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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago


  1. S

    Rucksack transfer to Fisterre

    Hi - can anyone help with advice about rucksack service at the end of the Fisterre Camino? We are going to walk the Fisterre Camino in 5 stages: Santiago - Negreira Negreira - Mazaricos Mazaricos - Olveiroa Olveiroa - Cee Cee - Fisterre I've emailed the Correos Paq Mochila service, and they...
  2. WildPlace

    Aarn packs - questions...

    Hi folks Well i've spent two days trawling the forum and have more or less decided on replacing my poor broken Berghaus freelow womens rucksack (30+6 litres) with an Aarn pack - but which model? I'm inclined towards the Mountain Magic which is 40 litres plus each balance pocket is 6 litres...
  3. Helen1

    Gear Envy: MHM Salute 34L Backpack (Midnight Black)

    Browsing around Sports Pursuit and came across the Ho34L Backpack (Midnight Black). It's a good size for a camino, and I like the loop of the S zip and the pockets. However, I have lovely rucksack and really don't need another one, although that s zip is very tempting! More here...
  4. K

    Three ladies walking need your help

    Hi you all I am sure that these questions are the usual ones but I need everything in one lot. We are three ladies walking with small health problems, for instance I cannot carry heavy weight on my back, so I would like to know... Question A:How easy is it to get this network of putting your...
  5. Jeff Crawley

    Too light? The G4 Free rucksack

    I was pondering doing a minimalist Ingles with everything crammed into a 20 litre Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Day Pack but now more likely to do a half-Camino from Leon to SdC this autumn and looking for gear stumbled upon this rucksack. It's a very simple, frame-less bag with two mesh pockets, an...

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