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route variant

  1. notion900

    Link to resource about the new official route to Lavacolla avoiding Arzúa, St Irene & Pedrouzo

    Please find here a new resource with a map on this new official variant of the Camino del Norte, just before it joins the Camino Frances. It is intended to relieve pressure on the busy villages at the end of the Camino Frances and offer a quieter way into Santiago for those on the Camino del...
  2. notion900

    New official alternative route to join Camino Frances at Lavacolla and avoid the hordes at Arzúa

    notion900 submitted a new resource: New official alternative route to join Camino Frances later and avoid the hordes at Arzúa - Map of new alternative route Read more about this resource...
  3. notion900

    The new official last part of the Camino del Norte

    Last year I posted a resource on an alternative route to stay off the Camino Frances a bit longer from the Camino del Norte, and join it at St Irene instead of Arzúa. The Xunta de Galicia have now made an official alternative, which joins the Camino Frances at Lavacolla (ie nearly in...
  4. Cambridge Pilgrim

    The alternative route down to Roncesvalles

    We've walked the Camino twice; first time we approached Roncesvalles by the 'traditional' route through the woods. Last year we took the 'alternative' route down the road. Question... when you get to the bottom of the hill on the road route, is there a marked route which allows you to get to...
  5. 4

    Dragonte Route

    I am starting in SJPP late September and plan to walk the Dragonte route from Villafranca del Bierzo. Has anyone walked this route recently after they improved the waymarks? Would appreciate your sharing your experience on this. Thanks.
  6. Campo

    Share your favorite alternate routes on the Francés

    Hello Pilgrims! I'm doing some research on Camino Francés alternative paths and hoping you could share some of your favorites and why. I teach a university program over the summers and have been taking my students on three of them along our 500 mile program; Via Trajana, Pradela and Samos. They...
  7. peregrina2000

    Mountain alternatives for the Vasco Interior

    There has been some recent forum chatter about alternatives and I thought I would start a new thread to see if I can get more clarity. For the experts out there, first a question about terminology. Is it right that the Via Bayona starts in Bayonne, picks up the Vasco Interior in Irun, and...
  8. intrepidtraveler

    San Gil Variant

    Has anyone recently walked this route? If so, was the way to Carcaboso clearly marked? According to the Gronze schematic the San Gil variant to Carcaboso appears to be shorter than the "regular" route. Is this true or is it wishful thinking on my part? Would love to hear from anyone who has...
  9. Denisealldridge

    Any alternate routes that is good to know

    HI, I love knowing about alternate routes which steer you away from factory and industrial areas. I have one already which is great to get into Burgos. I am walking to Burgos from St Jean in September. I have done this route before , and I don't remember too many industrial road walking. I...
  10. peregrina2000

    After Medellín -- through Yelbes or Santa Amalia?

    That was the question for me a couple of weeks ago. https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/help-with-medellin-to-merida.55082/ If you look at the association guide, you will see the choice. I learned that nearly everyone goes through Yelbes now, as I did. I had GPS tracks as I...
  11. Lirsy

    Alternative "Carracedo del Monasterio" just after Ponferrada

    I saw an alternative Camino between Camponaraya and Cacabelos, passing through Carracedo del Monasterio. Do you have an opinion about if Carracedo deserves the extra 3 km? Is this alternative road mainly going by road or by footpaths? Tnx a lot for your help!!
  12. SioCamino

    San Gil variant between Grimaldi and Carcaboso on VDLP - any experience?

    Hi all, i'm looking for some information from anyone who has recently walked the VDLP. We will be restarting our VDLP in a week or so from Cañaveral and I've been trying to look at how to break up various stages. Looking at gronze today I saw that there was a variant to take the calzada romana...
  13. J

    Alternative coastal route Castro Urdiales - Laredo

    Hi, We are walking from Bilbao to Santanter early May and I have have been reading about the alternative coastal walk into Laredo. This route isn't an offical Camino route but is very beautiful and looks like a great alternative to the roads into Liendo. Has anyone walked this way? Would love...
  14. jozero

    Alternate Route into Pamplona worth the time and effort

    This year I decided to try the alternative river walk into Pamplona and really enjoyed it. When the route goes under the highway to the rest area outside of Pamplona, instead of taking off up the steep path you walk back across the bridge towards the city. Then there are nice pathways along the...
  15. handzondeck2

    Ourense via Verin variant

    Hi all, has anyone walked the Verin variant to Ourense? If so, what are the sights to see and accommodation stages? Thanks Sharon
  16. handzondeck2

    Alternative route from Puebla de Sanabria to Requejo

    Hola, is there an alternative route from Puebla de Sanabria to RequejoHola other than going the normal way via the N-525?
  17. peregrina2000

    New Branch of Mozárabe -- Through Trujillo

    This article on Gronze describes a route to connect the Mozárabe to the Vdlp by walking through Trujillo. It is 90 km shorter. The split takes place in Castuera, and from there it is 300 km to Mérida on the "traditional" mozárabe, as opposed to 210 through the more direct route. (The article...
  18. peregrina2000

    New routing for the Camino Olvidado

    The pictures of the Leon Olvidado Association's most recent walk shows pictures from Valdepielago to Vegacervera. From there the group will walk to Pola de Gordon and then on to La Magdalena. Absolutely beautiful mountain walking...
  19. JohnnieWalker

    New route from Leiro to Hospital de Bruma/Meson do Vento

    Camino Ingles - new route from Leiro to Bruma. For those soon walking the Camino Ingles I'd like to reassure you about this new route - I think it is excellent and of great benefit to pilgrims. Although there is still the elevation it is over a much longer distance and therefore is much more...
  20. peregrina2000

    Coastal alternatives to the Norte's asphalt

    To explain -- I walked the Norte in 2007 and suffered mightily with all the pavement. In fact, I found my foot in a walking cast for about 4 months afterwards due to the pounding. Tarsal tunnel is what they called it. I went back to the Norte this year and got a lot of forum help in finding...