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  1. E

    Camino del Norte in April?

    Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here and I need some advice. I walked the Francés last august and it was wonderful (maybe a bit hot). I would like to walk the del Norte but I have to start in the beginning of April. I know that it rains A LOT that time of year so I'm a little bit...
  2. F

    Coping with rainy weather

    We set off next week from Sarria and I have been watching the weather forecast on yr.no and Eltiempo. It's looking pretty rainy for the first few days. I don't mind a bit of rain, but I was wondering about drying clothes for the next day, if I only have two sets of clothes with me. Has anyone...
  3. Dchell

    Would my answer be the Camino? Find out by reading my blog. ;)

    https://mycaminospring2017.wordpress.com/ A few years ago, I was one of many folks who watched “The Way” with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. If you saw it, you were probably curious and inspired as was I. I immediately put it on my bucket list. Things were going well in my life: I had...
  4. J

    September weather and sleeping bags

    Hi all My Husband and I are planning on walking the last 200km (or at least the last 10 days to Santiago) in mid September 2018. Planning on walking about 18 to 25km a day. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good place to start? In terms of weather, how cold it will get? I am from South...
  5. LeelooLizzie

    Doing Norte route - hopefully Spring or Autumn 2018 - but getting freaked out by weather...

    Hi everyone!! This is my first post - finally - but I've been lurking on these threads for quite some time and finally decided to start an account and ask a question! I keep seeing conflicting information regarding weather for the Camino del Norte / Primitivo (I plan to do the whole 860km) for...
  6. S

    Packing list

    Hi people out there! I am about to walk my first Camino in about 20 days from now and I am currently in the final stages of getting the last few things that I need. I hope that someone in here with experience of walking on the Camiño de Santiago in and around the 25th of October to around the...
  7. H

    Shoes in mid-October

    Hi all! I will be starting from Irun or San Sebastian around October 10 and have a question about shoes. Last summer I walked the Frances wearing trail runners, which I found to be the perfect shoe. With the weather in October, would you all suggest heavier hiking boots, or will trail runners be...
  8. Gillyweb

    Sandals and rain ? Do I wear socks..... Portugues in two week's time !

    So....I feel ashamed to not know the answer to this after doing the CF twice but.....am I supposed to wear walking sandals in the rain ? With socks ? Without socks ??? What ??? I've always walked in my Berghaus lightweight high top hiking boots and they have only ever given me one blister. For...
  9. monkiguy

    Live - Camino Francés First Three Nights - Cold & Wet

    Three of us walked and arrived at Roncesvalles at 5pm Saturday 29th and there were no beds. We travelled and stayed in a camping site at Urobi (not far from Roncesvalles). Ended up walking from Espinal to Zubiri Sunday 30th (yesterday), arriving at Zubiri at 4pm cold, wet and with no beds. It...
  10. LisaM

    Rain in September along Camino portugues

    Can anyone tell me how much rain there might be in September between Lisbon and Santiago? I have good quality waterproof pants which are much heavier than a cheaper pair that I have which is not very comfortable. If it rains regularly, I am thinking it would be better to have the comfortable...
  11. R

    Wet feet

    Preparing for my first Camino (Portugues) in one month. I'm well set on shoes with Vasque trail runners, not waterproof, and a two sock system that works for me. My only concern is wet feet which we all know puts us at risk for blisters. Footwear is always a compromise. How have others of you...
  12. Janet P

    Gaiters or not ?

    I was shopping rain gear the other day and looking at the Gaiters at REI and the salesperson/experienced hiker said I only need gaiters for snow hiking. I am curious if they are standard equipment for April rain along the Camino.
  13. mpallen004

    Rain Gear Product opinions please

    Has anyone had experience with this rain suit? I'm starting the CF in early April and I will need to bring rain gear, 295 grams seems fairly light. http://www.froggtoggs.com/the-frogg-toggsr-ultra-lite2tm-17341.html Thanks, mike
  14. Duncan Idaho

    Weather and albergues on Camino Norte in April 2016

    Apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere. I plan to begin walking the Norte in April - I have 12 days so aim to walk Irun to Santander if possible, a little shorter if needed. Am I right in assuming weather related problems are likely to be wind and rain rather than snow now? And...
  15. alansykes

    What´s this wet stuff?

    As I was walking along towards the Camino Inglés this morning, the wet stuff that recently has only fallen on me from a shower head started coming out of the sky. And later today I had to pass a beach without going for a swim in it. It´s just not on. This is the first rain that has fallen...
  16. 4


  17. Another wet day

    Another wet day

  18. Water and mud

    Water and mud

  19. Mud mud mud and more mud

    Mud mud mud and more mud

  20. Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain

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