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rain gear

  1. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    Hi Camino Friends! Just finishing my packing list for my solo Le Puy to SJPP Camino starting Aug 24th. Yay! Question ... my Osprey has a rain cover of course. But it's actually quite heavy. I am bringing a poncho that covers my pack, so I'm thinking I won't bring the back pack rain cover. Bad...
  2. J

    September weather and sleeping bags

    Hi all My Husband and I are planning on walking the last 200km (or at least the last 10 days to Santiago) in mid September 2018. Planning on walking about 18 to 25km a day. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good place to start? In terms of weather, how cold it will get? I am from South...
  3. David Manzo

    Suggestions Rain Gear June/July Porto/Santiago

    Would appreciate your suggestions for rain gear. Walking from Porto (Central Route except for day 1 which is along the coast) to Santiago in late June and early July. Many thanks.
  4. D

    Prepping for a second and a third Camino. Cell phone and Gear observations

    I'm hopeful that I can travel to Portugal this summer (2018), with my son, to do the stretch from Porto to Santiago. We are also looking at the possibility that my dear Spouse will do the entire SJPDP to Santiago route in the fall, and that I might be able to meet up with him at Léon to...
  5. H

    Shoes in mid-October

    Hi all! I will be starting from Irun or San Sebastian around October 10 and have a question about shoes. Last summer I walked the Frances wearing trail runners, which I found to be the perfect shoe. With the weather in October, would you all suggest heavier hiking boots, or will trail runners be...
  6. J


    I am looking to buy a poncho which will get a lot of use. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. G

    Questions about summer gear

    Hello! I will be walking the Camino Frances in July and I had a few questions about gear. Should I bring a sleeping bag or a sleep sack? If so, does anyone have any suggestions? For rain gear, would I be okay bringing my anorak or should I get a more formal rain jacket? Thanks in advance to...
  8. Kbierstube

    Taxi in inclement weather?

    To save weight in my pack and limit discomfort, I'm considering of leaving my rain gear behind and cabbing it if/when inclement weather strikes; Sept 2017. Can cabs (or other transport) be easily be found in most Camino towns? What's pricing like? Silly notion or ??
  9. Aptrail

    Poncho vs Rain Jacket

    Greetings. This question may have been addressed but I couldn't find it. Does anyone have a recommendation or good reasons why I should take a poncho vs a rain jacket? I am a pretty avid backpacker and have both. I'm in the final stages of preparation now and am excited to leave for Spain...
  10. W

    Rainjacket/Packcover or Poncho in September

    We will be walking starting Aug. 31 st. Does anyone have a recommendation whether to use a jacket and packcover or a poncho that will cover our packs? It does not seem like there is as much rain in September as many other months. Thanks for your help.
  11. notion900

    Pack covers

    Just a personal opinion - those elasticated pack rain covers are completely useless. In fact, they can collect rain in the bottom and bulge out and make a strange sloshing noise. I highly recommend using waterproof pack liners: Sea To Summit Ultrasil dry sacks are super thin, absolutely...
  12. Susan B Johnson

    Ferrol, rain gear retailers

    I just arrived in Ferrol and see the forecast is rain all week. I brought a rain jacket and poncho. My pants at water resistant but not water proof. Do I need rain pants? Is it possible to buy them here in Ferrol? Any store recommendations? Has any pilgrim ever carried an umbrella...
  13. Kyle Hocking

    Don't Cheap Out on Raingear!

    Hi Camino Friends! I just returned from my first (and hopefully not last) Camino from St. Jean to Santiago which my brother and I completed in 31 days without resting. Along the way, we ran into some of the worst rain I can recall ever being in. The wind was fierce, the mud was awful and the...
  14. D

    Weather in mid to late June from Porto to Santiago

    Hello pilgrims, Our family is planning to walk the Porto-Santiago Camino from June 20 to July 1. We will be taking the interior route. We have read that the weather in mid to late June is rather dry, with only passing showers on occasion. Also, the temperature range is 12-18 Celsius (54-65...
  15. bopper NYC

    I made my own gaitors!

    Having gotten all my gear together, read the forum & guides, weighed all my stuff a bunch of times - I didn't know what to do with myself - so I embarked on a 3 day project of making my own gaitors. They're basically the sleeves off an old rain jacket I wasn't wearing. I cut them, off, added a...
  16. trecile

    Suggested rain gear for August/September camino

    I have this Mountain Hardwear Ghost Lite jackethttp://www.backcountry.com/mountain-hardwear-ghost-lite-jacket-womens that is water resistant, but I know that it won't help me in a real downpour. I think that I'd like to use an umbrella attached to my pack, both for rain and sun protection. I...
  17. Traveler72

    Experience with Quechua Forclaz 75 liter rainponcho

    Hello, For my camino starting on 22-4 from SJPDP i'm looking for a poncho, came across this one, anyone tried this one already ? It has some great specs (only the weight is a bit high) http://www.decathlon.nl/cape-forclaz-75-l-s-m-rood-id_8302453.html In english :)...
  18. mpallen004

    Rain Gear Product opinions please

    Has anyone had experience with this rain suit? I'm starting the CF in early April and I will need to bring rain gear, 295 grams seems fairly light. http://www.froggtoggs.com/the-frogg-toggsr-ultra-lite2tm-17341.html Thanks, mike
  19. LesBrass

    Vaude Poncho Review

    What goes around comes around... as they saying goes! I've spent a few weeks mulling over what my rainproof/coat/warmth solution should be when I walk again in September. I went through the same process in 2014... last year was a short camino and I borrowed an Altus... and this year I want...
  20. Richo

    Rain Poncho question.

    Hello all. I'm planning to start out from Le Puy in mid September 2014 and take a relatively leisurely 5 or six weeks to get to SJPP. I've been researching the question of rain gear on this forum and am having no little difficulty in coming to a conclusion about which options would be best for...

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