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route choice

  1. A

    gijon to santiago

    I am walking the camino in June but cannot decide to take the portugese costal route from porto or the north route from gijon to santiago. any info would be appreciated
  2. alansykes

    That's that, then

    At the pilgrim mass today in Santiago there was mention of "uno del Reino Unido, desde Barcelona". And that was the end of this year's camino. Now I must go home and get on with the tiresome necessity of earning enough money to pay for next year's. Difficult to see how anything will come close...
  3. K

    Camino Choices

    Having finished (sort of) the Camino Frances Oct 2015, I want to return for more next September. I turned 70 on this Camino and ended up with severe tendinitis in one ankle and opposite knee. I rested and took transport after Carrion to Sarria but felt a bit like I "cheated" even though I did...
  4. CaminoDebrita

    Home Six Days...Pricing Tickets for 2016!

    I had so hoped I would not do this, but alas. Here I sit pricing Madrid, Barcelona, Porto. Ha! I'm now going outside for a nice walk to try to stop this planning for the next big walk! Who else has done this? Help.... New Camino Junkie
  5. Jun Meng

    Few Questions about VDLP in Spring

    Hello everyone! I have done the whole Camino Frances in Autume of 2015. It was an amazing adventure and very mysterious spiritual journey. So I decided to do the VDLP in Spring, 2016. Few questions about this route below: A: Is it raining a lot in Spring (From the end of April to the middle...
  6. peregrina2000

    How do you choose the route for your first Camino?

    Now that the Camino Frances is gaining so much in popularity, two things have happened. First, there is a much larger number of "newbies" on the forum who are looking for information about "the Camino" and are planning to walk "the Camino." But then second, since so many of us have been back...
  7. Kiwi-family

    bus from Casar de Caceres

    Obviously there is a fancy-schmancy bus station in this wee town/village/hamlet. However, I cannot find any information about buses leaving from there - all the info I have suggests the bus leaves from Caceres! If that is the case, is it worth walking to Casar de Caceres or should we just skip...
  8. scruffy1

    Well, I'm Back!

    It was a fine and lovely Camino, in true Scruff style. Started in Bilbao but no, didn't go the Camino del Norte. Went south of Pamplona to Sangüesa (Zangoza in the Basque) but no, didn't follow the Camino Aragonés. Back to Pamplona where yes I did actually begin the Camino Francés – for a while...
  9. shubertj

    Recommendations on route from Sarria

    My wife is hiking the CF starting in early March with some friends, they plan to hike from Burgos to Sarria at which time I plan on meeting my wife. Her friends will bus to Santiago since they have already hiked in from Sarria previously and are on a limited time schedule. I plan to hike with my...
  10. P

    Santo Toribio to Covadonga

    hello, I am walking to Santiago from London over three years. Next year is the final leg! I have got as far as Santander. I am planning to walk to santo toribio and wanted to take in Covadonga if possible. I can see there is a road through the picos de Europe C1 and this could be followed going...
  11. Stephanie M

    Camino Frances Vlog

    In June me and two friends walked the Camino France's in 30 days. I filmed most of the experience and have been posting Vlogs on YouTube if anyone is interested in watching. I do warn I didn't edit out all the cursing and we do partake in vino tintos a bit! Because o don't have a massive...
  12. handzondeck2

    Cea to Laxe bypassing Oseira

    Hi Has anyone bypassed Oseira to walk to Castron Dozin and A Laxe. I have walked the route to Oseira before and want to go the other way. Is it well marked? Thanks Sharon
  13. M

    Soto de luina to Cadevedo disused alternative

    When I walked the above section in 2010, the hopitalero at the Soto de Luina albergue advised the pilgrims to go the road way and also to avoid the off road way, it being overgrown and poorly waymarked, being a good pilgrim I followed his advice and followed the road. However 3 pilgrims from...
  14. peregrina2000

    Hospitales or Pola de Allande?

    There's a bunch of forum members planning a Camino Primitivo, and I've recently gotten some questions privately on this particular issue, so I thought I'd just start a thread and let others share their opinions. So, as most Primitivo planners know, when you get to the little hamlet of Borres...
  15. bjorgts

    Camino Mozarabe from Granada to Cordoba

    In April my husband and I walked Camino Mozarabe from Granada to Cordoba. Here comes some experiences: Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla are all very interesting cities in this region. We used a day or two in each of them, and then we just had eight days left to walk, but the cities were...
  16. Theo

    From Brittany or from Mont-Saint-Michel

    To reach the « Tours route » the pilgrims can also start from some less traditional points. The Mont-Saint-Michel and 4 other starting points in Brittany could fulfil the expectation of many pilgrims thanks to the beauty of their scenic ways and the richness of their heritage and their history...

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