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route variant

  1. Elaine M

    Albergue Picotaa

    lToday we are walking from Negreira to Albergue Picota which we understand is a little bit off the Camino. We’ve been told there is an alternative Camino route which will take us via A Picota. Does anyone know how well this alternative route is marked? At what point should we be leaving the...
  2. MarkyD

    Santiagua - the scuba-diving route from Hondarribia to A Coruña

    A Galician friend of mine just sent me this link, which is in Spanish, about an amazing new pilgrimage route: under the sea in diving gear! A group of intrepid pioneering Basque divers set off on 25th July 2019 from the port town of Hondarribia to go via the coastal waters submerged to reach A...
  3. D

    Alternatives to Melide and O Pedrouzo?

    Hey guys, I'm walking the Primitivo from the 17th August. Having already completed the Frances in 2017, I'm wondering if there are alternative routes for the final two days before Santiago rather than Melide and O Pedrouzo? Thanks
  4. peregrina2000

    Better way into Ponferrada?

    Some (maybe most) people who walk the Olvidado want to detour off and go straight to Ponferrada on the last day rather than continuing on the official route, which joins the Francés at Cacabelos. I went all around the reservoir and then through some forest land, finally coming ito Columbrianos...
  5. WalkingGoddess

    Alternative to Cruz de Ferro

    Hola Peregrinos, Making my first foray into the Camino world in September. With limited time and commitments, (both of which sound like bogus excuses for not taking a longer leave of my home country) and compadres needs to consider, I (we) will be starting at Sarria with a view to make it to...
  6. peregrina2000

    Brochures on the Saiatz alternative

    EDIT by Laurie — These brochures are much more helpful in screen shot format, so I have deleted the scanned copies that I had added to this post. Just scroll down to Tom’s attachments and you will have a much better copy. With a lot of help from my forum friends, I was able to walk the...
  7. musicianary

    Alternative route along coast from Santander

    Hola Peregrinos, I’m on day 14 since starting in Irun and love, love, love the Norte. The stop last night at the Pilgrim Albergue in Güemes was magical. Don’t miss it. Now in Santander takings two night rest and wondering how many kilometers the alternative route along the coast north from...
  8. peregrina2000

    VN’s Torre Vilariño loop

    I left Monforte at the ungodly hour of 8:20. I did a lot of poking around for the guide, cleared some things up, and was still at the intersection well before noon. So rather than check in, I decided to walk VN’s loop before shower and lunch. It was really great. Though I did it unintentionally...
  9. trecile

    Shortcut between Calzadilla de los Hermanillos and El Burgo Ranero?

    I'm in Calzadilla de los Hermanillos tonight and would like to know if anyone has walked the road between this alternative route and El Burgo Ranero?
  10. Michael; Camino-addicted

    LIVE from the Camino Michael - Variant of Saiatz and Via Bayona to Burgos

    As a gift to myself for my 50th birthday last March, I gave myself the Camino Vasco / Via Bayone. I will start on Thursday in Irun. My first two days will be relatively short. I hope I can sleep in Santiagomendi and I booked a hotel room in Lasarte-Oria. From there I hope to walk the Variante...
  11. Ungawawa

    What would the most alternate Francés route look like?

    Once you've done the Brierley Frances route by the book a few times, I'm thinking it would be interesting to do an alternate route version, to keep it fresh. I mean, never straying so far from the Frances that you can't rejoin it but incorporating all the variations and detours possible. I...
  12. Babyboomergirl

    Which route from Soto de luiña

    Walking Camino Del Norte and now in Soto de Luiña. Any advice on which route option to Cadavedo Has anyone walked the “official “ mountain route ?
  13. sulu

    Sanabres; Verin alternative February 2019

    I have just walked from A Gudiña via Verin. It is difficult to get information on this route so here are my findings and the places I stayed. It is now very easy to do this in short stages, there are albergues along the way, several very new. A Gudiña to Trasestrada 22k: this is not a typical...
  14. E

    Advice in starting point for Camino Primitivo

    I need some advice regarding where should I start for El Camino primitivo ? In Oviedo or Villaviciosa ? I'll be flying directly to Asturias aeroport, but I don't know if it is worth it to go to Villaviciosa from Asturias aeroport? Do I miss something interesting in the way from Villaviciosa to...
  15. kazrobbo

    VF alternative route to enter Switzerland?

    Hi VF Pilgrims, Just wondering if anyone has crossed the border from France to Switzerland via the area around Jougne/Ballaigues as opposed to the Saint Croix route described in the Cicerone guide? I'd be interested to hear of any routes taken for this section & your...
  16. samoht.w

    Arles Route alternative from Bedous to Col Pau and onward

    I have been investigating walking the Camino alternative (GR65.3.3) That takes the old Roman road up over the Pyrenees at Pau Pass and down into Spain through the Hecho valley. Continuing on, it reaches the Camino Aragon in Berdun. There is not a lot of information on this route, and through...
  17. alansykes

    LIVE from the Camino Villajoyosa alternative start to the Lana

    Rather than walking straight from Alicante, it is possible to start the Ruta de la Lana camino at either Benidorm (at the church of Santiago) or Villajoyosa, taking about 110km to join the main route at Villena. I started at Villajoyosa yesterday morning, after an hour's tram ride from central...
  18. wanderthecamino

    How many detours can I fit in on my second Camino?

    Hola pilgrims! I am currently planning my second Camino for a late September start in St Jean. I'll be walking the Frances, but am open to being convinced otherwise if other pilgrims wanted to message me their recommendations and opinions. My first Camino was in July 2017, when my mum and I...
  19. Kanga

    A Safer route out of Cáceres

    Note from the mods. I was looking at a general thread on highway safety and noticed that there were some posts about a safer alternative leaving Cáceres. Since this is such a dangerous section, I thought I would highlight it and make it a separate thread, so that other Vdlp pilgrims might take...
  20. s00thsayer

    San Cosme de Barreiros —> Lourenzá

    Has anyone taken this route recently? It’s shown on the Galicia Camino maps (see image) but I haven’t found much info in how well it is marked, if the trail is clear and walkable, etc.