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religious services/rites

  1. coldweather

    Pilgrim mass on the CP

    Does anyone know of pilgrim masseson the Camino Portuguese? I am particularly interested in masses fromtuito Santiago. I would suggest this may a good thread to compile a complete list. Side note-pilgrim mass, vespers, monastic chant, nuns singing can be highlights on the Camino Frances for...
  2. Alasdair Kay

    A guide book from a Christian Perspective ?

    Hi I am doing the Camino Frances from StJPDP to StDC in May June 2016 as a Sabbatical ... I am an Anglican Priest and I am doing it as a Pilgrimage and wondered if there was a guidebook, journal, kindle book, pdf blog other than Brierely that people would recommend. I have read a couple of books...
  3. kessey11

    Mass on Camino Del Norte/ de la costa

    I plan to walk the Camino Del Norte/ de la costa this June-July with a friend starting in Biarritz, France. The one thing I can not seem to find any information on is if there will be Catholic churches open on the North Route for masses. Daily mass would be great but we would need to at least be...
  4. mspath

    Monasteries, Convents and Chapter Houses

    Perhaps you will find my list below of active Monasteries, Convents and Chapter Houses on the CF which host pilgrims to be useful for your planning. Active Monasteries/Convents/Chapter houses Along the CF Which Host Pilgrims listed by Etapa/Stage in geographic sequence from east to west along...
  5. J

    I plan on doing the the Frances is it possible to go to Mass everyday

    I have read different things and have questions. My plan is to do the Camino as a Pilgrimage. Is it possbile to attend Mass every day along the way. Should I plan on reserving rooms in each town or hope that the hostels will have room? I worry about how my knees will hold out are there doctors...
  6. AdaR

    Monasteries for Pilgrims

    I just read of the Benedictine Monastery at Monte Irago, and am looking forward to a stop over there. Is anyone aware of other active monasteries along the Camino Frances that open their doors to Pilgrims? Also, if you have stayed at any of them, would you be willing to share a bit about your...
  7. Shurolla

    Pilgrim's Mass

    Good Morning from Utah! I am wondering about the Pilgrim's Mass. I hear that Mon-Friday the only Pilgrim's Mass is at 12 Noon. I thought I read somewhere that there is also a Pilgrim's Mass on Friday evenings at 730pm. Does anyone know for sure? It is an event that I cannot miss! Thank you!
  8. G

    2016. Holy Year. Busy Camino??

    I read recently that the pope announced 2016 as a holy year. I understand that during a holy year the number of pilgrims increase dramatically due to religious reasons. If I plan a 2016 Camino, will accomodation be a problem? Are there any particular months to avoid? Any other information...
  9. amorfati1

    Jubilee Year/Holy Year Dec 2015 - Nov 2016 - Announced today by Papa Francesco -

    http://ncronline.org/news/vatican/francis-announces-new-global-jubilee-holy-year-mercy http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2015/03/13/about_the_jubilee_of_mercy/1129281 http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2015/03/13/pope_francis_homily_with_announcement_of_year_of_mercy/1129218 The reason that I am...
  10. Daxzentzu

    Being a Christian on the Camino

    There's a massive volume of information in this place. I seek more insights about what it's like to be a Christian on the camino Are there Christians here who might point me in the right direction. Dax In Pune, (a work in progress)
  11. Marcus Venator

    Eastern Orthodox on the Camino Frances?

    Are there any Eastern Orthodox Christians here on the Forum that have made the pilgrimage? If so, can you recommend any Orthodox churches along the way? I have heard that there a few Serbian churches. Any other tips you can share will be most appreciated.
  12. gypsy9

    Would like to stay in church/monasteries along Chemin du Puy

    hello pilgrims, I would specifically like to stay in monasteries/churches along Chemin du Puy. I do not mind simple/rustic as architecture and possible mass wins over gastro for this pilgrim.. I was hoping that someone had information regarding where to stop: villages and monastery names? I am...
  13. K


    I would love to stay in a monastery while on my walk next year. Does anyone know where I can find information regarding which towns/villages have a monastery in which I can stay? Also those that allow pilgrims, are they open (do monasteries close?) year round? Thanks, Karen
  14. seth from somewhere

    Herbón monastery

    I would love to stay here but I am interested in a few details. What time is the special mass? How many KM is the following day to Santiago? I need to be there by 2pm to pick up something of mine. Also, I would love to make the noon mass at the Santiago cathedral but I am not sure if it is...
  15. ktchnofdngr

    Low gluten hosts....

    Hi, all. I am on the home stretch of preparing for my Pilgrimage, which begins on Aug. 29th ( although I won't begin walking until the 31st....I arrive in Madrid on the 30th, then begin walking from Burgos on the 31st). I am hoping to go to daily Mass while walking, but I am gluten-free. I...
  16. koilife

    Mass and Monasteries along the Camino Frances

    My 15 year old son and I are starting in SJP this May. For us, it is both a religious pilgrimage and a priceless father-son adventure. Because we have a full 38 days available, I'm looking at side trips as well (e.g. Santo Domino de Silos). I'd like to maximize our opportunities to stay at the...
  17. D

    Camino to monasteries

    http://travel.nytimes.com/2012/10/14/tr ... .html?_r=0
  18. GunnarW


    The climax of the camino must be when the Botafumeiro is swinging during the church service. I read that it will swing on a limited number of days and also when 300€ is paid. By reading many reports it seems that the Botafumeiro also swings on (ir)regulary base. How much chance do you have...
  19. Anniesantiago

    Pilgrim's Masses

    Does anyone have information on which villages/churches hold Pilgrim's Masses along the Frances? I know there was a lovely Mass at SJPP and another at Viana, but those were the only two we attended.
  20. M

    Monasteries on the Camino del Norte!

    Howdy, In planning the pilgrimage I have identified and planned on staying at three monasteries so far in the towns of: Cobreces Valdedios Sobrado del los Monjes Are there any others on the main trail that I am missing? Any information I should know for each of these locations. Thanks a lot...