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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.

religious services/rites

  1. biloute

    Pilgrim mass script

    Is there a particular script for a pilgrim mass? I’m thinking of including one or two in my Nanowrimo book this year, but I’m not sure if the priests have a standard script that they all use or if it’s just whatever they want to say.
  2. notion900

    Pilgrim Services in the Iglesia St Francisco, Santiago 1

    Services for Pilgrims take place in the Iglesia de San Francisco: 18:00 Monday to Friday - Catachesis 20:00 daily - Holy Mass 21:45 daily - Prayer for Peace (in the inner chapel of the convent) Location Rua Campino de San Francisco 3 Tourist information about the church and convent Poster
  3. A

    Mass times in Logrono

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the mass times at the Cathedral on Logrono? Can’t find anything except for tourist info. Much appreciated.
  4. Aveu

    Holy mass

    I need information about Holy Mass in churches on english way. Especially i'm interested in stage between presedo and hospital de bruma. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance, Pawel
  5. ELHS220

    Pilgrim Mass and Botafumeiro

    This past May through July, I walked the last part of the Norte, from Oviedo/Avilés, the last two days of the Francés, served as a volunteer in the Pilgrim Office for two weeks, and then walked to Finisterre and on to Muxía. During this time, I did the Mass reading 37 times in various churches...
  6. t2andreo

    Anglican Chaplains and Services at Santiago...

    All: I came across this in my daily reading. I know the people personally working to make this a reality for our Anglican / Episcopalian friends. So, I thought the forum members might like to see it...
  7. Gil A

    Wearing shorts in church

    Recently I saw a discussion in whether it is appropriate to wear shorts for church and most people tended to agree that it is OK. I realise that many pilgrims are not Roman Catholics or practising Roman Catholics and may not be aware of customs and traditions of the church. I wanted to clarify...
  8. notion900

    Samos monastery 18 June

    If you will be at the monastery on 18 June the Lugo Province Friends of the Camino are holding a choral mass and concert at 12.00. Link to info on their website
  9. ginniek

    Pilgrim Mass

    Maybe it's my advanced age, but I somehow have always thought that if you are at any religious service--doesn't matter which one--you were expected to show at least a modicum of respect for all concerned. Consequently, today at the noon Pilgrim Mass in Santiago I was, as they say, shocked and...
  10. Clark

    The pope is coming

    Just read that Pope Francis be visiting Fatima next week. He's expected to draw around 400k attendees. If you're walking from Lisbon you might want to consider some alternatives for staying in the area or changing your path to get away from the crowd. Unlikely you'll find anywhere to stay...
  11. JohnnieWalker

    Mass in English in Santiago

    The Cathedral of Santiago has now announced arrangements for Mass in English for this season: SEE POST 11 FOR 2019
  12. Coleen Clark


    I was lucky enough to hear Vespers at a few locations on my Camino in 2015 on the Frances. Now I am getting ready to walk the Camino Portugues in August and would love to hear that again. Are there places on the Portugues you have attended Vespers that I can mark in my Brierley so I won't miss them?
  13. L

    Daily Mass on the Camino

    Hi all! I don't know if this has already been asked but I couldn't find it. I am going to be walking the Camino this June and I would really like to be able to go to a catholic mass as often as I can. I was wondering if there was anyone that had been on the Camino that would be able to give me...
  14. I

    The Pilgrim Mass at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

    Hello fellow pilgrims. I am a brand new member to this forum and am currently planning my pilgrimage for June 2017. We are currently working on planning the last two days of our time in Santiago and would like to attend the Pilgrim's mass. For those who have attended, is it true that they...
  15. Rod Murray

    New Anglican Centre proposed for Santiago de Compostela

    Here is a link to an article appearing in the Anglican Church of Canada Journal from earlier this year about a proposal for an Anglican Centre in SdC. http://www.anglicanjournal.com/articles/new-anglican-centre-proposed-for-santiago-de-compostela In it the Secretary to the Anglican Bishop of...
  16. WalkerByChoice

    Mass time in Santiago?

    Hi. My wife and I are going from Sarria to Santiago mid december. We would like to know when it is best to arrive in Santiago for the Mass in the Cathedral. Is Mass everyday? Thanks.
  17. C

    Choosing Monasteries/religious route

    Hi everyone I did a camino back in 2010 from Sarria and enjoyed it immensely. I wanted to go back maybe next year but I am trying to plot a route that is more religious. I want to stay at monasteries as much as I can on route. Anyone done that before? Any insights would be great!
  18. jozero

    Did you see the Botafumeiro?

    I saw a recent thread regarding the Botafumeiro in Santiago de Compostela and the times it is being swung. Some experienced Pilgrims shared that while there is a weekly evening occasion that it is seen regularly thanks to local Hoteliers but to see it during the noon Pilgrims Mass is a matter of...
  19. natefaith

    Celebration, Worship, and Closure in Santiago: 3 Resources

    There are bits and pieces of this in different threads, but I wanted to bring them together here. For all of you on the Camino this season, once you arrive in Santiago de Compostela there are three English-speaking resources for you: 1. English Mass in the Cathedral of Santiago Monday through...
  20. S

    Religious Habit/Cassock

    So I'm going to be doing the Camino near the end of summer and had a bit of a thought/worry. I'm a seminary student a few years out from ordination. The tradition where I'm from is the habit/cassock is worn very frequently. I've been wanting to do the Camino for many years and now that I have...