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route choice

  1. jungleboy

    Quiz No.3!

    A couple of weeks ago while doing some research for this Holy Year article (spoiler alert: it pretty much gives away the answers but not the order), I was looking at the popularity of various routes and that seems like a good topic for our next quiz! According to the 2019 pilgrim's office...
  2. anthikes

    Are these all the Spanish and Portuguese Caminos?

    I made this map earlier in the year and will be updating it in 2021. I tried to include all known Caminos but I suspect there might be a couple that slipped through the net?? Would really appreciate any experts out there who may know of other routes. Thanks.
  3. peregrina2000

    Please help OzAnnie with GPS!

    Hi, everyone, I don't know if you have been following OzAnnie's decision to skip Italy and go walk in Spain, but she is now in Toledo ready to walk the Levante to Zamora. She posts a GPS question on that thread, and I am not able to help. I know there are some forum angels when it comes to...
  4. G

    10 Days to walk

    Hello forum members. Just looking for a bit of help and advice. Has anybody walked the Norte at the end of October/beginning of November? I have scope to walk 10 days and am looking for advice as regards a starting and finishing point. I fly into Santander and my initial idea is to take a bus...
  5. T

    Worth skipping parts of the French Camino for Finisterre?

    Hi pilgrims! I am walking the French Camino (I’m at O Cebreiro) and am thinking of skipping some parts between Sarria and Santiago in order to go to Finisterre instead. Would you say it could be worth it? This is my first Camino so I have no idea. :) My current thinking (as I was told) is that...
  6. JingDoc

    Getting from the Camino Frances to the VDLP (Ourense)

    I'm currently plotting a 2020 multi-route camino and am interested in advice, opinions, etc. on transitioning from the CF to the VDLP. It looks, on paper anyway, like a good option would be to transition first to the Invierno at Ponferrada and then to make make our way from Montforte de Lemos to...
  7. musicianary

    Alternative route along coast from Santander

    Hola Peregrinos, I’m on day 14 since starting in Irun and love, love, love the Norte. The stop last night at the Pilgrim Albergue in Güemes was magical. Don’t miss it. Now in Santander takings two night rest and wondering how many kilometers the alternative route along the coast north from...
  8. Babyboomergirl

    Which route from Soto de luiña

    Walking Camino Del Norte and now in Soto de Luiña. Any advice on which route option to Cadavedo Has anyone walked the “official “ mountain route ?
  9. Mark T17

    Which Camino - Portugues, Norte, Frances or Other?

    Hi all, I'm going to be kids free in a couple of years and want to enjoy some "me time"! So 2022 looks like being a great year for a walk after the holy year in 2021. I completed the Frances by bike in 2017 over 12 days and don't think I really did the pilgrimage justice, so I'm thinking...
  10. VA Hiker

    Advice for two weeks on the Camino?

    Hi! I’ll start my first Camino in SJPdP in late August 2019. My current plan is to walk for 15 or 16 days. What are some of the best itineraries for that amount of time? I have a few ideas but would love to hear what others think. One idea is to walk from SJPdP to Logroño, take a bus from...
  11. Aglass

    Four in one / make your own Camino

    Hi Thinking of making my “own” route - Lebaniego - Vadiniense till Cistierna, onto the Olvidado, then the Invierno. Looks like 2+5+7+9=23 days approx. Has anyone done this? Or maybe start start the Olvidado in La Robla, a day from Leon? Or start somewhere a few days into the Olvidado - maybe...
  12. kazrobbo

    VF alternative route to enter Switzerland?

    Hi VF Pilgrims, Just wondering if anyone has crossed the border from France to Switzerland via the area around Jougne/Ballaigues as opposed to the Saint Croix route described in the Cicerone guide? I'd be interested to hear of any routes taken for this section & your...
  13. jungleboy

    Help me choose my May-June 2019 camino (~18 days)

    TL;DR - Which camino would you recommend in late spring for about 18 days? Things have changed a bit since the last time I asked for advice about choosing a camino for 2019. Now, it looks like I’ll have a window to walk a solo camino in late May - early June while junglegirl is leading a tour...
  14. wanderthecamino

    How many detours can I fit in on my second Camino?

    Hola pilgrims! I am currently planning my second Camino for a late September start in St Jean. I'll be walking the Frances, but am open to being convinced otherwise if other pilgrims wanted to message me their recommendations and opinions. My first Camino was in July 2017, when my mum and I...
  15. R

    Camino del Norte or camino Frances?

    Hey everyone, I will be 19 years old next year and I'm planning on walking the Camino somewhere next year. Preferably in the spring.. I am a woman and will be walking the Camino on my own. I'd really like some advice, because I'm kind of at a lost.😅 I've been reading up on the different...
  16. s00thsayer

    San Cosme de Barreiros —> Lourenzá

    Has anyone taken this route recently? It’s shown on the Galicia Camino maps (see image) but I haven’t found much info in how well it is marked, if the trail is clear and walkable, etc.
  17. notion900

    Link to resource about the new official route to Lavacolla avoiding Arzúa, St Irene & Pedrouzo

    Please find here a new resource with a map on this new official variant of the Camino del Norte, just before it joins the Camino Frances. It is intended to relieve pressure on the busy villages at the end of the Camino Frances and offer a quieter way into Santiago for those on the Camino del...
  18. notion900

    The new official last part of the Camino del Norte

    Last year I posted a resource on an alternative route to stay off the Camino Frances a bit longer from the Camino del Norte, and join it at St Irene instead of Arzúa. The Xunta de Galicia have now made an official alternative, which joins the Camino Frances at Lavacolla (ie nearly in...
  19. notion900

    Crossing from Primitivo to Norte - the Camino Verde from Lugo to Sobrado

    Just to let folks know that I have completely updated the resource - José Manuel @xmsg and I walked the route in August and have updated all the directions, and refreshed the green arrows. It was fabulous. If you are planning the Primitivo and want to stay off the Frances as long as possible...
  20. Drew1578

    Bitten by the (idea of walking the) Camino bug - 5/6/7 days. Need some advice.

    First off howdy - I'm new to the forum - found it by chance the other day while researching the Camino. From what I've seen so far this seems like a great community with a huge wealth of knowledge. I've wanted to walk the Camino for years, but never thought I would get a chance (the Frances...