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  1. T

    Worth skipping parts of the French Camino for Finisterre?

    Hi pilgrims! I am walking the French Camino (I’m at O Cebreiro) and am thinking of skipping some parts between Sarria and Santiago in order to go to Finisterre instead. Would you say it could be worth it? This is my first Camino so I have no idea. :) My current thinking (as I was told) is that...
  2. VA Hiker

    Advice for two weeks on the Camino?

    Hi! I’ll start my first Camino in SJPdP in late August 2019. My current plan is to walk for 15 or 16 days. What are some of the best itineraries for that amount of time? I have a few ideas but would love to hear what others think. One idea is to walk from SJPdP to Logroño, take a bus from...
  3. Carly Rose

    Live - Camino Francés Leaving Triacastela: right or left?

    Hello all, I am sure I am asking a question answered many (many) times, however I think my camino brain is not searching properly. In choosing a route after leaving Triacastela my intent is to avoid the largest amounts of concrete/asphalt etc. It basically wrecks my feet :) Have any of you...
  4. K

    spending the night in SJPP or Orisson?

    I will be arriving in Paris (from Canada) on July 10th, taking an evening train to Bayonne, and then was planning to take the first train to SJPP the next morning on the 11th. I have a reservation at Orisson for the night of the 11th, but I'm just wondering if a few hours in the morning...
  5. AllisonNFLD

    Would love some feedback on my planned route!

    Hello wonderful, helpful forum members. I posted not too long about asking for advice about the best way to complete the final leg of the Camino, as my Dad and I will be returning to the road this year for the final portion. The original thread is here if anyone is interested. I've finally...
  6. AllisonNFLD

    Need Advice - the last 100 miles

    Hello! Please let me start by saying I have tried to find this information on my own but having a hard time figuring out some specifics that I'm hoping the wonderful people of this forum can help me with! A little background: Last October, my Dad and I walked from SJPP to Longrono, where we...

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