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return from camino

  1. TheLazyPilgrim

    Madrid vs Porto?

    Good morning from Brisbane! I just had a question about travelling from Santiago back to Paris. I have booked a return flight from Paris to Brisbane as this was the cheapest option for me, and of course I am starting in SJPdP. Once I finish the Camino, I plan on getting back to Paris, but I...
  2. fraluchi

    Pilgrimage back home from Santiago

    Next year (2018) I'll be 80 young and after many Caminos since 2007 I think it to be time and return "home" from a last pilgrimage. I should fly to Santiago de Compostela, walk to Pamplona, from where to fly back home. I hope to still be very fit for walking, but the transatlantic flights...
  3. Calimocho

    Open and vulnerable vs. closed and protected

    It occurs to me after doing two segments of the Camino, that if a person is open to new possibilities and experiences and tries not to decide ahead of time what the Camino experience will be like - amazing and unexpected things will arrive, some of which will seem almost magical. The flip side...
  4. C

    Camino Companions

    Camino Companions offers a facility for those who feel the need to debrief, process and reflect on their Camino. There will be an opportunity for group sharing and for one on one accompaniment for those who wish. A quiet space will allow for reflection and time out as you prepare to return home...
  5. S

    Questions from a soon-to-be Camino walker

    Hello everyone, my birthday is in May, so as a birthday present I'm buying a plane ticket to France to start at SJPDP, where my plan is to walk to Fisterra or Muxia. But I'm very new to traveling, I haven't even been on a plane since 6 years ago. I'm wondering if I should leave in Mid-late...
  6. Irish guy

    An Irishman's Camino lite (115km) Sarria -Santiago De Compostela

    Hi all - I'm based in Ireland and I thought I would share my Camino 'lite' experience (September 2014 over one week from Sarria to Santiago De Compostela, about 115km) - https://www.tomsrambles.com/blog/2018/1/22/burning-out-then-walk-the-walk-on-the-camino-de-santiago What a journey, already...
  7. S

    Top Five Things I Hate About (returning from) the Camino…

    ...or maybe it has just been one of those months.:( So, here I am back home for six months from walking my second Camino. The “post-Camino Blues” are even worse this time. It makes me wonder… Am I addicted to: Scrambling to get my laundry done every afternoon? “Desayuno” translating to...

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