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  1. DsixDsix

    Reflections and Lessons learnt

    I sit writing this back at my desk in Canada, its been a week since my return from the first 166 km of the CF. (We went in Late June 2018)Yet the thought of it still lingers in my mind, a longing for the freedom and friendship that it brought me. I wanted to write this to reflect and to help any...
  2. C

    Camino Companions Reflection Sessions 2017-06-01

    Camino Companions offers pilgrims an opportunity to reflect on their Camino and discover what it meant at a deeper level. Group and individual sessions are held at 10.00 and 2.30 and an extra session is offered at 5,00 in June and September. Individual sessions may also be booked privately by...
  3. B

    Camino thoughts from a man in a kilt

    Greetings one and all. I am about a month back from my walk on the Camino Frances. I took the time as there are a large number of thoughts rioting around inside my head. First of all, every man should walk the Camino in a kilt. Socially and physically. I met all sorts of people...there must...
  4. Cathy G

    Am I a Pilgrim?

    My husband and I walked a portion of the Camino de Santiago Sept 25 - Oct 3 from SSJP to Logrono. It was all the time we could take from work and decided when planning to do the Camino in 3 stages over 3 years. We've been home for 3 weeks now and the high is still on. However this past week...
  5. t2andreo

    New Camino Companions Information...

    While at Santiago this past week, Sister Katherine O'Flynn provided me a copy of the most current information about the Camino Companions Program. She asked that I make it available through the forum. So, folks, as promised, here it is: These are genuinely GOOD people helping anyone and...
  6. movinmaggie

    Reflections on my journey of a lifetime….

    I apologize if I have this in the wrong place, but tried to find a thread that dealt with this subject..so here goes… Arrived home in BC, Canada Nov 3 after walking the CF from St. Jean Sept 25. From the onset, starting with this forum, there was help everywhere for this newbie. So many...
  7. Stephanie M

    Camino Frances Vlog

    In June me and two friends walked the Camino France's in 30 days. I filmed most of the experience and have been posting Vlogs on YouTube if anyone is interested in watching. I do warn I didn't edit out all the cursing and we do partake in vino tintos a bit! Because o don't have a massive...

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