Afraid to go alone?

    Afraid to go alone?

    Highest point on the Pyrenees along the Napoleon Route in the fall of 2013.
  18. Sunny day atop the Pyrenees

    Sunny day atop the Pyrenees

  19. Horses on top of Pyrenees

    Horses on top of Pyrenees

  20. Curiosity

    How steep is steep?

    Hi all! First of all; this forum rocks! It's extremely helpfull during the preparation for my first Camino, starting on May 10th. Thank you so much, so far. My biggest concern at this moment is the first stretch to Roncessvalles. I'm planning on staying at Orrisson to cut myself some slack...