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route choice

  1. H

    20 Days on El Camino for scenery and introspection. Best Routes?

    Hello, I leave for my first Camino in about 5 days and I've been spending quite a bit of time researching the routes. My reasons for doing this pilgrimage is to deal with a lot of emotional turmoil that I've been through recently. Thus, though I do love meeting people, I feel as though I won't...
  2. Klaus Krabbe

    Camino Walk to Bilbao, hotels

    Hello I'm an earlier Peregrino and would like to introduce my wife to walking. The plan is to walk for three or four days and end in Bilbao where we want to see the Guggenheim Museum. We can also take a bus some of the way. The challenge is that my wife would prefer to sleep in hotels or other...
  3. ShellsG

    Which "WAY" to go

    I am torn. I walked the CF from Aug - Oct. 2015. I am planning another Camino and while I had it in my head it would be the CF again now I am torn between the CF and the VdlP. I have planned for next fall. I like aspects of both, I like the idea of doing the CF again partly (but not...
  4. Tingeling

    Blind friend - suitable short distance near Lisbon?

    I would like to inspire my dear friend who is blind to walk a short part of the Camino portugues with me in october 2017. I have walked the camino frances in March 2017 and he really wanted to do something similar one day, but thought it was impossible. I think he will enjoy it more than he can...
  5. knavish

    Places to start a Camino Pilgrimage

    (First-time poster here!) I'm an American student planning on walking the Camino Frances this summer. I hope to be spending the entirety of my summer break (~70-80 days) abroad and would like to begin my pilgrimage somewhere that gives me as much scenic hiking as possible during this time. I am...
  6. Rod Murray

    Post Camino Question- Route from Cacabelos to Villefranca

    Its been almost 5 months since our Ponferrada to Santiago Camino in June and I've had lots of time to digest the experience. Having a fascination with maps, I've also explored numerous online Camino maps, many linked here in the forums. My question is this- what is the most used route from...
  7. VNwalking

    Undecided about your next Camino?

    Welcome to the club! Here's a place to hash out all the possible ideas. My indecision is all over the map. First about timing...It pans out that I likely have part of June til the end of July--when I need to be in Avila for a meeting. I though I had May but it would only be for 2 1/2 or 3...
  8. A

    nice places on the road from Leon to the Compostella

    Hi, i will go from Leon to Santiago on October and I have enough time not to go through the "popular" route and go "off trail". I would love to get recommendations if you have about nice places to go through and/or stay at for more than a drink at the local caffe - on trail or off trail from...
  9. Jo Shaw

    Winter Camino trail 'Jan 17' Route Advice...

    Hi there, I am planning walking what's possible of the Camino route starting in January 17... I have looked at so many options and I can see there are many hazards at this time of year and limitations with route options and accommodation. Does anyone have any wisdom or advice on route options...
  10. C

    I'm new, please forgive me...

    ...if this question has been asked a million times. Aside for being really new at travelling on my own, I guess I'm a bit of an idiot too because I just don't understand where to start the Camino. I am a middle age woman, living in Canada, and I would like to do the whole Camino because I have 3...
  11. Abigail Kelly

    Need some help thanks

    Hi guy's I am new to this site. In the last couple of years I have lost a lot of people including my mother. My aim always is to walk the Camino. I don't have a lot of time on this my first time (ten days); So far my options that I see to walk over the 100k is, Sarria-Santiago or Ferrol-...
  12. Curiosity

    How steep is steep?

    Hi all! First of all; this forum rocks! It's extremely helpfull during the preparation for my first Camino, starting on May 10th. Thank you so much, so far. My biggest concern at this moment is the first stretch to Roncessvalles. I'm planning on staying at Orrisson to cut myself some slack...
  13. Rellrog

    Reflections on the Le Puy

    I hesitated writing this thread since I will be focusing on some negatives about walking the Le Puy Camino. It is very difficult to discuss negatives without misunderstandings and misinterpretations. I will comment more on the Le Puy in subsequent postings. All clearly was not negative. Well...
  14. K

    Walking from Porto to Santiago- options

    Hi I have completed the French Camino and now want to do the Portugues Camino with my wife this time. We have two weeks and will be going in the month of May. 15 days for walking. I do not want to make this walk difficult for my wife. Any suggestions such as 100% coastal route, start coastal...
  15. Nessa

    Portuguese Coastal Route - itinerary suggestions

    Hi, We're planning our first Camino at the end of this month and we've chosen the Portuguese Coastal route! Unfortunately we have slightly limited time off work so we're trying to plan for less than 10 days walking. Does anyone have any suggestions? We start walking on February 28th 2016. Any...
  16. D

    First Camino (with kids)- wondering best route...?

    Hi All, My family and I, including kids aged 11 and 9 are wanting to walk for a week in April. We are wondering is Sarria to Santiago a good section to do or perhaps the Pyrenees St Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona? We are hoping for about a week's walking and really want to feel the spirit of the...
  17. L

    WiFi along route and which route to take

    Hello All - I am thinking about doing the Camino and am trying to debate which one is best for me - a good friend did the Camino del Norte - my window would be April/May or June/July/August - is April/May too early (i.e. possibly too cold) to do the Camino del Norte? If so, which one would you...
  18. faye bettencourt

    deciding on best route for my first camino de santiago

    I am in my early sixties and planning to walk the camino in June 2016 with my best friend. We want to walk a coastal route and are trying decide if we should do part of the norte in Spain or the Portuguese coastal route. We are both active having run several 10k races. Any advice for two women...
  19. A

    gijon to santiago

    I am walking the camino in June but cannot decide to take the portugese costal route from porto or the north route from gijon to santiago. any info would be appreciated

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