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Luggage Transfer Correos


  1. C

    Luggage service

    Apologies if this has been posted recently (I could find posts from several years ago but not recent ones) We will be walking SdeC to Muxia and on to Fisterra at the end of May. Does anyone know if there are rucksack transfer services along the route please? Thank you
  2. S

    Rucksack transfer to Fisterre

    Hi - can anyone help with advice about rucksack service at the end of the Fisterre Camino? We are going to walk the Fisterre Camino in 5 stages: Santiago - Negreira Negreira - Mazaricos Mazaricos - Olveiroa Olveiroa - Cee Cee - Fisterre I've emailed the Correos Paq Mochila service, and they...
  3. WildPlace

    Aarn packs - questions...

    Hi folks Well i've spent two days trawling the forum and have more or less decided on replacing my poor broken Berghaus freelow womens rucksack (30+6 litres) with an Aarn pack - but which model? I'm inclined towards the Mountain Magic which is 40 litres plus each balance pocket is 6 litres...
  4. Helen1

    Gear Envy: MHM Salute 34L Backpack (Midnight Black)

    Browsing around Sports Pursuit and came across the Ho34L Backpack (Midnight Black). It's a good size for a camino, and I like the loop of the S zip and the pockets. However, I have lovely rucksack and really don't need another one, although that s zip is very tempting! More here...
  5. K

    Three ladies walking need your help

    Hi you all I am sure that these questions are the usual ones but I need everything in one lot. We are three ladies walking with small health problems, for instance I cannot carry heavy weight on my back, so I would like to know... Question A:How easy is it to get this network of putting your...
  6. Jeff Crawley

    Too light? The G4 Free rucksack

    I was pondering doing a minimalist Ingles with everything crammed into a 20 litre Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Day Pack but now more likely to do a half-Camino from Leon to SdC this autumn and looking for gear stumbled upon this rucksack. It's a very simple, frame-less bag with two mesh pockets, an...

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