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religious services & rites

  1. nilesite

    Washing a Pilgrim's Feet at the Cathedral

    In Shirley MacLaine's book, she says that when she arrived at the Cathedral, her credencial was stamped and a priest bathed her feet. This was in July 2000. Does anyone of that era or before have any experience with feet being washed upon a pilgrim's arrival?
  2. Peter Ray

    Confessions during the Holy year 2021

    My wife and I are planning to cycle the Camino Frances from Leon in the Fall of 2021. We would like to go to confession at the Cathedral in Santiago when we complete our journey. Being the fact that it is a Holy Year I was wondering how the confessional set up might look like ? I suspect the...
  3. ivar

    COVID Asking the pope for extending Holy year to 2022?

    ..seems there is talk about asking for this... more here: https://www.elcorreogallego.es/tendencias/ecg/cabildo-ve-motivos-solicitar-papa-prorroga-ano-santo/idEdicion-2020-04-19/idNoticia-1242052/
  4. SYates

    LIVE from the Camino Anglican Camino Chaplaincy - Preparing for 2020

    Hi Everybody, I keep this post short and sweet, for more info check out http://egeria.house/anglican-camino-chaplaincy-2020/ For those that don't want to read the whole article on the website, here a quick summary: We are now preparing our third chaplaincy season. We need help in getting the...
  5. rappahannock_rev

    Contemporary Anglicans in SdeC

    Just FYI: http://shipoffools.com/mystery-worshipper/santa-susana-santiago-de-compostela-galicia-spain/ Not to my very traditional Anglican Catholic tastes, but commended graciously to ya'll ... "that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgement." Philippians 1:9...
  6. SYates

    How many Protestants are on the Camino de Santiago?

    Not aiming to offend to the rule of not engaging in religious dispute, just some gentle number crushing a pilgrim friend and I have done. Conclusion for those that don't want to read the whole post: "As a careful guesstimate, between 10% and 15% of all pilgrims that arrived 2018 in Santiago...
  7. Dani7

    Mass in Santiago

    Hello everyone :) Since the cathedral in Santiago de Compostella in under major renovations and mass is not celebrated there, I noticed that there are quite a few churches around the cathedral that do offer mass. My question to you is: What mass/church did you prefer and why? I am in search...
  8. Emia

    Pilgrims' mass Barcelos / Braga

    Does anybody know if there are pilgrims' masses / blessings in Barcelos and Braga? If so - where and at what time?
  9. SYates

    Anglican Chaplaincy in Porto

    SYates submitted a new resource: Anglican Chaplaincy in Porto - All info in the PDF ;-) Read more about this resource...
  10. mary_mh

    Pilgrim mass in Paris?

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering if anyone knows if there are any regular pilgrim masses in Paris please? Thanks in anticipation, Mary 😊
  11. Bob Howard

    Overnight in La Faba but also go to Pilgrim's Mass in O Cebreiro

    This is a bit of an oddball question, and I did a search on the Forum but didn't see anything. As many of you know, there is a rather wonderful, and often moving, Pilgrims Mass in Cebreiro at the Church of Santa Maria. So, if one were to stay in La Faba, is there a way to get a ride after...
  12. C

    Santiago vs Madrid for last day and Pilgrims Mass

    Hello, I arrive in Santiago on Friday May 24th in the afternoon and leave home from Madrid on Sunday May 26th in morning. I have a couple of options on how to spend the last days in Spain. My original plans didn't work due to renovations at Cathedral. Question really comes down to 1) should I...
  13. S

    Mass Times in other Santiago Churches

    Is anyone aware of a resource that lists Mass times for other churches in Santiago de Compostela, not the cathedral? I do enjoy an early morning Mass. - Thanx
  14. biloute

    Pilgrim mass script

    Is there a particular script for a pilgrim mass? I’m thinking of including one or two in my Nanowrimo book this year, but I’m not sure if the priests have a standard script that they all use or if it’s just whatever they want to say.
  15. notion900

    Pilgrim Services in the Iglesia St Francisco, Santiago 1

    Services for Pilgrims take place in the Iglesia de San Francisco: 18:00 Monday to Friday - Catachesis 20:00 daily - Holy Mass 21:45 daily - Prayer for Peace (in the inner chapel of the convent) Location Rua Campino de San Francisco 3 Tourist information about the church and convent Poster
  16. A

    Mass times in Logrono

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the mass times at the Cathedral on Logrono? Can’t find anything except for tourist info. Much appreciated.
  17. Aveu

    Holy mass

    I need information about Holy Mass in churches on english way. Especially i'm interested in stage between presedo and hospital de bruma. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance, Pawel
  18. ELHS220

    Pilgrim Mass and Botafumeiro

    This past May through July, I walked the last part of the Norte, from Oviedo/Avilés, the last two days of the Francés, served as a volunteer in the Pilgrim Office for two weeks, and then walked to Finisterre and on to Muxía. During this time, I did the Mass reading 37 times in various churches...
  19. Gil A

    Wearing shorts in church

    Recently I saw a discussion in whether it is appropriate to wear shorts for church and most people tended to agree that it is OK. I realise that many pilgrims are not Roman Catholics or practising Roman Catholics and may not be aware of customs and traditions of the church. I wanted to clarify...
  20. notion900

    Samos monastery 18 June

    If you will be at the monastery on 18 June the Lugo Province Friends of the Camino are holding a choral mass and concert at 12.00. Link to info on their website